Oregon Pacific Railroad 1010
Last Update:  April 11, 2015
Oregon Pacific Railroad No. 1010 slug
Special Thanks to Charles Bonville for some of the following information.

The 1010 is a former Southern Pacific Yard Slug that purchased by Mr. Samuels along with the 1013 sometime in
approximately 2000.   Mr. Samuels wanted the slugs because most of his equipment was friction bearing trucks and the slugs
were roller bearing trucks that he would transfer to some of his locomotives.   The 1013's trucks were used to replace the
trucks of one of Mr. Samuel's other locomotives...possibly the 802.    The rest of 1013 was scrapped.

1010 was not scrapped was considered for use on the Molalla Branch where extra traction is sometimes needed during slick
conditions, however, it was never used and is currently stored on the East Portland Branch near Milwualkie.

1010 was one of four slugs built for the Southern Pacific in 1979, 1010-1013.   The 1010 was formerly an EMD SW7 from the
L&N, No. 2247.  It was retired from the Union Pacific on August 31, 2000.

More information can be
found here.

Charles Bonville has additional built photos of the 1010 which can be
seen here.

More pictures can be
seen here.

Photos of the 1010 when it was an EMD SW7 for the Louisville & Nashville Railroad prior to 1979 can be seen
here and here.

This photo show the
1010 attached to SP switcher 2603 in the Eugene Southern Pacific Yard.  What is interesting about this
picture is that coincidently, Mr. Samuels would later borrow the
Southern Pacific 2603 switcher for several months at the
beginning of operations on the Molalla Western.   It was purely coincidental, that he would later purchase this locomotive's

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Railroad Slug is, click here.

In November 2007, Mr. Samuels finalized the sale of the 1010 along with the
1810 to a private grain railroad in southwest
Kansas using reporting marks SFGX.   The paint scheme is the same as Archer Daniels Midland locomotives.

Per Mr. Samuels, "The slug will be mated to the 1810 and is being equipped with the ZTR "BOA" = (Bolt On
Adhesion)computerized excitation/traction control system at the OPR shop in Milwaukie prior to shipment to Kansas in early
2008.  Both units will be painted into ADM's gray/black/blue color scheme and retain their original numbers as SFGX 1810
and SFGX 1010."

The sale of the 1810 and the 1010 supports the purchase of the new
OPR 901 which will be regularly used on the
OPR Molalla Branch.

In early March, 2008, the 1810 and 1010 were shipped from the OPR to the new owners in Kansas.

Photo of the 1010 when it was a locomotive, no. 2247 in
1968, 1973 and after conversion to slug in 1979
The 1010 in storage at Milwaulkie in early 2005.
The 1010 in storage at Milwaulkie in early 2005.
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The 1010 at the OPR shops in January, 2008 after a nice fresh paint job by the OPR crew.  The paint is the colors and markings of the new
owners,  Archer Daniels Midland and they will take delivery of the 1010 and the locomotive 1810 sometime in early 2008.
Pictures courtesy of OPR's Kelly Anable.
The 1010 in the OPR shops after being sanded and primered in preparation for its new paint (see below)
These final pictures of the 1010 on the OPR and also at the Portland Brooklyn Yard were taken by Mr. Samuels at it was transported off OPR
property by the UP to its new owners.
Check out OPR 1810's page for an early 2015 update on the mother of this slug.  
The current location and disposition of the slug is now unknown.