Oregon Pacific Railroad 802 - Southern Pacific No. 1127
Oregon Pacific Railroad -Southern Pacific No. 1127
This is the south end of the East Portland Yards.     Photos: Jan. 2005
East Portland Yard.    Photos: Jan. 2005
East Portland Yard.  Photos: Jan. 2005
East Portland Yard.   Photos: Jan. 2005
Photos of the 802 stationary on the Molalla Branch, just south of RSG Forest Products in Liberal, Oregon  Photos: August 2007
More pictures of the 802 can be seen here.
The 802 is also featured in two videos we have of the OPR in action.

Oregon Pacific RR in action
Portland, OR - January, 2005 - 67Mb - 19 Mins

The Oregon Pacific Railroad in Action
Canby, Oregon - April, 2006 - 30Mb - 8 Mins
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Canby Wye   Photos: March. 2008
Liberal yard:   Photos: September. 2008
Last Update:  October 9, 2011
802 over the Molalla River bridge  Photos courtesy of Tim Samuels, OPR
Cab of the 802:   Photos: August. 2008
The original number boards of the 802.   These rare items were often removed on switcher locomotives in later years as they were of the 802,
years ago.  But the OPR was able to obtain the original number boards and while they may look in sad shape, they will be restored and
reinstalled on the 802 when it undergoes it's restoration to full Southern Pacific colors and configuration.   
This photo of the 802 was taken in
1980 when the 802 was the SP No. 1127 and still had the number boards in place.
Former No. 802 is currently being restored to her former glory as a Southern Pacific switcher, No.
1127.   For more information and photos of that restoration, now in process, please visit our
No. 1127 Restoration Page.
Last Update 10-19-10
OPR No. 1127 (prior number 802) photos
The 802 was purchased by Mr. Samuels in approximately 2004 and has served on both branch lines.   It appears to be
painted in Northern Pacific colors, but the prior owners were the Lewis & Clark Railroad (LINC) before they ceased
operating.   LINC incorporated the NP markings into their own logo as they operated on a former NP branch line.  The 802
was numbered 81 when operating with LINC, and is sometimes mistakening confused for the former LINC No. 82.  Prior to
that, it was Southern Pacific 1127 and prior to 1965 was SP No. 4622.

The 802 was built in January, 1954 as an EMD SW8, serial no. 19495, frame no. 4246-1.   It is powered by an
EMD 8-567-B/C, V-8 making 800 h.p.  It has the additional feature of dynamic brakes.   It is the only locomotive in the OPR
service with dynamic brakes.

The 802 had spent its first several years on the OPR, on the East Portland Branch as the primary power, augmented by the
100.   However, when the 1202 was purchased, the 802 was moved to the Molalla Branch where it served as the primary
power there for several years.

Today, the 802 is back on the East Portland branch at the OPR Milwaukie shops currently undergoing an overhaul and

This locomotive is unique in that it was never repainted to the OPR red/white colors, however, it was lettered and renumbered
EPTC 802 (East Portland Traction Company).   Sometime in the near future, plans are to repaint it in traditional Southern
Pacific colors and restore the oscillating headlights, along with a complete mechanical reconditioning.

The 802 originally had friction bearing trucks, but now has the roller bearing trucks from a Southern Pacific slug that Mr.
Samuels purchased earlier.  This allows the 802 to be transported over the Union Pacific and alternate between the two
branch lines as needed.  This locomotive's dynamic brakes are most put to use when it serves on the East Portland branch
with its 6% grade near Milwuakie.   This makes braking down the very steep 6% grade much easier, so it will be a welcome
addition to the power of the East Portland Branch when it is fully restored and again operated on that line.

Picture of the No. 802 when it was SP 1127 in 1980
Working for the Lewis & Clark in 2002 and again in 2003.
Photos of the No. 1127 having roller bearing trucks added in Battleground prior to be shipped to the OPR's East Portland Branch.   Note while
the Lewis & Clark Railroad in Battleground, the locomotive was number No. 81.  Just prior to arriving on the OPR, it was renumbered EPTC
802.   Today it's currently OPR 1127, it's former number while with the Southern Pacific Railroad.    All above photos taken in Battleground, WA.
Samuels Family Photo Collection