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The Oregon Pacific Railroad has hosted a number of rail-fan oriented events.   In recent years, the OPR and the Samuels
family have sought to concentrate on and increase the frequency of these community oriented events, and it's hoped that
these special events can be a regular occurrence on the OPR going forward.   The response from the public has been very
positive and is much appreciated.

If you are interested in chartering a train for a special event, such as a birthday party, family event or other function, please
contact Kelly Anable at 503-651-2231.
SP&S 700's 2006 Winter Steam Photos  (

SP&S 700's 2006 Holiday Express Photos  (

SP&S 700's Earth Day on the OPR (
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Other Past Events on the OPR
Speeders on the OPR, BYCX and MHRR
October 2009
Photo Page

On October 10, 2009, the OPR hosted several dozen speeders on it's two
branch lines as part of a multiday speeder even that also included the
Chelatchie Prairie and Mount Hood Railroads.  All three days and all three
railroads are included in this photo page of this event.
Last Updated: 10-19-09
Chartered Events, Photo Compilation
January-December 2009
Photo Page

The Oregon Pacific Railroad offers chartered train rides for various events,
including birthday parties, weddings, private events or just a regular train ride
for families and friends.  For more information, please visit our
Charters Page.
This page includes photos from all of the charter events of 2009.
Last Updated: 10-4-09
ORHF Holiday Express 2008
December 2008
Photo Page

In December, 2008,  ORHF put on the 4th annual Holiday Express on the OPR.   
This year, the train was pulled the Southern Pacific 4449 Steam Engine.
The event was December 5-7 and December 12-14.
Photos for the Dec 5-7 are now posted.   Photos for both weeks are now posted.
Chartered Train Ride for Marylhurst School
November 2008
Photo Page

On November 12, 2008, the Marylhurst Early Childhood Development Center,
chartered a train ride on the Oregon Pacific Railroad.   Several dozen
pre-school children rode the train from Oaks Park Station to the East Portland
Yards and back.  At East Portland kids had lunch and learned a little bit about
railroad crossing safety as part of the Operation Lifesaver program.
Customer Appreciation Barbecue for American Steel
September 2008
Photo Page

On September 6, 2008, the OPR hosted a customer appreciation barbecue for
its newest customer on the Molalla Branch, American Steel.   The barbecue
included a band, speeder rides and locomotive cab rides on the Molalla Branch
courtesy of the OPR.   Check out our
American Steel page for pictures of this
SP&S 700 Steaming Through History
June 2008
Photo Page   New video on photo page!

In June 2008, the PRPA conducted the "Steaming Through History" event on the
OPR, where the SP&S 700 operated and give rides to the public for four days
between June 26-29, 2008.   Photos of this event are posted.  Stay tuned for a
full feature video of this event in the near future.
Oregon Pacific Railroad Speeder Run
August 2007
Photo Page  

In March 2008, the OPR hosted several speeders on the Molalla Branch which
helped clean up the north end of the branch in anticipation of the completion of  
the facility of the OPR's newest customer, American Steel.
ORHF Holiday Express III
December 2007
Photo Page  -- Video (see page)

Updated: 2-21-08
Oregon Pacific Railroad Speeder Run
August 2007
Photo Page  --   Video

In August 2007, the OPR hosted Narcoa speeders on both the East Portland
Branch and Molalla branch.   While the OPR has hosted a number of events on
the East Portland branch, such an event on the Molalla Branch is quite rare.  
Check out photo page of this event focussing on the Molalla branch run.
Oregon Pacific Railroad Summer Event
July 2007
Photo Page  --   Video

In July, 2007 the OPR hosted a summer event near Oaks Park which included
the SP&S 700 and four of the OPR historical diesels and numerous speeders.
ORHF Holiday Express 2006
December 2006
Photo Page  --   Video

In December 2006, the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation hosted the 2006
Holiday Express on the Oregon Pacific Railroad's East Portland Branch.  The
two weekend event, featured the SP&S 700 on the first weekend.   See the
photo page for the SP&S 700 photos.   Major video will be forthcoming.
ORHF photo page of this event
50th Anniversary of the Farewell to Steam Excursion
June 2006
Photo Page  --   Video

In June, 2006, the Oregon Pacific Railroad hosted the 50th Annivesary of the
End of Steam Excursion on the OPR's East Portland Branch.  In 1956, the SP&S
700 made its last (so they thought) public run from Portland to Wishram. This
event honors that run 50 years ago and highlights that in fact it wasn't farewell
to Steam or the 700 thanks to the efforts of the PRPA and all of its volunteers.
PRPA photo page of this event
Holiday Express 2005
December 2005
Photo Page  --   Video

In December, 2005, the ORHF hosted the first annual Holiday Express on the
Oregon Pacific Railroad's East Portland Branch.  The first weekend of this event
featured the SP&S 700 and SP 4449, which is why the page is linked from here,
although this event the following weekend was mostly an SP 4449 event.
PRPA photo page of this event
ORHF Holiday Express 2009
December 2009
Photo Page

In December, 2009, ORHF put on the 5th annual Holiday Express on the OPR.   
The event was on December 4-6 and December 11-13.

Photos from both weekends are now up!
Last Updated:  12-19-09
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ORHF Holiday Express 2010
December 2010
Photo Page

In December, 2010, ORHF will put on the 6th annual Holiday Express on the
OPR.   The event will be December 3-5 and December 10-12.

Photos coming soon when event becomes underway
Last Updated:  11-9-10