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Vintage Dressel Electric Switch Lamp Restored for Use on the Oaks Park Spur
Update: July 1, 2011

A vintage Dressel Electric Switch Lamp has been purchased and restored for use on the OPR.   The switch lamp will be used
on the switch stand at the Oaks Park Spur during special night events such as the Holiday Express.

A switch lamp was once an extremely common sight on the railroads, but today they are all but extinct, having long since been
replaced by reflective targets.   A switch lamp is not a requirement, nor needed to operate the Oaks Park Spur, but the lamp is
hoped to harken back to the glory days of railroading and will educate event attendees of what it was like to operate a railroad
at night, when oil lanterns, battery powered lanterns and switch lanterns of all various colors were once a common sight.   The
lamp will first be used on the Oaks Park Spur during the 4th of July Speeder Event coming this weekend at Oaks Park Station.

More details and photos than you'd ever want to know about the restoration of this lamp can be found on it's own
Dressel Restoration Page.
OPR Summer Speeder Event 2011 to Begin 4th of July Weekend.
Update: July 2, 2011

The OPR has been hosting a private speeder event at least once per year over the last few years, where upon privately
owned speeders are invited to operate on the OPR's two branch lines and OPR's Kelly Anable hosts a barbecue for the
speeder operators and their families.   The event has been organized to show appreciation to the speeder operators who
attend the Holiday Express events each year and give rides to public as well as encourage further participation of this and
other events on the OPR by the speeder operators.

This year, the barbecue will be hosted at "The Oaks" Station, at Oaks Park (formerly called Oaks Park Station) on Monday
July 4th.  The barbecue itself will be a private event for the speeder operators, however, the public is encouraged to come to
Oaks Park and view the speeders which will be running the East Portland Branch as well as being on display.   Public rides
"may" be given although at this time, it's not known if that will be logistically possible.  Also in attendance will be the OPR's No.
901 caboose and
Chris McLarney's historically restored UP caboose.

Speeders will operate on private only runs on the Molalla Branch on Saturday July 2nd and Sunday July 3rd, before operating
on the East Portland Branch on July 4th from approximately 11am through the fireworks show at Oaks Park at approximately
Photos from the 4th of July Speeder Event 2010.
11th Street and 13th Street Crossings are Open and Paved - New Photos
Update: July 2, 2011

The Crossings at 11th and 13th street were finished last week, however included here are some photos of the brand new
freshly paved crossings and track and concrete panels in place taken yesterday.
13th street crossing is now entirely complete.   No other major work is required at this crossing.  No further impact to vehicle or rail traffic is
expected from this crossing.
11th street crossing is now mostly complete.  Further impact to vehicle and rail traffic will be minimal from this crossing.   The main line is finished
but the siding needs to be continued to the new switch north of the crossing.
Photos from the OPR July 4th Speeder Event.
Update: July 16, 2011

On the weekend of July 4th, the OPR hosted a 3 day private event for several speeder operators and their families.   
Speeders from all over the country gathered to operate on both branches of the OPR.   OPR volunteer Kevin Novak was the
speeder coordinator for this event.  On Saturday and Sunday July 2 and 3, speeders operated on the Molalla Branch.   
Monday July 4th was the main event, where speeders were invited to operate all day long on the East Portland Branch.  The
OPR brought out its No. 900 caboose and Chris McLarney's restored UP caboose to be on display at The Oaks Station (also
known as Oaks Park Station).   Speeders operated all day and the OPR's historical No. 100 EMD SW1 locomotive also gave
rides.   The OPR's Kelly Anable cooked and fed the operators with a hosted barbecue.    Everyone seemed to have a good
time and the OPR thanks the speeder operators and friends and family for coming out and attending.
Last photo courtesy of Scott Lothes
Oaks Park Station will now be name "THE OAKS" Station
Update: July 16, 2011

What is now commonly known as Oaks Park Station on the East Portland Branch, has been renamed by the OPR to The Oaks
Station.   "The Oaks" is the original station name for the location of the Oaks Park Station, on the original PEPCO time table
and it is the OPR's desire to retain as much of the original history of the remains of the PEPCO and Portland Traction
Company operations as possible.   Shown below is an original station list from a PEPCO time table showing the
original station names.

