Last Update:  June 21, 2009
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Brian McCamish
In Search of History Expeditions
Active & Abandoned Railroads of the Northwest
As of now, the siding has been graded and gravelled with rails set out and ready to be laid once the ties arrive.

From left to right:  1) Looking south from the Canby wye, the new grade for the future storage track is on the right.  2) Looking north, the new grade on the left. 3) Looking
south further down the mainline, the new grade is the one right with rails laid out, ready to be installed, once ties arrive.
The switch for the siding was just recently placed on the mainline about 1/4 mile south of the Canby wye.

Left 3 photos show the siding construction and new spur looking north.          Right photo show the construction equipment at the wye, looking south.
Currently the siding is about half complete, with all new rails, ties and ballast in place.   

The first five pictures are looking south at the newly completely siding.   The far right picture is looking north from the new siding switch.
Canby Wye Siding
In the Fall, 2008, the OPR crew began construction on a brand new 800 foot long storage siding.   The siding was located just
south of the Canby wye, on the west side of the mainline.    The purpose of the siding was to allow cars from American Steel
to be stored during switching.   Due to numerous other projects underway at the same time, construction of the siding
continued through spring 2009.   It is currently about half way finished with about 400 feet of track laid.   When time allows, the
siding will be finished, but the current siding is now usable with cars being stored as needed.