Last Update:  June 14, 2009
Molalla River Bridge Repairs
A major project planned on the OPR is a near complete rebuilding of the Molalla River Bridge.    Plans including eventually
replacing the majority of the bridge from the top of the pilings up, including the stringers, piling caps, ties and rail.   

However, before that major project can begin, some more immediate repairs needed to be made.  Those and all future repairs
on this bridge will be documented on this page.

For the history of the Molalla River Bridge and the OPR Molalla River Branch, check out our
Molalla River Branch Page.

Photos courtesy of Tim Samuels.
This repair included replacing a piling cap and shimming a bent of steel pilings.

The first thing that needed to be done was setting down concrete barriers to use as braces to jack up the bridge off of the piling cap.
Brian Samuels uses a chain saw to cut the cross beam tied into piling cap and the piling cap spikes are cut, then the piling cap was
removed in pieces by Craig Samuels.
Piling cap removed and a new steel cap inserted in place
Also part of this project, another bent needed to be shimmed.   Here the steel pilings are being cut to allow the installation of the shims.
Beams were welded in place to allow the pilings to be jacked up.
Finally, shims are welded in place and the bridge it placed back into service.

Future repairs will include the eventually replacing of all stringers, piling caps, ties and rail on the bridge.
On the left:  The problem.   On the right:   After the more sag.
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