The Oaks Station is the most well known station on the OPR, because all passenger and public events, including the Holiday
Express have originated from this station over the last several years.

The OPR has also created a new station that did not formerly exist on the line.   The new station is called Riverside Station,
with an alternate name of Riverside Park Station.    Riverside station is located just south of the Ross Island Bridge.  It is
currently marked by a gate in the fence between the bike trail and the railroad tracks.  OPR charters regularly stop at this new
station, which is next to a small park with picnic tables next to the river.   In the near future, it will be marked with a sign and
covered display much like "The Oaks" station is currently marked.

New signs with new station names are in the works.
OPR Custom Brush Cutter Project is now Underway
Update: July 18, 2011

The OPR has been planning to design and build a rail operated brush cutter for several years now.  Originally planned as a
winter project that never got underway using different parts, the current plan has been designed and has now started.

With the recent purchase of a recently rebuilt Swingmaster, Speed Swing, the brush cutter system will be adapted to fit to the
new speed swing.    The remains of an old Bobcat will be used as the basis for the brusher swing arm and power unit.  The
brush cutter unit will be powered by the diesel engine of the Bobcat and utilize the Bobcat's swing arm and will be a self
contained removable unit.   It is planned to be operable via remote control (using the same remote control system that once
was used on the SamTrak 4501, the first common carrier remote control locomotive in the Northwest.)   Stay tuned for more
photos as this project progresses.
First photo taken in 2005, the old OPR Bobcat is currently sacrificing itself to
be partly reused in an entirely different role as the power unit and swing arm
for the new brush cutter project.
The recently purchased Swingmaster that the brush cutter
will be adapted too as a removable attachment.
Season 4, Leverage Episode Featuring an OPR scene airs on TNT
Update: July 19, 2011

TNT's Leverage, Season 4, episode 4, "The Van Gogh Job" was recently aired on TNT.  This is the episode where a scene
was filmed on the OPR's East Portland Branch near The Oaks Station, back in April.  See our
Leverage 2011 production
page.  This episode also features Danny Glover.  The scene shows the OPR's No. 100 pulling passenger cars and a caboose
with two actors saying their good byes as one of the actors climbs aboard.   The scene was set in the 1940s and was an
attempt to mimic 1940s railroading including steam.   Some screen shots are included below.  As of today, the episode is not
yet available for free viewing on TNT's website, but
check back here in the next few days and it should be available soon.

Below are some screenshots, which are not easy to see.  The scene was filmed at night and was meant to be dark.  Smoke
machines throughout the area, were meant to recreate fog and steam from a 1940s train.

Episode is now available for viewing for free on TNT's website, located here.
Historical Photos and Magazine Article on PEPCO and the Portland Traction Company.
Update: August 1, 2011

The OPR has aquired several historical photos and magazine article on the former PEPCo, published in 1968.
Original slides, marked Robert T McVay.
Taken sometime in the 1950s.
Left photo is looking south from the Ross Island
Bridge.  Right photo is looking north from the
Sellwood Bridge.
Original slide, marked Keith E Ardinger
Dated May, 1978, showing PTC No. 200
at the East Portland Yards.
Original photo print, dated 1956.
Showning PTC 200 at the
East Portland Yards.
Photographer unknown
Article about the former PEPCo originally published in Traction & Models Magazine, November 1968
Walter B Bebee's Family Ride's the OPR and the Locomotive Named After Him
Update: August 10, 2011

