Oregon Pacific Railroad 803
Last Update:  July 18, 2011
Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 803
These are among my first ever photos of the OPR, taken in the spring 2002.
Photos: May, 2002
The 803 was purchased by Mr. Samuels in 1996 to augment the 801 in service on the Molalla Branch.   However it has spent
much of its career as a back up locomotive to 801.   

The 803 is an SW8 built in March, 1953, Builder no. 17160, frame no. 4165-2.   It was originally built for the TNO Railroad as
their No. 13 and later was owned by the Southern Pacific as their 1105.  It was last used by the Lewis & Clark Railroad (LINC).
Power is supplied by an EMD 8-567-B/C V-8 making 800 h.p.

These photos show the 803 as the SP 1105 working in San Fransico in 1982.   
This photo, she is at the far right.  
This photo, she is front and center.  As well as this photo.
Oregon Pacific Number 803 at Liberal, Oregon    Photos: August, 2007
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Oregon Pacific Number 803 at Liberal, Oregon    Photos: September, 2008
No. 803 SOLD to Western Rail, Now WRIX 803

In May 2010, the 803 was sold to Western Rail, along with the No. 602 as part of a deal to acquire
No. 1201/1413, which is a GMD-1.  On June 18, 2010, No. 803 left OPR property.
803 Truck Swap Prior to Sale to New Owner
Photos are courtesy of Craig Samuels.
Brian and Craig Samuels set up the former No. 802 trucks in place in preparation for the swap.  No. 803 is moved into place using the OPR
hy-rail boom crane.   The swap took place on RSG Forest Products property, which is the only in street trackage on the Molalla Branch.
Photos are courtesy of Craig Samuels.
OPR crews set up the new trucks, while a contract crane crew sets up a much larger crane that will be used to lift the 803 during the
truck swap.
Photos are courtesy of Craig Samuels.
Some disassembly was required to allow the truck to slide out. Once complete,  the rear end of the 803 was hoisted into the air and the old trucks
were slid out to make room for the new trucks.    
Photos are courtesy of Craig Samuels.
With the new roller bearing truck in place, the 803 is sat down in preparation for swapping out the front truck.  
Photos are courtesy of Craig Samuels.
Removing and swapping out the front truck is a repeat of the rear.  
Photos are courtesy of Craig Samuels.
The 803 now rests on two sets of roller bearing trucks.   In the next two photos, No. 801 (workhorse of the Molalla Branch) moves the 803 back to
the Liberal Yards where the trucks will be wired and hooked up and then tested in preparation for the move to the UP Junction at Canby and
eventually to the new customer, Western Rail.  
No. 803 Sale Update
In late June, the No. 803 was shipped to its new owners in Washington State.  In June, 2010, OPR crews removed the roller
bearing trucks from the
No. 802 at the Milwaukie Shops.  Those trucks were then shipped to the Molalla Branch to be placed
under the 803.    The friction bearing trucks that were originally under the 803 were then brought back to be placed under the
No. 802 which is currently under restoration.   

The reason for the truck swap is that roller bearing trucks are generally a requirement for any locomotive that is shipped over
a mainline class 1 railroad.   Because the 803 needs to travel over the UP/BNSF to reach its new owners, it needs roller
bearing trucks to make this move.   Once the 802 is restored it will be permanently assigned to the East Portland Branch,
where friction bearing trucks are acceptable.

The future fate of the 803 is not known, but the 803 is an operable locomotive and its expected that it will be sold or leased by
Western Rail and put into service.   The OPR did not be paint over or cover it's lettering and paint when the 803 was
shipped.  It's not known what Western Rail's plans are, but this locomotive could potentially be seen in full OPR colors serving
with another operator...but it has been officially stricken from the OPR ownership and roster since it left OPR property for the
last time.
Other Photos of the 803
The 803 caught on camera working in Cheney, Washington.  Photo taken by OPR's Tim Samuels wife, Ryana on 716/11.  On 6/27/11, John
Taubeneck reported at the 803 was seen at the Nucor Steel Mill in Seattle, WA as of early June.   However it was not seen working there.
So far, we are not aware of the 803's disposition or plans for where she will be put into service.