Last Update:  Feb 20, 2012
Special Features, Special Projects, Engine Rebuilds, Track Work & Repair, Restorations, and
other Features Related to the OPR, its Crew and its Equipment
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Jeep Wrangler Hy-Rail Project
Last update: 2-6-10
Repairing No. 801's prime mover
Last update: 2-1-10
OPR Tamper Modifications
Last update: 2-6-10
Rerailing a Reefer Car
Last update: 12-20-09
Molalla River Bridge Repairs
Last update: 6-14-09
Canby Storage Spur
Last update: 6-21-09
Photos from earlier year's projects coming soon,
so please check back
Work to maintain and operate this railroad is on going on a daily basis.  When the OPR crew is not operating freight
trains, they are almost always working on major projects or track work on one of the two branch lines.   

The special features articles and photo pages shown here are often based on the availability of photographs of
those projects and work.   This means, what you see here is just a tiny fraction of the hard work the crew undertakes
on this railroad every day.
National Train Day, Union Station
Last update: 5-13-10
Restoration of SP 1127
Last update: 10-19-10
602 loaded onto a flat car
Last update: 7-12-10
TNT's Leverage TV Show Shoot
Last update: 8-23-10
Johnson Crk Bridge Renovation
Last update: 3-29-11
East Portland Crossing Upgrades
Last update: 7-19-11
TNT's Leverage TV Show Shoot
Last update: 4-10-11
National Train Day, Union Station
Last update: 5-11-11
Molalla Branch Washout
Last update: 2-20-12