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Last Update: December 31, 2012
OPR 4th of July Open House Event

Update: July 14, 2012

On July 4, 2012, the OPR hosted an open house event at the "Oaks" Station near Oaks Amusement Park.   The event
included the OPR's No. 100 and 1413 locomotives, Chris McLarney's restored UP caboose and the OPR's business car,
Santa Rosa.   The public toured the Santa Rosa and UP caboose from noon to 5 and special guests were invited to attended
from 5pm to 10pm.   Speeders were on hand to give public rides.   Public and guest rides were also given on the No. 100 and
1413 locomotives.  Fireworks were displayed at Oaks Park at 10pm.  The OPR thanks everyone for coming!  Also thanks to all
of the volunteers who attended and helped with the event, including all of the speeder operators!
OPR Speeder Event

Update: July 14, 2012

On July 7th and 8th, the OPR hosted a private speeder operator's event.   Speeders, operators and their guests were invited
to operate on both the East Portland and Molalla Branch Divisions.   Kevin Novak coordinated the event.   Speeders operated
on the East Portland Division on July 7th and then operated on the Molalla Branch on July 8th.   The OPR hosts private
speeders on one or both branches several times per year.
East Portland Yard Reconstruction Update

Update: July 14, 2012

The OPR Yard was out of service this past week, while Stacey and Witbeck crews installed the new south end yard track.  The
new track replaced the old south yard mainline track.   A new derail was installed that is located south of the future Milwaukie
Max Interlock Crossing.    Crews also continued to work on the north end of the yard adding new track.
Molalla Branch Page Undergoes Major Revision with New Photos & Information

Update: July 16, 2012

The OPR website's Molalla Branch in Detail page has undergone a major revision with lots of new information added, as well
as new photos, historical photos and new maps.   This page was neglected for the last several years as the webmaster
concentrated largely on the East Portland Division with all of the activity taking place there.   However, the Molalla Branch is
financially the most significant branch of the OPR and deserves a much more extensive history and page than it had before.

Also, this line was completed in the spring of 1913, which means its 100th anniversary is less than a year away.

We will continue to add to this page over the next few weeks and months as we try to gather as much additional information as
possible on the history of this line, so please check back.

OPR's Molalla Branch Division in Detail Page.
East Portland Yard Reconstruction Update

Update: July 17, 2012

Stacey and Witbeck crews continue to work on the OPR East Portland Yard.   The last of the original interchange track was
taken out yesterday and crews prepared the bed for the installation of the new track.
OPR Switches ORHF Cars and Tamps ORHF Storage Spur
ORHF Steam Locomotives Moved Inside the New Engine House

Update: July 29, 2012

Yesterday, ORHF crews moved all three of the steam locomotives inside the new engine house.  The engine house is not yet
finished, but this is a major milestone for ORHF.   The OPR was on hand with the OPR 1413 to switch out several cars and
move them to temporary storage in the new OPR yard.

Also, OPR's Richard Samuels began to tamp one of the ORHF car storage spurs using the OPR Jackson Tamper.
More tamping work will be completed this week.
New Crossing Installed at Oak Grove Road, Molalla Branch

Update: July 17, 2012

The OPR crew replaced the Oak Grove School Road crossing.   This crossing is not a very busy street, but several pieces of
rail were broken near the this crossing.   But repairs have now been completed.  Pictures will follow soon on our main
Molalla Branch Page.
East Portland Yard Construction Update

Update: July 28, 2012

Stacey and Witbeck crews continue to work on the East Portland Yard.  At this point, all remaining original track has now been
removed and replaced.   The last sections of original track included the very south end of the yard, just north of Caruther's
street and the last section of original interchange track at the north end of the yard.   These tracks were replaced over the
last couple of weeks.   The south end of the yard is nearly complete.   The main run through track is almost complete.   
Several storage tracks are complete.   The remaining main part of the project is to finish the build out of the two run around
tracks and tamp and line the entire yard.

The below photos were taken several days ago and are all facing north, starting at Caruther's street and ending from about
the middle of the yard looking north as crews work on the north end of the yard.
OPR 1413 Now in Regular Revenue Service on the East Portland Division

Update: July 29, 2012

Approximately 2 years ago, the OPR purchased the No. 1413, a former Canadian National GMD-1.   The 1413 was to be
pressed into service immediately, but it was discovered that modifications had to be made to the suspension system to reduce
rolling of the locomotive on certain parts of the East Portland Division.   Because the 1202 and 100 were more than adequate,
the 1413 was placed on the back burner while the crew worked on the many other needed projects.    By this June, the
shock/suspension project on the 1413 was completed and it was ready for regular service.