Walter B Bebee was an important friend and mentor of Richard Samuels over much of his earlier life.  Having known him from
his involvement at the Shady Dell Live Steam park in Molalla, Oregon.   Mr. Bebee would be instrumental in Richard Samuels
later obtaining his first railroad job while attending college and many other endevors.   The two remained close friends until
Mr. Bebee's passing.    When Mr. Samuels aquired the No. 1202, the current work horse of the East Portland Branch, it was
fitting that it would be named after Mr. Bebee.    On August 6th, the family of Walter B Bebee and the extended family of Mr.
Bebee's daughter, grandchildren and friends all rode the OPR behind his locomotive namesake for the first time.  It was both
a family get together for Mr. Bebee's daughter's extended friends and family, as well as a celebration of Mr. Bebee's life and
his influence over Richard Samuels and part of his legacy that would later be the OPR.   Thank you to all that attended!
OPR is Entertaining Offers for No. 187, Rare EMD NW5
Update: August 24, 2011

OPR 187, a rare EMD NW5 has been the OPR possession since the early 1990s.   It was purchased by the OPR with the
intent to operate on the Molalla Branch.   It was reengined with a rebuilt EMD 8-567-B and restoration was begun, but never
finished.   Other locomotives were purchased and used and the 187 has remained in the OPR collection as a future
restoration project.   Over the years, the OPR has purchased other locomotives and pursued other restoration projects,
causing the 187 to remain in storage.   With so many other projects in the pipeline waiting to be completed with limited time
and resources, it has been decided to considered selling the 187 to an interested party that will purchase the locomotive and
finish the restoration and return her to active service.    That is the preferred option, because the locomotive is so rare.  But
other options include potentially parting out the locomotive.

The No. 187 is former GN No. 187 built in 1946.  It currently has a rebuilt 567BC engine, D4D main generator, rebuilt auxiliary
generator, AAR control stand, Blomberg trucks with 2" + wheels and 6BL air.   The OPR has over $75K invested in this
locomotive.   Serious inquires can contact the OPR at 503-659-5452.  Trades may also be considered.
OPR 187 Roster page with more information.
All Aboard Washington Group Visits the OPR
Update: August 24, 2011

On August 13, 2011,
All Aboard Washington visited the OPR and chartered a trainride on the OPR.  AAWA is a Washington
State based rail advocacy organization that promotes rail as an integral part of Washington State's transportation solutions.
The OPR visit was part of a larger group tour that began with a ride to Oregon via Amtrak.    The group arrived at the OPR
shops and was given a tour of some of the OPR's equipment and locomotives.    They were then given a ride on the OPR's
East Portland Branch, riding the OPR charter train, pulled by the OPR 1202.   The OPR Thanks AAWA and its members for
stopping by and wishes them well in their efforts for the citizens of Washington.
OPR Caboose No. 900 and Oaks Station Sign Currently Undergoing Repaint and Refurbishing
Update: September 1, 2011

As part of a plan to spruce up the passenger charter/excursion side of the OPR operations, the former Samtrak Caboose, No.
900 is currently under going a complete repaint.   Contractors were hired to strip, prime and paint the caboose which will be
worked on through next week.  Plans are for the OPR crew to replace the siding on the side of the caboose new wood and
paint, which should dramatically improve it's condition.

Also undergoing refurbishing is the Oaks Station Sign.   Another former Samtrak sign was pulled from storage and is currently
being stripped and will be repainted and relettered for the OPR and Oaks Station.  The new sign will replace the sign that's
currently at Oaks Station.   The sign will proudly display the heritage of Oaks Stations and the OPR..year round.
OPR Operates Shuttle Service for Northwest Oregon Labor Council Oaks Park Event
Update: September 6, 2011

On Labor Day, September 5th, the OPR operated a shuttle service between an overflow parking area near OMSI and "The
Oaks" Station for the NW Oregon Labor Council AFL-CIO picnic event at Oaks Park.    The OPR operated its normal charter
train consisting of the 1202, open air car and no. 900 caboose.  Trains operated between "The Oaks" station and East
Portland between approximately 8am and 7pm all day.    The OPR and Oaks Park are considering future shuttle service
operations for major Oaks Park events.   Events and dates to be determined later if the service is continued.
Major Changes to East Portland Branch Yard Begins
Update: September 28, 2011

The OPR East Portland Yard will be completely rebuilt and relocated as part of a combination of several major transportation
projects underway in the same area.   The biggest impact coming from the
under construction Trimet Milwaukie Light Rail
project, with additional impacts from the building of
ORHF's new facility, relocation of Water Ave and Portland's Streetcar
extension.     The bulk of the work for the yard relocation will take place in early spring 2012 over a short period of time via a
rail contractor.   However, the OPR has already begun some yard salvage and track relocating that needed to be done to
allow for construction of the new ORHF complex, expected to start in approximately the next month.    

