Last Update:  August 23, 2010
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Brian McCamish
Oregon Pacific Railroad
TNT Network's "Leverage" TV show shoot on the OPR - August 2010
On August 5 and 6, the production team of TNT network's TV show, Leverage, flimed another scene on the OPR's East
Portland Branch.   This would be the 2nd scene filmed for an episode of "Leverage".  It would be the 3rd Hollywood production
filmed on the OPR in the last 10 months and the first filmed on the OPR's East Portland Branch in recent years.

The scene involved actors of the TV show jumping off of the Sellwood Bridge onto a moving OPR train, then from the moving
train onto a caboose and then onto an SUV.   The scene involved extensive preparation and filming lasted for two long days.
For obvious reasons, the OPR cannot divulge too many details about the scenes that were shot, but we understand this will
be a scene for one of the last episodes of the current season of the series.

The consist involved the OPR's No. 100, Chris McLarney's restored UP caboose and several reefer cars.

For more information for production crews wishing to film on the OPR, please visit our
Film and Productions Page.
OPR's coordinator for Film and TV productions is Kelly Anable, who can be reached at 503-651-2231.

Please note that all photos were taken by Craig Samuels of the OPR and Chris McLarney, owner of the
caboose used in the shoot.   Photos that show details of the scene had to be omitted as well as detailed photos of the actors.
Preparation for filming involved preparing the cars to be used in the filming.  Graffiti was removed where necessary and grating was added
between the roofs of certain cars to allow the stunt people to more safely jump from car to car.
Craig Samuels Photos.
Crew prepares to film near the Sellwood bridge.  Train is made up of the OPR's No. 100, several reefer cars and Chris McLarney's restored UP
Caboose.   Craig Samuels Photos.
One part of the scene involved stunt people jumping off of the Sellwood bridge onto the OPR train.  
Craig Samuels Photos.
Scenes were also filmed north of the Sellwood bridge, near Oaks Park Station.
Craig Samuels Photos.
Crews filmed over 2 days, returning to the Sellwood bridge scene early on the 2nd day.
Craig Samuels Photos.
Shots courtesy of Chris McLarney during the 2 day shoot.  Chris's restored UP caboose was used in the filming and played a pivotal role
in the scene.