The 1413 was brought out for the first time publically since it's National Train Day debut in 2011, on July 4th for the OPR open
house.   Since then, the 1413 has been used in regular revenue service.

Currently, the OPR 1202 and 100 are both still actively used.   Recently some switching moves have required multiple
locomotives due to the East Portland Yard reconstruction and lack of a run around track anywhere on the Division until the
yard is completed sometime next month.

The 1413 will likely remain on the East Portland Division, replacing the OPR 1202 as the main switch engine for the Division.   
The No. 100 will remain as the back up engine.    The OPR No. 1127 will eventually augment the 1413 and 100 when its
restoration is complete.    The OPR 1202 will be moved to the Molalla Branch Division where it will augment the 801 and 901
locomotives.    More information on the 1413 and be found on our
OPR 1413 Roster Page.
OPR Will Be Offering Public Speeder Rides on August 25th at Oaks Station

Update: August 1, 2012

The Oregon Pacific Railroad and has granted 'track and time' to operate railroad motorcars (speeders) between Oaks Park
and up to (near)OMSI on Saturday August 25th to offer the public a chance to ride the rails paralleling the Springwater trail.
This family event is for all ages. The days run is in coordination with a private picnic being held at Oaks Park, but the public is
more than welcome to stop by and take a ride in the speeders.

A speeder is a self propelled railroad maintenance vehicle that the railroads once used to inspect and repair tracks,
tunnels,bridges, and signals. In the mid 1980's railroads began using pickup trucks with retractable rail wheels making
speeders obsolete. The speeder operators that will be running that day are a few out of about 2000 people in the U.S. who
legally tour rail lines with these specialized vehicles. These motorcars range in age from the 1940's to 1987 when the last
ones came off the factory floor.  Details: Admission is only $2 per person. There will be a gate attendant at The Oaks Station
waiting for your arrival - please have exact fare ready to ease entry to the property.  Each round-trip ride will be approx. 20-25
minutes and will be a little over 6 miles in length.  There is not a set operating schedule, more of a first come/first served/run
on demand operation No need to get there first thing in the morning - the speeders will be at The Oaks station from 10 AM to
well after 9 PM Speeder operators can accommodate large groups - some speeders can seat 5-6 people.  Please, no pets,
smoking, alcohol, or bare feet.  Strapped sandals will be the minimum foot protection required (sorry, noflip-flops) There are
no facilities on the Springwater Trail or rail line. Restrooms are located only in the Park.  Please bring liquids and sun screen.
It can be a hot day in August, and the temperatures on the tracks are generally 10 degrees warmer so dress appropriately.

-Kevin Novak
OPR Speeder Coordinator
Union Pacific Will Operate 150th Anniversary Employee Family Day Train on the OPR

Update: July 30, 2012

On August 5th, the Union Pacific Railroad will be hosting an employee family day at Oaks Amusement Park for its Portland
Area employees and family in celebration of its 150th anniversary.   As part of this event, the UP was invited to operate a
special train on the OPR for the employees of the UP and their families.    This train is expected to depart and arrive at Oaks
Station, directly across from Oaks Amusement Park.   The train should consist of the famous UP 1996, a heritage locomotive
painted in Southern Pacific daylight colors, as well as a newer UP unit and several passenger cars.

The OPR had requested that the UP bring the 1996 to the event, if at all possible, as the OPR's East Portland Division,
shares direct ties and history with both the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Railroads.  Both railroads jointly owned and
shared operations of the former Portland Traction Company, the predecessor operator of the OPR's East Portland Division.  
In addition, the OPR has interchanged with both the SP and UP in the past.   Both Divisions of the OPR interchanged with the
SP from 1991 through 1996, when the UP merged and took over the SP.   Now the OPR interchanges with the UP at both

While we expect this will be a private family day event for UP employees and family only, there will be plenty of viewing
opportunities for the public to see the UP train from public property as it will be located and operated right next to the public
spring water trail.

