Oregon Pacific Railroad 11
Last Update:  January 22, 2008
Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 11
The East Portland Traction No. 11 is a former Union Pacific Caboose.   Mr. Samuels acquired it from the Northwest Rail
Museum group who still retains ownership of it, in the late 1980s.  He painted in the same paint scheme used by the former
Portland Traction Company Cabooses, before Mr. Samuels purchased the East Portland Branch.  For several years, the
caboose was used during operations, including scrapping the Boring branch and rebuilding the East Portland Branch, but
was then put into service as the office for the new East Portland Traction Company on the grounds of the current Oregon
Pacific Shops.

In that role, the caboose was fitted with electric power and used as Mr. Samuels office until 2003.   In late 2006, the caboose
was brought out on the line for the first time in some 15 years and used to carry passengers on the 2006 SP&S 700 winter
special.     Its been used since as a means to carry passengers on excursions on the Oregon Pacific during special events.

this website, the caboose may be former Union Pacific CA-5 No. 25240, which was built as No. 3940 in August, 1952 and
renumbered in March 1959.  Information is based on Robert West's OPR related website.
One of the earliest pictures of Caboose No. 11 in service with the OPR.  This photo was taken in 1991 by Greg Brown and shows the No. 11 on
the former Boring Branch.
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