Oregon Pacific Railroad 500
Last Update:  Sept 19, 2014
Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 500
The OPR 500 is a GE 80 tonner built in approximately the 1940s.    It was originally purchased by the East Portland Traction
Company in approximately 1994 and then leased to the CDL Pacific Grain Company in Portland, Oregon.   Due to mechanical
problems in the late 1990s, it was brought back to the East Portland Branch and replaced by the No. 501, another 80 tonner,
which now serves with CDL Pacific Grain.   The No. 500 now serves as a parts locomotive to the 501 and remains in storage
on the OPR.
Photos of the 500 in late 2007 parked in Milwualkie, where it has been for many years.
One of the two engines of the 500.
The cab.
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The No. 500 was sold for scrap and as of Spring 2014 was completely
scrapped.   RIP.