Oregon Pacific Railroad 901
The OPR 901 was aquired in September, 2007 from the Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railway (CRANDIC).   The 901 was
originally one of 3 EMD SW8s purchased new by the CRANDIC railroad and numbered the No. 91, serving most of its life as
their shop switcher.  It started out life as an early 1950s SW8 using an EMD 8-567-B V-8 making 800 h.p.

In approximately 1989/1990, the 901 was completely rebuilt by the CRANDIC and upgraded to an EMD 8-567-C block V-8,
with 645 power assemblies, making 900 h.p.   With the new prime mover, the locomotive was redesignated an SW900.

The Crandic also had an original factory SW900 in service, numbered 94, which might explain the upgrade and choice of
engine.   The unit was completely rebuilt with newer and modern cab controls.

The 901 has a unique feature in that the fireman side rear window only has a single pane window and did not come with a
seat on that side when it arrived on the OPR.   This is because at one point it had controls mounted on the fireman's side
facing rearward, but they were removed, probably during the 1990 rebuild.

The crew of the OPR set about painting the 901 very shortly after it arrived at the shops.   Mr. Samuels oldest son, Tim
Samuels, applied the beautiful main paint job, while sons Craig and Brian Samuels sanded and assisted.  The paint work
turned out great!

Mr. Samuels named the locomotive after his Grand Parents, Richard C Williams and E. Ruth Williams.   Mr. Williams name is
present on the Engineer's side, while Mrs. Williams name is present on the Conductor's side.

On August 8, 2008, the 901 was taken by the
1202 to East Portland Junction, where it was picked up by the UP and
transferred to the Molalla Branch in Canby.   The first revenue run of the 901 on the Molalla Branch occured on August 11,
2008 as the 901 brought in the first loads for American Steel.   See our
American Steel page for more photos.

The 901 currently serves along with the 801 on the Molalla Branch.   The 901 is primarily operated as the switcher engine for
American Steel and most often operates on the north end of the branch, while the 801 primarily operates as the switch engine
for RSG Forest Products and Willamette Egg.    The No. 901 is most often stored behind a locked fence on American Steel
property when tied up.
Last Update:  February 1, 2010
The following are links to pictures of the 901 while it was the No. 91, serving on the Crandic.



This photo was taken of the No. 91 back in 1986.
This plaque in the cab says the following:  "This locomotive rebuilt in 1989 in honor of Mr. O.R. Woods."  
It appears that  Mr. O.R. Woods is most likely Otis Woods, who was President of the CRANDIC Railroad at one time.
My first photos of the 901 while it was inside the OPR shop being painted.  Nov. 2007
One of the first photos of the 901 after being painted and pulled out of the shop by the 1202.  
Courtesy of Kelly Anable, Oregon Pacific Railroad, Nov, 2007
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Shots of the 901 outside with its fresh paint job.  The beautiful paint work was applied by Mr. Samuels oldest son, Tim Samuels.
Detailed shots of the freshly painted 901
Some shots of the 901 just after it arrived on the OPR and prior to the repaint.  Here its been sanded down in preparation for the new paint.
Photos courtesy of the Tim Samuels of the OPR.
Photos of the 901 in a consist with the 1202 on August 8, 2008.   The 901 was being delivered to the East Portland Junction, where the UP picked
it up and delivered to the Molalla Branch.
The OPR 901 at the Milwaulkie Shops in July 2008.
These are shots of the 901 being painted inside the OPR Milwualkie Shops.  Photos are courtesy of Tim Samuels of the OPR.  
901 started switching the moment it was fired up for the first time on the Molalla Branch, moving cars back and out of the way, along with the 802,
in preparation for moving the first coil car to American Steel that morning.   The 901 will now be the primary locomotive on the Molalla Branch,
augmented by the 801 and the 802.  The 802 will eventually come back to Milwaulkie for some work and a possible repaint.
The first of many future moves included a single coil car.  The car was set out on the spur to allow the 901 to move other cars out of the way.   The
new drill track, will make these operations much easier when completed.   The 901 then backs the coil car up the 2.6% grade onto American
Steel property.
The 901 then backs the coil car into the American Steel building.  The large loading area will accommodate multiple cars.
The 901 then cuts away and heads out the huge door back towards the Molalla Branch.
901's first revenue move with American Steel, 8/2008
901 being moved from the East Portland Branch to Molalla Branch, 8/2008
901 arrival on the OPR, new paint, winter 2007/2008
901 at the American Steel Customer Appreciation Barbecue, 9/2008
Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 901