The outside runaround track had to be cut back and disconnected to make room for one corner of the new ORHF building.  
This took out the OPR's ability to run around its trains without the new yard being finished.   To compensate, the OPR has put
the south leg of the UP interchange back into service to allow empties to be pulled across the interchange switch and backed
into the south leg and cut off with having to run around.    The remains of the existing outside run around track will eventually
be connected to the center through track to allow for a run around track in the months prior to the complete full yard
Photos from left to right:
The cleared area that will soon become the new ORHF complex.   2)  Looking north, showing the outside run around track having been cut
  3)  Still looking north, where the outside run around track used to join the main through track.  This track will all be realigned in the near
future by OPR crews.
  4)  Historical PTC track that was part of the old PTC north entrance into the yard had to be salvaged as part of the future yard

More photos can be seen on this message thread.
OPR Purchases Historic Southern Pacific "Santa Rosa" Business Car
Update: October 5, 2011

The OPR has just purchased a new historic rail car, the Southern Pacific "Santa Rosa" business car.    This will be the first
fully enclosed and operational passenger car to be owned by the OPR.    The Santa Rosa should arrive on OPR property
sometime in late October or early November.   The car is in excellent shape, but plans are to refurbish certain parts of the car
before it is put into service.   Once finished, the car will be utilized primarily for private charters on the OPR's East Portland
Branch.   For information on how to book a charter on this car and on the OPR in the future, please visit our
charter's section.

A new page dedicated to this car is now up and running here:
  OPR Santa Rosa.
Please check back there for updates and more information and photos as they become available.

The OPR is very excited to have this car and is looking forward to bringing it home and operating it on the East Portland
Branch.   Above photos are courtesy of
Chris McLarney.
East Portland Branch Crossing Replacement Project Continues
Update: October 6, 2011

The East Portland Branch Crossing Replacement project which began several years ago and involves nearly every street
crossing on the branch, is now entering it's final phase.   The last two crossing replacements will occur in the next few weeks.
Plans are to replace the crossing at Marion Street the week of October 10th and Linn Street, the week of October 17th.
The branch will be out of service during those weeks, but arrangements have already been made with OPR customers who
not expecting shipments during that period.   Impact to local vehicle traffic will involve detours arranged by the city during the
crossing closures.

When complete, all OPR crossings will have been upgraded to concrete crossing panels and will be much safer for both trains
and vehicle traffic in conjunction with the expansion of the Springwater trail.   More information will be posted here as it
becomes available.
To save time, OPR crew builds the crossing panels in advance.   Here the panels are being constructed so that crews only have to demo the old
crossing, rails and ties and then can drop the new pre-made crossings into place and cover with brand new concrete panels.
East Portland Branch Crossing Replacement Project Continues
Update: October 12, 2011

As mentioned in the prior news update, the OPR is currently in its final stages of its long running crossing replacement project
for the East Portland Branch.  Two crossings remain, the Linn Street and Marion Street Crossings.

This week, OPR crews are replacing the Marion Street Crossing as shown here.   The track has been removed and the
crossing dug up.  Soon new track panels, which were already remade last week will be dropped into place and concrete
panels bolted in place and the crossing repaved.

Work is expected to be completed on this crossing by the end of the week.  Detours are in place until then for vehicle traffic.
The Linn Street Crossing project will then begin next week on October 17th.
New Portland Traction Company History Page Added Along with Many New Photos
Update: October 12, 2011

The OPR and Samuels family photo collection is quite vast, comprising of many thousands of photographs, mostly taken by
Richard Samuels from the early 1960s through today.   Some of those photos have now been added to the OPR website.

