Last Update:  July 19, 2011
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The OPR has been planning to design and build a rail operated brush cutter for several years now.  Originally planned as a
winter project that never got underway using different parts, the current plan has been designed and has now started.

With the recent purchase of a recently rebuilt Swingmaster, Speed Swing, the brush cutter system will be adapted to fit to the
new speed swing.    The remains of an old Bobcat will be used as the basis for the brusher swing arm and power unit.  The
brush cutter unit will be powered by the diesel engine of the Bobcat and utilize the Bobcat's swing arm and will be a self
contained removable unit.   It is planned to be operable via remote control (using the same remote control system that once
was used on the SamTrak 4501, the first common carrier remote control locomotive in the Northwest.)   Stay tuned for more
photos as this project progresses.
OPR Rail Operated Brush Cutter Project
First photo taken in 2005, the old OPR Bobcat is currently sacrificing itself to
be partly reused in an entirely different role as the power unit and swing arm
for the new brush cutter project.
The recently purchased Swingmaster that the brush cutter
will be adapted too as a removable attachment.