Oregon Pacific Railroad 801
Last Update:  March 10, 2013
Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 801
Oregon Pacific Number 801 is also an EMD SW8 diesel-electric, but it's a bit older, being built in August, 1951.   This locomotive once served on
the Mt. Rainier Scenic RR among other larger RRs in it's career.   It was purchased by Mr. Samuels in 1993 for the Molalla Division.   
Photos: May, 2002
# 801 in 1993, when the railroad was  known as the Mololla Western. In
1997, the name would be changed to the Oregon Pacific
Photo by John Bauer, Rob Jacox collection, Courtesy of  Western Rails
This wonderful photo was taken by
Joyce Peters as the 801 makes it's
way under an overpass in Canby in
April, 2005.  
The 801 was purchased by Mr. Samuels in 1993 as one of his first dedicated engines to work on the newly acquired "Molalla
Western", which is what the current OPR Molalla Branch was originally called.    It was the first engine to be painted in the new
red/white color scheme as seen below, lettered for the Molalla Western, and named the Myron A. Satrum.

It was formerly owned by the Mt. Rainer Scenic Railroad as their 801.   Before that, it was owned by the Burlington Northern
as their 99 and the Great Northern as their 99.   Mr. Samuels purchased it from Pete Replinger.   The 801 was built in August,
1951 for the Great Northern RR and originally numbered 99.   It is serial No. 13305, frame No. 4089-2.   It is equipped with a
V-8 EMD 8-567-B, making 800 h.p.

The 801 has spent most of its career with the OPR, on the Molalla Branch.  Today, it still operates on the Molalla Branch.   

In the late 1990s, the engine was worn out and Mr. Samuels was told that the engine was not rebuildable.   He later
purchased the 1810 to replace the 801, but contract heavy diesel mechanic, Jerry Van Loo was able to rebuild the 801 and it
continued service.

For several years, the 801 was relegated to back up service while the
802 resumed most duties on the Molalla Branch.   
However, in 2009, the 801's 567B was again rebuilt, with all new exchange power assemblies added.   Since then, the 801
has been restored to front line service on the Molalla Branch.   The 802 has been moved to Milwaukie where it will remain and
is currently under restoration.  No.
901 now augments the 801 as the primary switch engines for the Molalla Branch, with the
901 generally used to switch American Steel and the 801 generally used to switch RSG Forest Products and Willamette Egg.

The OPR crew favors the 801 on the Molalla Branch over newer locomotives, because it has proven to be a reliable
locomotive that the crews have used for many years.   They are most used to it's operation and it's more comfortable to ride
compared to the 901.   The 801 has an easier to modulate air throttle and a 6 piston air compressor that airs up brakes very
quickly.   The lower power of the 801 actually helps reduce wheel slippage while switching at the RSG mill.   The 801 has
been the workhorse of the Molalla Branch for many years, but despite its age, it will likely continue to serve on the OPR for
many years to come.   All power assemblies were again replaced in 2009.

This photo shows the 801 when it was the 99 with the BN in 1979.  This one from 1982.

In January, 2010, minor repairs were conducted on the 801 to help extend its service life when one of the power assemblies
installed in 2009 had to removed and resealed.   
Detailed photos can be seen here.

In early spring 2013, the 801 was again taken out of service due to major engine wear.  The prime mover was removed from
the 801 and will be replaced by an engine out of the OPR's No. 187.   The 801 will likely return to service by late spring.  It's
former duties on the Molalla Division are currently being handled by OPR's No. 1202.
Oregon Pacific Number 801 at Liberal, Oregon
Photos: August 2007
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Additional photos of the 801 taken in early spring 2008, showing it set out at the Liberal Yard.   The 801 is now primarily set aside for back up use
Photos: March, 2008
Photos of the 801 at Liberal.  Photos: September, 2008
Photos of the 801 at the Canby Wye  Photos: October, 2008
# 801 in the 1970s still in Great Northern colors and markings.
Photo courtesy of Todd Montgomery
# 801 in 1993, when the railroad was  known as the Mololla Western. In
1997, the name would be changed to the Oregon Pacific
Photo by Keith Ardinger, Brian McCamish Collection