Southern Pacific 2603
Last Update:  November 29, 2007
Southern Pacific No. 2603
Greg Brown photo - 1993
This locomotive was never actually owned by Mr. Samuels, but was loaned to him by the Southern Pacific.    When Mr.
Samuels purchased the Molalla Branch from the Southern Pacific in 1993, the SP was so eager to get rid of the line that they
called him on a Saturday and wanted him operating on the branch line by that Monday.

However, Mr. Samuels did not have a locomotive to operate on the Molalla Branch.   He had purchased what would become
his 801, but it had not yet arrived.    The Southern Pacific told Mr. Samuels that their Oregon City switcher, which operated at
night, would leave their locomotive, the 2306, on the siding at Canby and he could use it during the day until he was able to
bring his own locomotive.

For the first several months, Mr. Samuels used the 2306 and possibly other SP switchers on the Molalla Branch (then called
the Molalla Western) until he could ship his PTC No. 100 locomotive.   The PTC 100 was used for approximately 6 months,
until the newly refurbished 801 could be put into service.

As a coincidence, the
2603 was a mother locomotive to slug 1010 in Eugene.  Mr. Samuels would later purchase Slug 1010.

The SP 2603 was an EMD SW1500.  It was most likely built in October 1971.   It continued service after the UP merger and
was on the UP roster as of at least 2001, but appears to have dropped off the roster sometime after that.   It's not clear what
happened to it or its still in service.  The UP changed road numbers for its SW1500 fleet and road number 2603 now appears
to belong to a new Green Goat locomotive.

Another picture of the 2603 a year after it was used by Mr. Samuels.  This picture was taken in 1983.  
The 2603 on the Molalla Western (now OPR Molalla Branch) going over the overpass at Canby-Mulino Road in 1993
Greg Brown photo.
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