The UP train should arrive at Oaks Station around 9am with train rides for the employees and family members from 11am to
5pm on the hour every hour.   The train will depart Oaks Station and is expected to arrive at the Brooklyn Yard prior to 7pm.
The UP 1996 was introduced to the public in 2006, 10 years after the merger of the SP and UP.   The UP 1996 is a heritage locomotive, which are
freight locomotives used in regular service, but painted in tribute to heritage railroads that were formerly absorbed into the UP system at some
point the past.   The UP 1996 is a SD70ACe that was built in May 2006 and unveiled to the public in August 2006.
UP Press Photos on left, Robert R Harmen, DDS photo on right, showing the actual Family Day Train as of 7/29 in Jefferson, OR
Union Pacific Holds UP Employee Family Day at Oaks Park and on the OPR

Update: August 7, 2012

On Sunday, August 5th, the Union Pacific hosted a family day event for its employees at Oaks Park and on the OPR in honor
of it's 150th anniversary.    The UP hosted a large barbecue at Oaks Amusement Park and brought out its family day train,
which consisted of the UP 1996 locomotive, Cheyenne Business Car, Challenger Dome Car, City of Salina passenger car and
UP 7771 locomotive.

The train arrived at East Portland around 9am and began giving rides to passengers at around 11am till 4pm.   Approximately
400 employees rode the train between the OPR's Oaks Station and East Portland.   At around 5pm, the train departed for
East Portland, where the UP 1996 was switched next to the UP 7771 and the train immediately departed for Dunsmuir,
Brian McCamish Photos
Kevin Novak Photos
East Portland Yard Update

Update: August 7, 2012

The OPR East Portland Yard Project is nearing completion.   All major track has been built out, with the exception of the south
connections of the two run around tracks.   Most ballast has been laid and a ballast regulator arrived on site Monday August
6th.   Once all track has been built out, major tamping and lining is needed and the yard should be complete.    The OPR has
already begun to utilize some parts of the yard, including the run through track, interchange and one turn out.  Two storage
tracks are in full time use.
Photos showing the north end of the yard.   Left to right: 1) looking north from south of the ORHF interchange 2) Looking south from the far north
end of the yard.  3 & 4) Looking north from approximately the middle of the main yard.
Santa Rosa Photos from the mid 1980s Found

Update: August 20, 2012

Jon Farley was kind enough to allow us to post these photos that he took of the Santa Rosa in the late summer of 1986.  The
photos show the
Santa Rosa set out next to the Oregon Pacific & Eastern Shops in Cottage Grove.   Kyle owned the OP&E
during this period and these photos confirm something that we've been told but were never able to positively confirm.  The
Santa Rosa was indeed moved from the Yreka Western and stored on the OP&E for a least a period of time.   It also shows
that the Santa Rosa was in fairly good condition at that time and painted in a somewhat white color and proves that Kyle
retained the Santa Rosa name while under his ownership.
ORHF Brooklyn Turntable Removed, OPR Assists

Update: August 24, 2012

On Thursday August 23rd, the ORHF Brooklyn Roundhouse Turntable was finally removed from its pit via cranes and crew
that were donated by the Rick Franklin Company.    The OPR also assisted in it's removal a few weeks ago, by lending the
use of it's large crane and crew to pick off the electrical tower from the turn table.   On August 24th, the OPR again lended its
crane and crew to help remove remaining parts of the turntable left inside the pit.    The turn table was loaded onto a flatcar
and will likely be moved to the OPR, where storage track will be leased to ORHF.   ORHF plans to eventually incorporate the
turntable into the new ORHF facility in East Portland.  However, due to the extreme expensive of such a project, it's not
expected to happen for several  years.
Photos showing the turn table being removed by Rick Franklin Crews on August 23rd.   In last photo, OPR's Richard Samuels is looking over the
last parts of the turn table that will be removed using the OPR crane and crew the following day.
OPR crew removing other parts of the turn table assembly on Aug 24th, using the OPR crane.
OPR Crew Replaces Oak Grove Crossing on the Molalla Branch Division

Update: August 29, 2012

Over the last several weeks, OPR crews removed the crossing at Oak Grove Road, on the Molalla Branch Division and
replaced it with new rails, ties and crossing panels.   Hundreds ties on either side of the crossing were also replaced.   
Previously, this crossing contained a broken rail, which was very difficult to reach without removing the old crossing.
From left to right:  Viewing west from east of the crossing - Viewing west from just east of the crossing  -  Viewing east from west of the crossing
- Viewing west from west of the crossing showing some of the recent tie replacement work done by OPR crews.
Extensive Update and Revision of the Molalla Branch Page Now Complete

Update: August 29, 2012

Several months ago, we began to revise the Molalla Branch page, adding numerous photos and information to that page.
As of today, the page is nearly complete.   More information will always be added as it becomes available, but the page
currently has extensive detailed information about every aspect of the Molalla Branch and its history.