A brand new page dedicated to the
History of the Portland Traction Company and predecessor railroads has been
added with many photos included taken by Richard Samuels

Also a new "Then & Now" page has been added with some new photos.  However this page is still under construction and
many more photos will be added in the coming weeks.

The follow pages also have a signfiicant number of new Richard Samuels photos added.    

Richard Samuel's Live Steam 1-1/2" scale version of the PRTD No. 100 Roster Page

Southern Pacific No. 5100 Roster Page

"Leroi" Locomotive Roster Page

Southern Pacific No. 1127 Roster Page

And more will be added to other pages as time allows, so please check back on all of the OPR web pages.
East Portland Branch Crossing Replacement Project Continues (Marion St.)
Update: October 13, 2011

Crossing Replacement of Marion Street Continues this week.  The track is now in place and has been connected to the
existing track.   Ballast, tamping and addition of concrete panels are still needed.   The project is currently on schedule and
Linn Street is still scheduled to be closed starting next Monday for it's replacement.
East Portland Branch Crossing Replacement Project Continues (Marion St.)
Update: October 14, 2011

Final working being completed today.   Tomorrow concrete panels will be put in place and the crossing reopened to trains.   It
will be reopened to cars once paving is completed.   The project is currently on schedule and Linn Street is still scheduled to
be closed starting next Monday for it's replacement.
East Portland Branch Crossing Replacement Project Continues (Marion St.)
Update: October 17, 2011

On Friday October 15th, OPR crews finished the Marion Street Crossing enough to reopen the crossing to both rail and
vehicle traffic.   On Monday October 18th, final touches will be completed on this crossing and work will begin on the Linn
Street Crossing.   The Linn Street Crossing will be one of the more challenging crossings to replace due to its length.  It's also
the intersection of two roads, Linn Street and 9th Street.   Crews expect to have this crossing closed with detours in place via
the city for at least the rest of this week.
Former Samtrak Oaks Park Station Sign is Demolished
Update: October 20, 2011

The large station sign at "The Oaks" Station that read "Oaks Park Station" and "SamTrak" was cut up and removed from the
site.    The roof of the former station platform was needed for another project.   A new sign which will read "The Oaks" Station
of the Oregon Pacific Railroad is currently being restored, however, due to it being the off season and the sign not needed at
this time and other much higher priority projects currently being worked on, it's not expected that the new sign will be installed
until sometime early next year.     A much smaller sign installed several months ago remains at "The Oaks" Station.
From left to right:
Brian Samuels cutting up the former Samtrak station.   (2) Parts being hauled away.  The roof was needed immediately for another project.   (3)
The remaining sign for the station is much smaller and was put up this past summer when the station was redesignated "The Oaks" Station, its
original station name.
 (4)  The new sign at the OPR Shops.  It will be rebuilt and restored, but not likely ready until early 2012.
East Portland Branch Crossing Replacement Project Continues (Linn St.)
Update: October 20, 2011

OPR Crews continue to work on the Linn Street Crossing.  The East Portland Branch is currently out of service at this
crossing and is expected to remain out of service until approximately Tuesday Oct 25th.   Linn Street itself will remain closed
through approximately Friday Oct. 28th.  The extra time involves city crews as they install piping in conjunction with the
removal of the old crossing.

More updates will be provided as they are available.
OPR Attends the ORHF New Facility Ground Breaking Ceremony.
Update: October 23, 2011

On Friday, October 21st, the
Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation (ORHF) hosted a ground breaking event at the site of its
future home of the city's three steam locomotives, including the SP&S 700 and SP 4449.   The event included numerous city
officials, ORHF members and supporters and representatives from local businesses, including OMSI, as well as the Union
Pacific and Oregon Pacific Railroads.

The OPR attended the event via engine 1202 while picking up a loaded reefer in the next door East Portland Yards.  
Attending from the OPR was owner Richard Samuels, Manager of Safety and Compliance, Kelly Anable and volunteers Guy
Howard and Brian McCamish.

