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OPR Diesel Locomotives
OPR Cabooses & Rolling Stock
OPR MoW & Other Equipment
OPR Diesel Locomotive Roster Page

This page contains photos and information about
all of the diesel locomotives in the OPR fleet,
including locomotives that once served on the
OPR but are now serving elsewhere and
including all locomotives that are in and out of
OPR Caboose Roster Page

This page contains information about the three
cabooses that are owned by the OPR or stored in
service on OPR property.   Including detailed
information and photos of each caboose.

In addition any special rolling stock or cars used
by the OPR are included in this section
OPR MoW Roster Page

This page contains information about all MoW
equipment used by the OPR and stored on OPR
property.   Because the extensive equipment
used by the OPR, this page is still under
construction, so check back soon for major
If you have photos of any of these locomotives mentioned or others not mentioned that he current owns or has owned in the
past and would like to share them with the website, please