Last Update:  February 6, 2010
Several years ago, the OPR purchased a used Jackson Tamper 6700.   A fully computerized tamper and track alignment
machine for use on both branches of the OPR.    Since its purchase, the OPR has set about to make numerous modifications,
including upgrading its electronics, rebuilding the hydraulic systems and adding numerous modifications, some of which are
fairly extensive, to make the machine more user friendly and easier to operate by a single person.

The tamper has been used extensively on the OPR's East Portland Branch, and has dramatically improved track conditions.    
Plans are to eventually deploy the tamper to the Molalla Branch, where it will be used over the next few years to help align
and tamp the entire branch.

The Tamper is operated primary by Dick Samuels and modifications were made that allowed the tamper to be operable by a
single person without any additional man power.   Some of these modifications required moving some controls that were
located outside the cab, to inside the cab, while automating other controls.   

But the most extensive modifications and fabrication are with the alignment buggy and how it is deployed.  In the past, the
buggy had to be deployed on level and straight track and was deployed mostly manually.    With the new set up, the buggy is
carried on a custom built carriage lift and when deployed, the alignment buggy is lowered to track level via the hydraulic lift.  
The carriage can swing side to side, allowing the buggy to be deployed or retracted on curved track, if needed.  Because the
buggy is always attached to the connector poles, there's no danger of it rolling away, and so it can also be deployed on any
level of grade.

Once lowered, the operator, can choose between various lengths of the connector poles, which determine how far out the
alignment buggy will set out from the tamper.   To retract, the operator, simply has to lift the poles and pull the alignment
buggy towards the carriage.  This can be done manually, if on level track or with the assistance of a winch, if on a grade.   
The buggy remains constantly wired to the tamper and set up time and take down time is reduced dramatically.

The Jackson 6700 Tamper seen here is a 1990s version of the Jackson series of Tampers

This link contains the specs of the newest models 6700 series Tampers, which is newer than this model, but similar in design.

Jackson Tampers are now built and supported by Harsco Rail.

Stay tuned for a more detailed article and photos of the modifications shown here.
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Photos of the interior control panels of the Jackson Tamper.
Some early photos of the modifications.    Here you can see the custom built forklift mechanism installed and in the process of being further
developed.   Most welding and fabrication was done by the OPR's Brian Samuels.
While multiple modifications were untaken on the Tamper during this project to make the Jackson Tamper more user friendly and one man
operable, the largest and most extensive modification was to the rear alignment buggy.

The alignment buggy now rests on a hydraulic lift and can be lowered and set out and extended as needed by simple operation of a hydraulic lift
and winch system.    All of this is completely custom built and designed by Dick Samuels and his sons, with Brian Samuels doing most of the
fabrication and welding.
Additional detailed photos of the modifications.
Photos of the Jackson Tamper in the late 2008 working on the OPR's East Portland Branch.   This is prior to any of the major modifications
contained here on this page.
Jackson 6700 Tamper Modifications