The OPR is one of the last railroads in the Pacific Northwest that still allows for large steam engines to operate on their
railroads.   ORHF has hosted a Holiday Express event on the OPR for every year since 2005, which is a significant source of
funding for ORHF.     The construction of the new facility, along with the nearby future Trimet Milwaukie line is having
significant impacts on OPR operations in the East Portland Yards and Richard Samuels has been involved with the planning
for both projects as they relate to the OPR.   When the new ORHF facility is completed, it is expected that the OPR will be the
interchanging connection between ORHF and the UP and outside world.

The ORHF facility is expected to be up and running sometime next year as the three steam locomotives have to be moved out
of the Brooklyn Roundhouse soon and into a new facility.  The OPR supports the historical steam locomotives getting a new
home and wishes ORHF and its volunteers a smooth and timely transition to the new facility.

KPTV Channel 12 attended the event and shot this news story on it.
This Thread has some additional photos.
From left to right:
Kelly Anable, also an OPR engineer, takes the 1202 to the East Portland Yards   (2) Richard Samuels and Kelly Anable (with OPR jackets)
attending the event   
(3) (4) ORHF signs at the event.  (5)  Doyle McCormack, President of ORHF giving a speech at the event.  (6)  City of Portland
Commissioner Nick Fish break ground for the first time on the new property.
Linn Street Crossing Replacement Continues for the Rest of This Week.
Update: October 24, 2011

The Linn Street Crossing Replacement project that began last week will continue all of this week.  This is one of the longest
crossings on the East Portland Branch because it's the convergence of two neighborhood streets, Linn and 9th street at the
crossing.   The project began last Monday, but once the track was removed, OPR crews had to wait most of last week for the
City of Portland crews to install new underground water piping under the right of way before they could continue.   Work
continued on the crossing on Friday, but the OPR expects to have the crossing closed to at least vehicle traffic through
Friday.  Detours are in place by the city for local traffic.
From left to right:
Rails being replaced between Marion and Linn Street with heavy better rail.  (2) City installing new underground water pipe at Linn Street.   (3)
Looking north at the Linn Street Crossing with part of new panel in place.
 (4)  View of Linn Street crossing looking south.  (5) View of Linn Street
crossing looking north.  
(6) OPR's Brian and Craig Samuels bolting rail together north of Linn Street.  (7) OPR Brian Samuels cutting rail in
preparation for laying the 2nd prefabricated panel into the crossing.
Linn Street Crossing Replacement Continues for the Rest of This Week.
Update: October 26, 2011

The OPR crew is still working the Linn Street Crossing.   Yesterday, the 2nd of two large prefabricated track panels was
installed by the crew and a large amount of track work was achieved.    The crew is still on schedule to have the track
reopened fully and the crossing opened by this weekend.
Linn and Marion Street Crossings Now Finished and Reopened.
Update: October 29, 2011

The crossing replacement program for nearly all East Portland Branch public crossings that began several years ago, is now
complete.    Over the last few years, as part of various other projects, most crossings, including all major public crossings, on
the branch have now been replace and upgraded to new ties, rail and concrete panels.   This makes the crossings much
safer for both trains and vehicles.

Each crossing was replaced as part of a different project, the last four crossing replacements in the Sellwood area, 13th
street, 11th street, Linn and Marion streets were funded by Metro as part of their plan to extend the Springwater Trail next to
the OPR, in those areas.   Harney and Umatilla street crossings were replaced in 2008 as part of the City's Big Pipe Project.  
Other crossings on the East Portland Branch were replaced in past years as part of other track and road upgrades in those
From left to right:
(1 & 2)
Gresham Paving is paving the Linn Street Crossing  (3) Brian Samuels dump ballast south of Linn Street.  (4) Marion Street almost
finished, still needs paving.
(5)  Looking north at Linn Street, all finished and opened. (6) Looking north at Marion Street, all finished and opened.  
(7) Looking south at Marion Street.
"Santa Rosa" Business Car  Departing for the OPR Saturday Nov 5th.
Update: November 5, 2011

The former Southern Pacific Pullman Business Car,  "Santa Rosa" is departing the Niles Canyon Interchange on Saturday Nov
5th and will be on its way to the OPR's East Portland Branch, if everything goes as expected.

