Oregon Pacific Railroad 100 1-1/2 inch scale
Last Update:  November 5, 2013
Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 100 (1-1/2 inch scale)
In 1960, Mr. Samuels became acquainted with Shady Dell, a live steam scale railroad out of Molalla.   It was during this period
that Mr. Samuels built a 1-1/2" scale model of the Portland Traction Company No. 100, probably never dreaming at the time,
that he would own and operate the full size real locomotive some 27 years later.   

This would be probably considered Mr. Samuels very first locomotive of any size and scale.

This little scale engine has a Kohler gas engine, a DC generator, 4 traction motors and working air brakes all designed and
built by Mr. Samuels.   The engine is currently stored in the corner of his Milwaulkie shop building.  Mr. Samuels jokes that
when the FRA comes to inspect his locomotives, he points them to inspect the little one first.   

Since aquiring what is now the Oregon Pacific Railroad, Mr. Samuels has not had as much time to maintain and operate the
scale version and over the last few years, the scale PTC 100 has been stored inside the OPR shop building at Miwualkie.  
The two PTC 100 locomotives together at Railfair 1988, Union Station Portland.
When Mr. Samuels built his scale version of the PTC 100, he probably never dreamed he would later own the original full size version.
Several photos showing Mr. Samuels with his PTC 100.  The left photo is at Shady Dell around 1960 and the right photo in his back yard with his
children in the 1970s.
The mini PTC 100 lives in the shop building of the OPR in Milwaulkie.   It hasn't seen much use lately, partly because of Mr. Samuels once busy 7
day work week schedule.   But now that he's "retired" and only working 6 day weeks, he has talked about bringing it back out and laying down
some track at his new home.  
Photos: Spring 2007
Some detailed photos of the controls.    An amazing piece of machinery all built by Mr. Samuels in 1960.   Realistic functions include an actual
gas engine to generator to traction motor power and working air brakes.  
Photos:  Spring, 2007
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Photos from the Samuels Family Collection, showing Mr. Samuels building and using his scale locomotive from about 1960 through the 1970s.
Article written by Richard Samuels in 1979 for Live Steam Magazine about this locomotive