Last Update:  April 10, 2011
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Brian McCamish
Oregon Pacific Railroad
TNT Network's "Leverage" TV show shoot on the OPR - April 2011
On April 8, 2010, the production team of TNT network's TV show, Leverage, flimed another scene on the OPR's East
Portland Branch.   This will be the 3rd episode "Leverage" in which a major scene was filmed on the OPR using OPR trains.  It
would be the 4th Hollywood production filmed on the OPR in the last 2 years.

The scene was shot in and around the OPR's Oaks Park Station and Oaks Amusement Park and involved actors running up
to a moving passenger train during a scuffle.   Details of the scene can't be devulged until the episode actually airs.    The
scene was shot at night and involved numerious technical workers from the Leverage shooting crew and extensive lighting.

The consist for this shoot involved the OPR
No. 100 locomotive, the OPR's No. 11 caboose and consist of passenger cars,
most of which are normally used for the
ORHF Holiday Express.  

For more information for production crews wishing to film on the OPR, please visit our
Film and Productions Page.
OPR's coordinator for Film and TV productions is Kelly Anable, who can be reached at 503-651-2231.
Preparation for filming involved preparing the cars to be used in the filming.  The producers of Leverage wanted to use an older locomotive since
the scene was to be set around the 1950s and wanted a color coordinated train.   At the producer's request, the OPR brought out its rarely used
No. 11 caboose, still painted in former Portland Traction Company orange and lettered for the OPR's predecessor, the East Portland Traction
Company.    Passengers cars stored by ORHF on it's property near the OPR's East Portland Yard were also used in the shoot.
To facilitate the shoot, OPR's No. 100 brought the No. 11 caboose to East Portland in extremely rare and nostalgic caboose hop.
Photos courtesy of Scott Lothes
First two photos show the 100 and No. 11 next the ORHF storage yard.  Here the No. 100 is being used to do an air test on one of the cars for a
future move for that car that is unrelated to the Leverage shoot.  Once the air test was complete, the No. 100 was used to make up the consist for
the Leverage shoot.   No photos of the switching were taken, but the 3rd photo is the 100 and consist set out at Caruther's street, waiting to head
south to Oaks Park for the production shoot.
Pre production set up photos taken at Oaks Park.   Production crews had filmed some scenes without the train starting in early afternoon, then set
up for the night scene train shoot.    Smoke machines were also utilized for the scene to simulate steam.
General photos of the production of the scene taken from the No. 100 in between filming.   The consist was directed to run by Oaks Park Station
as part of the filming.  Numerous takes were required, which required the consist to be run by Oaks Park, then reversed back to its original
starting point for another run.
Details about the scene and what episode of Leverage this scene will be shown will be shown here
when the information is available.