Molalla Branch Division in Detail Page
OPR Operates Shuttle Service for Northwest Oregon Labor Council Oaks Park Event
Update: August 31, 2012

For the second year in a row, the OPR will operate a passenger shuttle service for the NW Oregon Labor Council Oaks Park
Picnic.   On September 3rd, the OPR will operate a passenger train between Oaks Station, across from Oaks Amusement
Park, to Ivon Street (south of OMSI) and back.   The shuttle service is meant to relieve parking in the Oaks Park parking lot,
which is expected to reach capacity with the huge crowds of the day.

The train is expected to be the
No. 1413 locomotive (a rare U.S. imported GMD-1) open air car, No. 900 caboose.  See below
for the schedule.  Ticket prices are $3 per person and include a round trip.

Attendees can park in the general area with street parking available in the vicinity of SE Caruthers and SE 4th Streets as well
as in front of McCoy Millwork and the Portland Opera parking lots.

Location of the train to pick up passengers near the Ivon Street end, is 4th and Ivon Streets or for GPS, enter the address,
419 SE Ivon St, Portland, Oregon 97202.
Photos from last year's event.
East Portland Yard Reconstruction Update
Update: September 1, 2012

The OPR's new East Portland Yard is now almost complete.  The project was started in early spring due to the need to
relocate the OPR's old East Portland yard out of the way of Trimet's planned Milwaukie Light Rail expansion project.   The
project was funded by Trimet and the primary contractor is Stacey and Witbeck.

Almost all new yard track has been laid and ballasted and all switches instead.  The majority of the yard is now in full use by
the OPR.   Remaining projects include fully extending the south end tail track and full surfacing, lining and tamping of all newly
constructed track.

Below photos taken from OPR 1202, all photos facing north, starting from the middle south end of the new yard.
OPR Hosted a Speeder and Train Rides Event at Oaks Park on August 25th

Update: August 29, 2012

On Saturday, August 25th, the OPR hosted a speeder and train rides event at Oaks Station.  The event was a combination
public/private event, in which members of a corporate picnic being hosted at the park, as well as the general public, were
invited to come out and ride 5 or 6 speeders as well as the OPR 1413 locomotive and Chris McLarney's restored UP caboose.
OPR Operates Shuttle Service for Northwest Oregon Labor Council Oaks Park Event
Update: Sept 5, 2012

For the second year in a row, the OPR operated a passenger shuttle service for the NW Oregon Labor Council Oaks Park
Picnic.   On September 3rd, the OPR operated a passenger train between Oaks Station, across from Oaks Amusement Park,
to Ivon Street (south of OMSI) and back.   The shuttle service was meant to relieve parking in the Oaks Park parking lot, which
was expected to reach capacity with the huge crowds of the day.

The train was the
No. 1413 locomotive (a rare U.S. imported GMD-1) open air car, No. 900 caboose.  Below are photos from
Kevin Novak and B. McCamish.
East Portland Branch Closed While ODOT Shores up Highway Bridge Pier
Update: September 14, 2012

The OPR has closed the East Portland Branch during certain days and times to accommodate ODOT, who is repairing a slide
that undermined a bridge pier on McLoughlin Ave.  The mud slides occurred over the winter.   Crews are digging out the
hillside and adding rock and drainage to mitigate any future slide activity.   Crews will not be working this weekend and the line
will reopen for weekend freight traffic.  Crews will resume work for at least part of next week.
Oregon Rail Heritage Center Has Its Grand Opening
Update: September 24, 2012

The Oregon Rail Heritage Center's grand opening was this past weekend and was the first time that the public was invited to
attend the new engine house that now houses all three of the City of Portland's famous steam locomotives.   The OPR is
located right next to the engine house and the facility interchanges with the OPR in the OPR's East Portland Yard.  The OPR
has assisted through advise and hardware in some of the construction of the track at the facility as well as removal of parts of
the turn table at the old roundhouse and other projects including building the hinges for the new engine house doors.

During the grand opening, the OPR brought the
No. 1413 and Chris McLarney's UP caboose and set it out along the OPR
mainline next to the engine house.  The OPR locomotive and UP caboose represent the two nearby common carrier railroads.

