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Charter Train Ride Photo Compilation 2009
The Oregon Pacific Railroad offers chartered train rides for various events, including birthday parties, weddings, private
events or just a regular train ride for families and friends.  For more information, please visit our
Charters Page.

Below is a compilation of photos from Chartered Rides of 2009.
N Scale Modelers National Convention Tour at the OPR Shops
Update: June 19, 2009

On Thursday June 18, the N scale modeler's convention, 2009, hosted a tour group on the OPR.   Two separate groups of
approximately 200 visitors, stopped by the OPR Milwaukie Shops.   Visitors were given a tour of all of the equipment and the
shops and learned about the history of the OPR from Mr. Samuels.   Several historical locomotives were lined on McBrod Ave,
just south of the Milwaukie shops, including Engines 1202, 5100, 187 and 100, along with the Samtrak caboose and open air
car and the Kelly Sue passenger car, which is due to be restored.   Also on site and open for tours, was Chris McLarney's
Union Pacific caboose.   The Convention included visitors from all over the world!
Birthday Charter Run on June 13th
Update: June 14, 2009

On Saturday June 14th, another private birthday charter was run on the OPR.   Consist was engine 1202, the open air car
and Samtrak caboose.    Another great charter run on a nice summer day.    Approximately 40 people rode the train between
Oaks Park Station and East Portland and stopped at Riverside Station, just south of the Ross Island Bridge to have lunch.
If you want to charter a train for a birthday party or any other private event, check out our
Charters Page for more info.
Birthday Charter Run on May 30th
Update: June 4, 2009

On Saturday, May 30th, the OPR ran another private birthday charter.   Consist on this day was the OPR 1202, open air car
and Samtrak caboose.  About 60-70 people enjoyed a perfect sunny day on the OPR's East Portland Branch, between Oaks
Park Station and the East Portland Interchange.

The train stopped at a new OPR station, tentatively called Riverside Park Station, located south of the Ross Island Bridge.   
This station allows for clear views of the river, Ross Island Bridge and the South Waterfront area as well as the west hills of
Portland and is a great location to host a birthday party or any other event on and near the OPR train.

If you are interested in chartering an OPR train for a birthday party or any other event, check out our
charter's page for more
OPR runs a Caboose Special
Update: May 3, 2009

On May 2nd, the OPR ran a caboose special on the East Portland Branch using Chris McLarney's UP caboose and OPR
rolling stock.   Riders included Chris McLarney and friends and celebrations included Chris's birthday.   Chris's caboose is
now stored on the OPR and will be used for future events such as this one, on the OPR.    During the run, a major and un
expected thunderstorm swept through the area, causing a large tree and power lines to fall on the tracks just seconds after
the train passed by.   The line was out of service for the rest of the day as crews repaired the lines and removed the tree and
power pole.  This occurred near end of the run and everyone seemed to have a great time!
The consist for the caboose special.   The yellow caboose is Chris's caboose.   Check out our roster page in the next few days for a write up and more pictures of this
LIterally a few minutes after passing Oaks Park Station southbound, a freak thunderstorm came up an downed a tree just north of Oaks Park.  The tree took out a power
pole and power lines and everything fell across both the spring water trail and the OPR tracks.  The fire department was called and the trail and railroad were closed
until repairs could made.
OPR Hosts Another Charter
Update: March 16, 2009

On March 16th, the OPR hosted another birthday party charter.  This time, the charter was for Ed Baum (of the
Friends of the
4449 group)  and his family for his son's birthday party.    The OPR used two cabooses, one open air car and engine 1202 for
the consist.   Below are some pictures from this birthday charter.   If you are interested in chartering a train for a birthday or
any other event, check out our
OPR Charters page.
OPR completes two more charter runs
Update: January 18, 2009

The OPR provides charters and specials on an occasional basis and over the last several years has run charter specials for
birthday parties, retirement parties and other events.  In the last week, the OPR ran two seperate specials for two birthday
parties on Saturday January 10th and Friday, January 16th.   See our
charters and specials page for more information on
how to charter a train on the OPR.
OPR Charter Run on October 3rd
Update: October 4, 2009

On Saturday October 3rd, the OPR hosted another private charter train on the East Portland Branch.   The weather
cooperated for most of the trip, despite threatening rain.   This charter was for a birthday party and everyone seemed to have
a great time!   If you are interested in chartering a train for a birthday party or any other event, call Kelly Anable of the OPR at
503-651-2231 and check out our
main page describing the OPR charters.
The Charter Train at Oaks Park Station
The Train at Riverside Park Station.   Riverside Park Station is a picnic area located just south of the Ross Island Bridge