Last Update:  May 13, 2010
On May 8, 2010, Amtrak hosted an event at the Portland Union Station, honoring "National Train Day" and starring the  
Southern Pacific 4449.   As part of this event, Chris McLarney's
restored Union Pacific CA-4 Caboose, No. 25198, was also
invited.   At the last minute, Amtrak also invited the OPR to bring along one it's locomotives to be placed on display.   Amtrak
had the historic No. 100 in mind, but because it lacks roller bearing trucks and would be operated over the UP mainline, it was
decided to bring the
OPR 1202 instead.

Also at the event, was the
Pacific Northwest Chapter of the National Railway Historic Society's No. 600, Mt. Hood Passenger
car and the BNSF No. 7400 locomotive.    
ORHF, PRPA, Friends of the 4449 and many other railroad related groups were
also in attendance.  Guy Howard and Kevin Novak also brought two speeders to be put on display.

It was a great event and the OPR enjoyed the opportunity to display one of it's locomotives and participate in facilitating the
move of Chris's beautifully restored caboose.    Special thanks to Amtrak and its employees and too all the groups in
attendance and put on a great show.
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Brian McCamish
Oregon Pacific Railroad
Photo 1: At Milwaukie, Oregon, the move between Milwuakie and East Portland Junction, on the OPR, to meet up with the 4449, involved 3
empties, which were to be delivered to the East Portland Yards and originally was planned to involve the No. 100, which is pictured here at the
head of the train, awaiting departure.

Photo 2: Last minute changes, involved leaving the No. 100 at Milwuakie and using the roller bearing trucked, No. 1202 instead.
Photo 1 and 2:  Photos taken by OPR's Craig Samuels, the train is northbound, heading to the meet with the 4449 at East Portland. Photo taken at
Oaks Bottom, near Oaks Park Station.

Photo 3:  Amtrak heading northbound on the UP main, as the OPR 1202 and UP caboose wait on the UP/OPR interchange track.

Photo 4:  Just after the passing of Amtrak, SP 4449, northbound on the UP main.

Photo 5:  The SP 4449 moves onto the UP/OPR interchange and hooks up to Chris’s caboose and the OPR 1202. The 4449 will pull the entire
consist to Union Station.
Photo 1: View of the SP 4449 northbound on the UP main, passing under the I-5 overpass.

Photo 2: SP 4449 and consist approaching the Steel Bridge.

Photo 3: Wider view of the SP 4449 and consist approaching the Steel Bridge.

Photo 4: Looking back over the hood of OPR's No. 1202.

Photo 5:  Looking down through the trusses between OPR 1202 and the UP caboose

Photo 6 and 7:  SP 4449 leaving the Steel Bridge and approaching Union Station
Photo 1:   1202 moves into display position.    Photo 2:  BNSF 7400 moves into display position.    Photo 3:  4449 moved into display position.
National Train Day - May 8, 2010
The day before - May 7, 2010
National Train Day - May 8, 2010