The OPR congratulates ORHF on its accomplishment and wishes them good luck for the future.
A Long Series of Major Repairs of the Molalla River Bridge Begins this Week
Update: September 25, 2012

OPR crews will begin what will be a major long term project to conduct extensive repairs and overhaul of the Molalla River
Bridge.   Total repairs will eventually include replacement of the entire top deck and wood stringers, ties and rails.   The
project will be in stages over the next year or longer, with the first stage being the replacement of the rail and some ties this

The Molalla River Bridge is the largest structure maintained by the OPR.   It was first constructed in 1912 when the then
Southern Pacific Molalla Branch opened up.  Over the years, the structure has suffered extensive damage from floods and
fires and some sections have been replaced and then replaced again.   Today, the majority of the bridge is 1950s and older,
with some sections dating to the 1930s.   While the bridge is still structurally safe to operate over, the OPR hopes that these
repairs will reduce maintenance on the bridge and ensure it's viability for a long time to come.

For more information on the bridge and the rest of the Molalla Branch Division, check out our
Molalla Branch Division Page.
OPR Hinges on ORHF Engine House Doors
Update: October 7, 2012

OPR's Brian Samuels constructed multiple hinges several months ago to allow ORHF to hang the former historical Brooklyn
Round house doors on the new engine house in East Portland.   The hinges were featured on the doors on display during the
grand opening of the ORHF complex.   The historic doors are located at all three engine doors on the engine house are now
last the remnants of the former Brooklyn Roundhouse now in existence.
Molalla River Bridge Project Phase 1 Now Complete
Update: October 7, 2012

This past week, OPR crews were hard at work finishing phase 1 of the Molalla Bridge Reconstruction Project.   The project
took the Molalla Branch out of service for the duration of the week and crews worked hard to get the line back in service by
yesterday afternoon.   Trains will run as normal starting Monday.

Phase 1 involved replacing all of the ties and rail on the steel center sections of the bridge.  The next phases will take place
next spring and into next year as crews replace the entire deck of both approaches, including the caps, stringers, ties and rail.
OPR in Talks With City of Canby About Expanding Rail Service
Update: November 6, 2012

The City of Canby is currently planning an expansion of Sequoia Parkway to 13th Avenue.  This project, among other things,
will allow truck traffic on Mulino Road to avoid passing under the OPR overpass on Mulino road, near 13th Ave.   The primary
purpose of the expansion to provide a main road through the Pioneer Industrial Park that the city hopes to continue to
expand.  The project will involve a new road bridge over the OPR Molalla Branch Division tracks, near American Steel.    The
project began as the city expanded Sequoia Parkway from 99E south to accommodate heavier traffic and trucks anticipated
from the future industrial park expansion.  The final stage of this project is a connection between where Sequoia Ave currently
terminates, next to American Steel, to 13th Ave.

As part of this project, the City of Canby has proposed collaborating with the OPR to build a team track near American Steel
to include a reloading facility in the hopes of attracting more business into the City of Canby and the new Industrial Park.  

The design phase of this project is nearing completion and construction should be begin sometime in 2013.
ORHF Holiday Express Coming Soon.   Preparations are Underway
Update: November 6, 2012

Less than a month to go before the beginning of the ORHF Holiday Express on the OPR.    The Holiday Express this year will
be three full weekends instead of the normal two weekends and will begin one week earlier than normal.  This year, the event
should begin on November 30th.

OPR related preparations include major track maintenance in preparation for the two huge steam locomotives that will operate
this year, the SP 4449 and SP&S 700.   Track tamping and tie replacements are scheduled among other work.

The OPR will also making preparations to decorate and prepare the No. 900 caboose for its annual outing as the queen of
the Oaks Station Siding.    On November 17th, OPR and ORHF volunteers will begin clean up of the OPR East Portland
Division to make sure any garbage left on the line is kept to a minimum.

The dates for the ORHF Holiday Express are as follows.
Nov 30th - Dec 2nd        Dec 7th - Dec 9th       Dec 14th - Dec 16th.

