Pre-Event.....OPR Clean Up Day, June 9, 2007.....Pre-Event
Locomotives to be Used During the 2007 Summer Event
SP&S 700
Lady of the Northwest
SP&S 700 / PRPAHomepage

The famous SP&S 700, 3rd largest locomotive in North America
will be operating July 12th - July 14th

Public and private rides, cab rides, cab tours and public display
will be featured throughout the event.  See above schedule for
more info.  For more info about the 700 visit the PRPA's
homepage linked above.
Portland Traction Company No. 100
The Most Famous Diesel in the Northwest  

The famous PTC 100 will be operating throughout the weekend,
on various days opposite the OPR 1202

Public rides behind this diesel as well as cab rides and public
display will be available during this event.    The PTC 100 has
operated on this railroad for most of its 55 year life and is an icon
among shortline diesels in the Northwest.

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Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 1810
The Movie Star

This 56 year old GP7 was also built for the U.S. Army and served
on the Alaska Railroad where it was converted to the low hood
model you see here.

It's most famous for it's role in the 1993 movie "Under Siege 2,
Dark Territory".   Mr. Samuels purchased it 1999 for use on the
Mololla Branch.  Today, it's a back up locomotive and this will be
a rare opportunity to see it operate again.

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Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 1202
OPR's Newest Diesel

OPR's 1202 is its newest and most modern diesel locomotive.
Having been just recently purchased from back east.  This is a
former Canadian Pacific locomotive.

Originally purchased for use on the Molalla Branch, it is currently
operated on East Portland Branch and has been used in several
recent excursions.   But is expected to eventually be transferred to
the Molalla Branch.

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Southern Pacific No. 5100
Historic Logging Locomotive

This 58 year old historical GE 70 tonner has served most of its
life in Oregon working for the Southern Pacific Railroad and the
Weyerhauser Company.    It has a unique history of being a very
rare "logging" diesel that operated on Weyerhauser's Mohawk
Division hauling logs out of the woods until the line closed in

Mr. Samuels purchased it in 1989 and has since repainted it in
original Southern Pacific colors.

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In preparation for the big event in July, several members of the PRPA, OPR and other volunteers gathered on the OPR to
clean up the track.    It was rainy summer day, but right of way was cleaned and is now ready the 4 day event next month.
On July 9, 2007members of the OPR, PRPA and other volunteers gathered to help clean up the OPR's right of way in preparation for the July event.   Unfortunately, the
most historical section of track, the cut just east of Golf Junction, needed the most cleaning, thanks to transients in the area.   The rest of the right of way was cleaned in
short order.   Guy Howard brought along his speeder and that crew cleaned the section from Golf Junction to East Portland.    Kelly Anable of the OPR brought along
OPR's Dodge Hi-railer and the rest of the crew cleaned the section between Milwaulkie and Golf Junction.  B. McCamish photos, June, 2007
Original Schedule of Events
For historical reference
Last Update:  November 28, 2007
In July, 2007, the Oregon Pacific Railroad , PRPA and the Oaks Amusement Park hosted a summer event on the
OPR, including the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the PRPA.    This event took place from Friday, July 12
through Sunday July 15, 2007.   During the four day weekend, rides were available on the SP&S 700 and Historical
Diesel Locomotives of the Oregon Pacific Railroad.   Approximately nine speeders were also be on hand all four
days to give rides.

Following the tradition of last year's 50th anniversary of the SP&S 700's End of Steam Excursion, the OPR and PRPA put
together a weekend excursion involving the SP&S 700.   This year's event would be a little different as it involved a variety of
events and trains, including four of Mr. Samuels famous and historical diesels, which were used to pull trains in between runs
of the SP&S 700.

On the first day, July 12, 2007, the
Lionel Operating Train Society (Lots) was hosted for a full day event that included rides on
the SP&S 700 on the OPR as well as tours of the Brooklyn Roundhouse, where the SP&S 700 is stored and maintained.

On July 13th and July 14th, public rides were given.   On the final day, July 15th, the PRPA celebrated its 30th anniversary by
hosting a barbecue at Oaks Park for the PRPA members and their friends and family.   