The OPR's Richard Samuels and Kelly Anable are currently in California and will be chasing the Santa Rosa to its new home
on the OPR.    Bruce Moore prepared the car for travel over the Union Pacific, conducting some needed repairs.  The UP
inspected the car yesterday and its been approved to travel over the UP to Portland.   As of this afternoon, the Santa Rosa
was on the move.

Expected arrival is sometime next week, possibly around Thursday, but no exact dates at this time.

For more information about the Santa Rosa, check out our detailed
Santa Rosa Roster Page.
Photos from Bruce Moore who prepared the car prior to it being moved over the UP to the OPR
"Santa Rosa" Business Car  Departs Niles Canyon Railroad - New Photos.
Update: November 6, 2011

Special thanks to Robert Souter who took these photos yesterday and allowed us to post them here on our website.
The Santa Rosa departed Niles Canyon Saturday on its way to the OPR's East Portland Branch.  Below are photos taken by
Robert Souter showing the former Southern Pacific NW2 (built in 1949) No. 1423 shoving the Santa Rosa across
Pleasanton-Sunol Rd to the UP junction at Hearst.

Westbound UP Permanente Local then arrives.  The Santa Rosa was switched into the train at the end of 5 empties.   The car
is currently on its way to Portland.  It is being chased by OPR owner Richard Samuels and Kelly Anable and watched when not
on the move.   It is expected that the car will leave Monday on the MMIRO out of Milpitas and then on Wednesday depart north
out of Roseville on the MRVHK at approximately 0100 hours.   The OPR has requested that the car be placed at the end of
the train with set out hopefully being at Brooklyn instead of Albina when it arrives in town.

Expected arrival is sometime at the end of next week, possibly as early as Thursday, but no exact dates at this time.

For more information about the Santa Rosa, check out our detailed
Santa Rosa Roster Page.

Also, photos and information are featured in this recent thread.
New OPR Holiday Express 2011 Webpage Launched
Update: November 6, 2011

New OPR Holiday Express 2011 webpage was launched today.   This is not be confused with the
ORHF Official Holiday
Express website, which contains all scheduling and ticket information.  The OPR is once again allowing ORHF to operate its
passenger steam trains over the OPR during the first two weekends of December.

The OPR retains all operational control over the railroad during this event and as in years past, the OPR Holiday Express
page is meant to display event photos and information from the OPR perspective.    This page also includes new contact and
other critical information regarding the OPR's policies and information during this event.  More information will be added as it
becomes available.

The OPR's website for the 2011 Holiday Express.
OPR Crew Installs 150 New Oak Ties in Preparation for the Holiday Express
Update: November 8, 2011

This week, OPR crews are installing 150 new oak ties on the OPR's East Portland Branch between the Ross Island Switch and
the Ross Island Boat Ramp crossing.    The ties are not needed for normal freight operations, but will make the track better for
the long heavy steam engines as they round the curve there during the Holiday Express event.    This is just one of the many
projects the OPR is currently working on in preparation for this event.

For more information, please visit our new Holiday Express Page for this year.

The OPR's website for the 2011 Holiday Express.

Additional Information can be found on ORHF's Holiday Express Website.
Santa Rosa Travel Update
Update: November 8, 2011

The OPR's new private business car, the former Southern Pacific Santa Rosa arrived in Roseville, California today at 6am.
The Santa Rosa is scheduled to depart Roseville on Wednesday morning at approximately 1am on the UP's MRVHK train.
It is hoped that the car will be set out at Brooklyn sometime Wednesday or Thursday and then delivered to the OPR
interchange that night.    The car is still being chased and protected by Richard Samuels and Kelly Anable.
Santa Rosa Travel Update
Update: November 9, 2011

The Santa Rosa was spotted passing 228.5 at 6:32am by Rusty Murchison.  Richard Samuels and Kelly Anable spotted it at
Dunsmuir, California at 10am.    The car was spotted in the siding at Worden, Oregon, south of Klamath Falls at 1:30pm, with
the below photo taken by Kelly Anable.

