Oregon Pacific Railroad 101
Last Update:  Sept 19, 2014
Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 101
Number 101 at Milwualkie.
Photos: Jan. 2005
The No. 101 and 102 Locomotives are both 1956 GE 80 tonner locomotives that were purchased new by the Pacific Lumber
Company in Scotia, California.    They were retired in 1992 and put up for sale.   Both were purchased by Mr. Samuels on
6-13-1994.   The 101 is c/n 32395, and the 102 is c/n 32413.

Both locomotives came with trucks, but no traction motors.   They were both loaded on Union Pacific flatcars and shipped
north on 11-7-1994 until the UP was concerned that the loads would not fit through several tunnels.   On 12-5-1994, the
locomotives were reloaded onto flat bed trucks and shipped the rest of the way to the Milwaukie shops.

While both locomotives operated, No. 102 was the better running of the two and a used set of trucks and traction motors that
was formly located under Weyerhauser No. 5104 was put under the 102.   The 101 was never restored to operating condition
and stayed at Milwaukie as a parts engine where it still remains today.  Still minus a set of trucks, it current sits on a set of car
trucks to allow it to be moved as necessary.

The 102 was leased out to the Columbia Business Park in Vancouver, Washington, on 1-23-1995.    In 1997, the Columbia
Business Park was sold to the Schnitzer Investment Corp.   Schnitzer wanted to purchase the No. 102 rather than lease it, so
on 10-29-1997, the No. 102 was officially sold to the Columbia Business park and struck from the OPR roster.

Here are some photos of this locomotive in service at the PLC mill in 1974 on this
Pacific Lumber Company Page.    Here's a
direct link to a photo of number 101 in operation in 1974
Number 101 at Milwualkie.
Photos: Oct.  2007
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The No. 101 was sold for scrap and as of Spring 2014 was completely
scrapped.   RIP.