Oregon Pacific Railroad Open Air Car
Last Update:  July 3, 2008
Oregon Pacific Railroad Open Air Car
This OPR open air car is one of the OPR's only piece of rolling stock.   It was built in the early 1990s by Mr. Samuels and his
family to use on the new Samtrak railroad.    In the beginning, Samtrak consisted of a single 25 ton locomotive and this open
air car, which was converted from the remains of a tank car.    By the mid 1990s, Samtrak had expanded by adding the
caboose No. 900 to the consist and upgrading to a 45 ton locomotive.    This consist ran until approximately 2002, when
Samtrak shut down.    For the next several years, this open air car remained in storage.   When the Samtrak 2501 was
donated to the Brooks Trolley museum, it looked like the open air car would be donated as well.

But like the Caboose No. 900, the open air car got a new lease on life.   In 2006 and 2007 it was once again brought on
several excursions, most notably the 2007 Summer event, with the SP&S 700 which included the No. 11 and No. 900
cabooses as well as this open air car.  It was also used in the 2008 "Steaming through HIstory" even behind the 700.

The open air car started out as the frame of a tank car, with the I-beams and entire upper structure being constructed from
scratch by Mr. Samuels and his three sons.

Over the last several years, when this car as been pulled behind excursion steam trains and especially during the hot summer
days, it's been the most popular car for passengers.  Offering the best views, yet good ventilation and still providing cover
from the sun and rain.

It's likely that Mr. Samuels will retain this important piece of stock for future public excursions.
The open air car, along with Samtrak No. 900 parked on a siding in Milwualkie in 2005.   At the time, it looked like the future wasn't very bright for
either of these pieces of OPR equipment, but in 2007 it was brought out of retirement and put back into service.
Photos of the open air car in its final years as the primary passenger car for Samtrak.
Photos courtesy of Brian Sopke, conductor for Samtrak, approximately 2001.
The open air car, in the consist of the 2007 summer event.   As it turns out, the open air car is a perfect platform for passengers on a nice warm
summer day excursion.  Hopefully, there will be many more in the coming years.
The open air car at the OPR shops in storage in December 2007.
The open air car in use at the June, 2008 Steaming through History event behind the 700.
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