Last Update:  July 19, 2011
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One of the many projects on the books for the OPR crew is to finish upgrading the crossings on the East Portland branch as
part of the Metro Springwater trail extension.    Several years ago, the crossings at Ivon, Division and Caruthers streets were
all replaced during road work when the last of the OPR street trackage was removed from the north end of the line.

Harney Street, Umatila Street and Spokane Street crossings were all redone over the last several years as part of the
Portland Big Pipe project which required a slight relocation of the track and necessitated the crossing replacements with new
rail, ties and concrete panels.

Now as part of the Springwater trail extension, the OPR has embarked on upgrading the last original crossings on the East
Portland Branch, located at 13th street, 11th street, 9th street and Marion Street.   These crossings will be removed and
replaced with new welded rail, ties and concrete panels.   The new crossings will facilitate safer vehicle and pedestrian
crossing and safer train movements near the new trail extension.

The initial phases of this project has begun where OPR crews are laying out track, ties and equipment in preparation for
replacing the crossings one at a time.   As of early July, 2011, the crossings at 13th Street and 11th Street are now complete
and the track and roads are opened.

The crossing projects for Linn/9th Streets and Marion Street are slated for later in the summer.
East Portland Branch Crossing Upgrades Project
13th Street Crossing
11th Street Crossing
Linn Street - 9th Street Crossing
Marion Street Crossing
At 13th street, crews have up rail that will soon be welded together in preparation for eventual installation at the 13th street crossing.
The 11th street crossing will involve the most in depth construction work.   Crews will remove the switch track from the street and extend the
existing siding all through the crossing and move the existing switch further west of the crossing.    Essentially this will be converted into a double
track crossing when completed.   3/2011
Linn and 9th street is a double crossing where two roads converge at the railroad crossing.   This will be longest crossing to convert during this
project.   Ties and equipment are currently staged on recently acquired OPR property next to the tracks.   3/2011
Marion street crossing was not replaced during the Portland Big Pipe construction project and Springwater trail extension because the track did
not need to be relocated at that time.   This crossing will however be upgraded during this phase of the crossing replacement project.   10/2010
OPR crews begin work removing the street, pavement and track.   6/7/11 photos
New welded rail in place, rail is tamped and line is reopened.  Still needs concrete crossing panels.   6/14/11 photos
Panels being installed on both tracks.   6/22/11 photos
11th street done except for final paving.   6/23/11 photos
Work begins on 13th, track is removed for new welded rail.   6/23/11 photos
Craig Samuels delivers crossing panels to the 13th street project site with Engine 1202.   Panels are set into place, the last major part of this
project before paving begins.   Paving crews finished paving the street on Friday June 24th.
Looking north at 11th Street, with paving crews starting work on this crossing first.  Once completed, later in the day, they moved on to 13th street.
Track work to the new realigned siding will continue in the future.
13th street crossing is now entirely complete.   No other major work is required at this crossing.  No further impact to vehicle or rail traffic is
expected from this crossing.
11th street crossing is now mostly complete.  Further impact to vehicle and rail traffic will be minimal from this crossing.   The main line is finished
but the siding needs to be continued to the new switch north of the crossing.