Oregon Pacific Railroad 2501
Last Update:  November 29, 2007
Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 2501
Number 2501 is GE 25 tonner built in 1942 for the U.S. Army during World War Two.  Serial No. 15682.  It's history after that
is a little unclear.  It was purchased by Mr. Samuels in 1992 at the Portland Docks Auction for $2000.   He originally did not
have a purpose for the locomotive, but couldn't turn down such a good deal.   It was then that he decided to try and start a
public excursion on the East Portland line and SamTrak was born.   In later years, Samtrak would be pulled by a 45 tonner
locomotive instead, the 4501, due to the increase weight of adding a caboose to the consist.    When SamTrak ceased
operation in approximately 2002, the 2501 was stored out of service near Milwualkie.  This little locomotive was donated to the

Trolley Museum in approximately 2005.
Number 2501 is at the shops of the Brooks Trolley Museum, where as of 2006, it didn't look like it was getting much use.
Photos: Summer 2006
These photos were taken very shortly before the 2501 was donated to the Brooks Museum.  Here it is parked on a siding in
Photos: Jan. 2005
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