The car is now expected to arrived at Brooklyn in Portland, Oregon at approximately 8am - noon on Thursday.   It is expected
to arrive at the OPR interchange sometime Thursday night or Friday morning.

All of this is subject to change of course.
Photo by Kelly Anable of the Santa Rosa in the Worden siding, Oregon.
Santa Rosa Travel Update
Update: November 11, 2011

The Santa Rosa arrived at the Albina Yard yesterday morning.   It is expected to arrive at the Brooklyn Yard today and then
will be set out on the Brooklyn Roundhouse turntable lead where it will be turned sometime on Saturday.   It is expected to be
interchanged with the OPR sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning.
Santa Rosa Travel Update
Update: November 11, 2011

The Santa Rosa arrived at Brooklyn today.   Today at approximately 6:30pm it was placed on the turntable lead track next to
the round house at Brooklyn.   The plan is to have it turned by Doyle McCormack's crew on the round house turn table.   
Special thanks to them for doing that.   Once turned to be oriented the proper direction, the car will be set out and is expected
to arrive at the East Portland Yards early Sunday morning.
Photo of the Santa Rosa on the Brooklyn Roundhouse Turntable lead on Saturday night.
Santa Rosa Arrives Home on the OPR
Update: November 14, 2011

On Saturday Brooklyn Roundhouse crews turned the Santa Rosa on the the roundhouse turn table.   Later that night, the
Santa Rosa was delivered by the UP to the OPR interchange and was picked up by the OPR and brought back to the
Milwaukie shops.   The car is now in storage at the shops, while the crew handles other pressing projects over the next few
weeks leading up to the Holiday Express.   After the Holiday Express, the Santa Rosa will be brought out by the OPR and put
to use on excursions.   Special thanks to the round house crews for their help in turning the car.
East Portland Yard Track Undergoing Realignment for Holiday Express
Update: November 17, 2011

The OPR's East Portland Yard is about to undergo a major relocation and rebuild early next year.  However, as part of other
nearby projects, such as the ORHF complex building, parts of the existing yard track had to be removed not long ago, which
caused the OPR to have to shift to a temporary main track through the yard.    This track would not accommodate the steam
engines which are due to arrive in a few weeks for the Holiday Express.   So, OPR crews have had to shift and realign track to
allow the large steam engines to pass through.

Several months ago, the outside main track had to be cut back as the ORHF construction was found to be in the middle of the
ROW.    This left the track disconnected and the OPR with only one run through track left.    The outside main track has now
been shifted to the west and connected with the temporary main track to create a better aligned single run through track.  
Additional work will be needed over the next few weeks but should be completed in time for the first weekend of the Holiday
Photo (looking north) showing the track on the right being realigned to the left and connecting to the existing temporary main run through track.
2011 Holiday Express 1st Weekend Photos
Update: December 5, 2011

The first weekend of the ORHF Holiday Express is now over.   The first weekend featured the
SP&S 700 pulling the Holiday
Express trains, with next weekend featuring the
SP 4449.     The event went well and the OPR wants to thanks all of the ORHF
volunteers as well as the speeder crews for their hard work and dedication to this event.    The Holiday Express continues next
weekend.   For more information and tickets, please visit the
ORHF website.   Below are several photos from this past
weekend's event.
2011 Holiday Express 2nd Weekend Photos
Update: December 21, 2011

The Holiday Express 2011 event is now over and the event went very well.  Ticket sales were extremely high, especially on the
2nd weekend, when word really began to spead throughout the city that the steam trains were running again.  On the 2nd
weekend, the ORHF Holiday Express train was pulled by the Southern Pacific 4449.   This even marks the last time that the
two steam engines will have departed from Brooklyn to the OPR from the Brooklyn Roundhouse.  While both steam engines
did return to the Brooklyn Roundhouse for now.  By this spring, they will be relocated to their new home located next to the
OPR.    The OPR wishes to thank everyone and the volunteers for making a great and safe event with no major incidents and
congratulations to ORHF for another successful Holiday Express.
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