Locomotives to be Used During the 2008 Summer Event
SP&S 700
Lady of the Northwest
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The famous SP&S 700, 3rd largest locomotive in North America

Public and private rides, cab rides, cab tours and public display
were featured throughout the event.  See schedule for more info.  
For more info about the 700 visit the PRPA's homepage linked
Last Update:  October 11, 2008
June 26-29, 2008 at Oaks Park - Portland, Oregon
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Welcome to our new page on this upcoming event.   For the latest schedule and updates, be sure to visit the official
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SP&S 700 and the Pacific Railroad Preservation Association.

On this page of the OPR website, we will feature information about this event as it becomes available and feature
photos and video of the event as it progresses.   So be sure to check back.

Click here to see more photos of the SP&S 700 during past events on the OPR.   And here see some of
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SP&S 700 photos.
The official PRPA flyer for the June
2008 event.  Click for larger view
Visit the official PRPA schedule page for this event for the latest info.
Photos - pre-event
On Saturday, June 7, 2008 members and friends of the OPR set out to clean up sections of the East Portland branch line.   Mr. Samuels and crew
have been working to clean up the branch line as they moved freight and performed their normal duties along the line over the past few weeks, but
this Saturday was dedicated getting rest of the trash prior to the event.  
Saturday June 21, 2008 was the last Saturday prior to the event, and PRPA members were out in force at the Brooklyn Roundhouse and OPR
shops, preparing for the event.   Crew members were working on the 700 inside the roundhouse and washing and preparing the PRPA crew-car.
Other PRPA crew members were working on cleaning up EPTC caboose at the OPR shops.   Only a few days left to go before the big event!
Day 1 - Thursday June 26, 2008
Day 2 - Friday June 27, 2008
Day 3 - Saturday June 28, 2008
Day 4 - Sunday June 29, 2008
Early morning between 6 and 7 am, the operating and maintenance crew of the SP&S 700 are at the Brooklyn Round house doing last minute
preparations for the move to the OPR.
The 700 backs out of the round house and onto the turn table.
The 700 makes it turn on the turn table to align with the track and its consist east of the round house.
Several gentlemen from a local historical car club were able to pose and take pictures of their 1930s historic vehicles just prior to the 700
departing, at the courtesy of the PRPA.
Craig Samuels (left) and Brian Samuels (right) talking to 700 Engineer Jim Abney.   Craig Samuels is an engineer of the OPR and will be
operating the 700 during the move and switching at the OPR yard.
Switching the consist at the OPR yards, with Richard Samuels operating the OPR 1202 and Craig Samuels operating the 700.
Just one of the many scenic views to be had from the OPR's East Portland Branch. This one from the OPR's 900 caboose near Oaks Park.
Photos of the 700 operating on Friday out of Oaks Park.  Stay tuned for a full feature video of this event in the near future.
SP&S 700 on the OPR
Steaming Through History 2008
Speeder rides were given by the OPR, using volunteer speeder operators and their speeders.  
Kevin Novak was the speeder coordinator for this event.
The 700 generally operated on a schedule of making the 45 minute trip during every 2 hour period, leaving at least an hour for the 700 to be on
public display up close and personally near Oaks Park station.
On this day, several photo run bys were conducted for the SP&S Historical Society.
OPR Speeder Coordinator Kevin Novak operating the OPR's guage detector car.   This piece of equipment, built by Mr. Samuels is used to test the
gauge of the rail several times during the day to make sure the long wheel base of the 700 stays on track during the event.
The 700 departing on one of several runs on this day, with Jim Abney as the Engineer.
Riding the OPR's EPTC company's orange caboose on a late evening trip.
The 700 returning during the day on one of several trips.
The 700 taking on water south of Oaks Park.   The 700 took on water each day in the morning hours prior to the runs.
Climax Portable Machine Tools out of Newberg, Oregon, chartered a ride for its employees and families on this day.
Kevin Novak using his speeder and the OPR gauge detector to check the gauge of the rails.
Kevin Novak's speeder and the gauge car put in at the Ross Island spur to let the 700 make a run.  
In these pictures, the 700 is reversing north bound
The 700 returning south bound past Kevin's speeder and the Ross Island spur.  Once the 700 was safely past, the gauge was left at the spur and
the speeder returned to Oaks Park Station.
On the runs, the 700 was pull forward and stop at Spokane Street, as seen here, before reversing to the Ross Island bridge.   Photo on right is the
700 at Oaks Park as viewed from the bluff above.
Passenger entrances to the two events.  Speeder rides were given on the left and the train rides were on the right.
Speeder rides as viewed from Oaks Park
Views of the 700 cab and side rods
Views of the Oregon Lifesaver trailer, a railroad safety education program geared towards keeping children safe from railroad accidents, and the
PRPA concession trailer and ticket booth.
The 700 leaves for one of several trips on this day.
Views of the 700 passing over "south bridge" the southern pedestrian underpass on the East Portland Branch.
Views of the speeders, from the OPR 1202 switcher at East Portland Yard.
The 700 returns to the Oaks Park during one of many trips.
The final pictures of the last revenue runs of the last day.
Some final views of the 700 back at East Portland, where the OPR 1202 was used to switch out the OPR owned cars of the consist.
Last views of the 700 at it backs up to leave the OPR East Portland Yard and enter the UP main for it's short trip back to Brooklyn Yard.
Videos of this event!
The full feature videos of this event are divided into two parts.   Part 1 is currently available in WMV format only and will work
on most any PC.   Part 2 is available in WMV or Quicktime formatt.  WMV will work on any PC.  Quicktime, requires Quicktime
movie player and is slightly higher quality video.

Steaming through History - Part 1 - The journey to the Oregon Pacific Railroad
Windows Media Version -102MB - 28 minutes long

Steaming through History - Part 2 - SP&S 700 Excursion on the OPR
Windows Media Version - 186MB - 51 minutes

Steaming through History - Part 2 - SP&S 700 Excursion on the OPR
Quicktime - 247MB - 51 minutes