More information can be found on ORHF's Holiday Express Website.
OPR 1413 Featured in November 2012 Issue of "TRAINS" Magazine.
Update: November 6, 2012

Trains magazine has a photo of the OPR 1413, GMD-1, featured in its "Locomotive Briefs" Section on page 19.
The photo is a cropped version of the below photo, taken by OPR's Brian McCamish this past summer during construction of
the OPR East Portland Yard.   The photo caption in the magazine talks about how the GMD-1 is now in regular service on the
OPR after having been purchased in 2010.  It talks about how the OPR installed custom shocks and brackets to allow the
locomotive to operate on the OPR.   A few months ago, Trains magazine asked for a photo of the rare GMD-1 to feature in a
future issue.
Historical Photo of the East Portland Division's Caruthers Street Crossing
Update: November 12, 2012

Recently a photo was found in the Samuels family collection that shows the incredible changes that have taken place at the
Caruthers street crossing.    This photo taken around 1993 shows a number of interesting things.   Looking northeast, we see
that crossing gates have yet to be installed.   The double in street track from the Portland Traction Company days are still in
place and in use.   We see Samtrak in operation during its early days when it was only using a GE 25 tonner and the open air
car, prior to the purchase of the GE 45 tonner and caboose.   And finally, we see that the SP spur that ran down the middle of
Caruthers Street and crossed the Portland Traction Company line at grade was still in place and still in use.

In this scene, the Samtrak train is southbound from its East Portland Samtrak station in the East Portland Yard.   The SP
Switcher with a SW1500 has just delivered cars and is waiting to cross over the tracks after the Samtrak switcher goes by.

Today, this scene looks much different.   The SP spur was abandoned and removed a few years later and the tracks paved
over.  Samtrak was shut down permanently in the early 2000s.  The double in street Portland Traction track was removed and
cut down to a single line crossing with new crossing panels and crossing gates that exist today.   Even the water tank in the
background is long gone and Water Ave is currently being realigned.

Stay tuned for a now and then photo of this scene.
ORHF Holiday Express First Two Weekends Complete, One Weekend to Go
Update: December 11, 2012

The ORHF Holiday Express operated Nov 30-Dec 2 and Dec 7-Dec 9 and will operate again for the final weekend this year,
on Dec 14-Dec 16.   So far, the event has been an incredible success with the vast majority of trains selling out.   So many
trains were sold out that ORHF has actually added two additional runs to accommodate additional passengers on the last

The OPR operated numerous speeders and gave speeder rides to the public, which was also a success.   The first weekend
included the SP&S 700 while the 2nd and 3rd weekends include the SP 4449.   I was only able to obtain photos of the 2nd
weekend so far and no disrespect intended to the PRPA and SP&S 700 which operated a very successful Holiday Express
weekend on the OPR.

There is still one additional weekend to go as the OPR had agreed to allow ORHF to operate three weekends this year.  The
OPR looks forward to operating the final weekend and expects that the event will continue to be an overall success and
perhaps the best year ever for the ORHF Holiday Express.

Congratulations to all of the volunteers for their hard work and dedication.
ORHF Holiday Express 2012 Was a Complete Success
Update: December 31, 2012

The ORHF Holiday Express operated Nov 30-Dec 2 and Dec 7-Dec 9 and Dec 14-Dec 16.   Despite being one of the wettest
rainiest Holiday Expresses that has been operated, the event was a huge success, with the vast majority of trains being sold
out.  Even to the point of ORHF adding trains to try to accommodate the huge demand.

Congratulations to ORHF for operating such a successful and smooth event.

Here are a few photos from the SP&S 700 operating the event on the 1st weekend, courtesy of the PRPA's Art Burkhalter.
OPR's No. 5100 GE 70 tonner on Loan to ORHF for Display
Update: December 31, 2012

The OPR has loaned to ORHF, its GE 70 tonner diesel locomotive, No. 5100.   The 5100 is a historical GE 70 tonner
purchased by the Southern Pacific as a brand new locomotive in 1949.   In 1977 it was sold to Weyerhauser where it served
on the Weyerhauser Springfield Branch until it was closed in 1986.   The OPR purchased this engine in 1989 for several
years it was used to pull scrap and work trains while scrapping out the remains of the PTC Boring Branch.   The OPR has not
used the 5100 in operational service since the early 1990s.   However, a complete restoration was begun and largely finished,
including new paint and engine.   The 5100 still requires some minor work to be operational, but the OPR has pushed this
project back due to other higher priorities.

In mid December 2012, the 5100 was moved by the OPR to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center where it is currently on outdoor
display at the south end of the complex.   It is expected to remain there on display for at least several months.   The below
photos show the 5100 in the OPR's East Portland Yard awaiting transfer to inside the ORHC facility.
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