Because the OPR and its crew spent significant time and effort to shore up the track far beyond its normal requirements for
freight operations, the SP&S 700 operated flawlessly on the OPR.  In addition, Mr. Samuel custom built a very interesting
gauge measuring machine that was pulled behind a speeder to warn of any defects in the gauge of the rails during the
The event was a complete success.   Stay tuned for a full feature video.
SP&S 700 and the OPR
2007 Summer Event
July 12-15, 2007 at Oaks Park - Portland, Oregon
July 12, 2007 - Lots Tour
In the very early morning hours of July 12, 2007 the 700, which had been fired up a few days earlier, was brought to life and backed out of the roundhouse.   After
turning on the round table it was hooked up to two passenger cars in preparation for its trip to the Oregon Pacific Railroad's East Portland Yard.   The picture on the far
right is OPR owner Richard Samuels in front of the 700.    B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
Upon arrival at  East Portland, Mr. Samuels used the OPR 1202 to switch cars around on the 700 before making the trip to Oaks Park to pick up the first load of Lots
passengers.    Upon arrival at Oaks Park, some final switching was needed to arrange the final consist of the PRPA tool/passenger car, Carswell caboose, EPTC caboose,
open air car and Samtrak caboose.   B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
These photos show the 700 in operation during the day.   B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
After several runs, the 700 was switched out as the motive power and replaced with the OPR 1202 for several runs.   Then by evening, the 700 was back pulling the
train.    The switch out in locomotives, gave the track a break from the heavy weight and long drivers of the 700 and allowed passengers the variety of being pulled
behind either a historic steam or historic diesel locomotive.   B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
July 13, 2007
July 14, 2007
July 15, 2007
The 700 as seen from the bluff above (east) of Oaks Park.    Far right picture is my Uncle (left) and my Dad in the cab of the 700.  
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
These 7 pictures are views from the rear most Samtrak caboose on one of the runs and include a view of the speeders that were there for the event lined up on the
siding, as well as spectacular views along the Willamette River.   A tug boat hard at work near Ross Island.
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
The 700 blowing off steam before departing on one of the runs and a view of the Samtrak caboose backing through Oaks Park station on two different runs.
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
The speeders departing down the track.   The speeders gave passenger rides and usually departed the siding as soon as the main train departed.   They alternated
between traveling southbound to Milwualkie and East Portland.  
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
In the afternoon, Mr. Samuels brought out the PTC 100, the most famous diesel in the Northwest and then did something rarely seen on the OPR.   He built a consist of
two locomotives, using the Southern Pacific 5100 and Portland Traction Company 100.     This gave the public a rare opportunity to see both locomotives in action
and gave the 700 (and track) a break for the afternoon.
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
Views from the PTC 100 during one trip, show Mr. Samuels at the controls of the 100, and looking at the rear of the 5100 during much of the trip.  The platform on the
rear of the 100 was very spacious and offered some great views of the scenery on this trip.
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
Other views of the day, including Terry Kimzey's pick-up (used to tow the PRPA trailer and other functions) as viewed from the cab of the 700.   Photos from a speeder
heading northbound.  And Chris McLarney (against the fence), the founder of the PRPA back in the 1970s.   Chris has since moved on to other projects, but comes out
to many of the 700 events to meet with old friends and see the 700 in all its glory.
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
Final pictures of the 700 on this day during several of the evening runs.
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
On this day, the 700 was moved to East Portland, where it was put on display between about 11am and 4pm.  The reason being that Oaks Park had an event going on
that day and couldn't spare the parking.   Visitors were allowed to view the cab of the 700 while under steam.
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
By about 5pm, the 700 was on it's way back to Oaks Park for the evening runs.
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
Some views from one of the evening runs behind the 700.   Note the bird's nest and other views along the route between Oaks Park and East Portland.
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
This neat creation was made by Mr. Samuels himself.  Its a track gauge measuring machine.   The devise can be towed behind a speeder and depending on gauge of
the track, warning lights will light up.   For normal freight service, the OPR is track is perfectly fine, but when the long wheel base and heavy steam locomotives enter
the curves, they put much higher levels of stress.   This machine will allow the crew to know well in advance if any problems with the track need to be fixed.
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
By Saturday evening, the 700 had made its final runs for this event and deadheaded back to East Portland.
All locomotives functioned perfectly and the event went very well.   And there were no derailments.
B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
On the final day, the PRPA would be celebrating its 30th anniversary in Oaks Park with a barbecue.   Mr. Samuels brought out some of his diesels and gave rides to the
PRPA friends and family as well as a few of the public that happened by.  It was a relaxing day as there were no official train rides and no schedule to keep.
The speeders spent the day giving rides and exploring various parts of the East Portland Branch, including some of the spurs.

B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
Many were in attendance of the PRPA's 30 anniversary barbecue and PRPA members, past and present gathered to swap stories and view old photographs and talk
trains.   This concluded a great weekend of stream and diesel train rides on the OPR!

B. McCamish photos, July, 2007
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