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Americold Spur Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation to Begin
Update: January 9, 2011

The OPR is about to begin a complete renovation of the Johnson Creek trestle, on the Americold Spur.    OPR crews will
remove the existing rails, ties and upper deck and replace with all new material.   Welded rail will be installed over the fresh
ties.   Bridge work will be completed entirely by the OPR as is most track work.   Work is expected to take several weeks.   
During that time, the Americold spur will be out of service.
OPR's Brian Samuels cutting new rail in preparation for the bridge renovation.   Rail sections laid out on the Americold side of the bridge in
preparation for welding.
Americold Spur Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation Continues
Update: January 12, 2011

The Johnson Creek bridge renovation is well underway.   All of the rail has been removed, along with most of the deck ties.  
The stringers will be tested for condition and new ties and rail layed in place.

This bridge was originally built in 1954 when the new spur was layed as part of the new Milwaukie industrial park.  It's 127 feet
long and consists of an open deck timber trestle with a 12 degree curve to the west.  The ties on the bridge were replaced in
1978, but much of the rest of the bridge is original, except for steel I-beams that were put into place around 1999 to reinforce
the bridge when one bent was damaged by flooding.   Condition on all other parts of the bridge will be tested to determine if
further work is required prior to the final laying of new ties and rail.    Expected completion date is within the next couple of
These photos taken January 11th, show most of the rail and decking of the bridge removed with the stringers exposed.  Stringers appear to be in
good shape and will likely be reused.
Engine 1202 Radiator Replacement Project Begins
Update: January 17, 2011

Engine 1202, a modified and upgraded EMD SW1200, is the current work horse of the East Portland Branch.   The radiators
were in need of replacement as at least one of the two radiators had a major leak that allowed the engine only be run a short
period of time before running out of water.   New cores were recently purchased and will be installed shortly, but first, the old
radiators have to be pulled, then the side tanks removed and installed on the new cores, before the new radiators are finally
installed.   These photos show the radiators being pulled with the OPR's new crane.   Craig Samuels is the crane operator,
while Richard Samuels and Brian Samuels work to get the radiators out.   Some photos included here taken by Guy Howard.
More Photos from Americold Spur Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation
Update: January 17, 2011

A new photo page about the Americold Spur Bridge renovation has been put up in our
Special Features Section.

Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation Photo Page

A few photos shown below.  Most photos show the demolision of the upper deck.  The rebuild with new ties and rails has just
begun and work is currently in progress.   Photos courtesy of Craig Samuels
More Photos from Americold Spur Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation
Update: January 24, 2011

Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation Photo Page

More photos of the Johnson Creek Bridge renovation project have been added, including crews welding the rail together
for the bridge and finishing bolting approach rails and laying approach ties on both ends of the bridge.   Laying rail onto the
bridge is expected to be completed this week.  Many more photos can be seen in the above link.
More Photos from Americold Spur Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation
Update: January 31, 2011

Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation Photo Page

More photos of the Johnson Creek Bridge renovation project have been added, including the rails being drug onto the bridge
and spiked into place and new rail being added on the north approach.   The project is nearing completion.   Trains are
expected to run across the bridge early this week.  Many more photos can be seen in the above link.
Americold Spur Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation is Now Complete, First Train Operates
Update: February 6, 2011

Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation Photo Page

The Johnson Creek Bridge project is now complete.   The first trains were able to operate over the bridge and make deliveries
to customer AmeriCold.   The bridge renovation closed the AmeriCold spur for several weeks, while the OPR crew undertook
the major project of replacing the entire bridge above the stringers.    The guardrail still needs to be installed and additional
surfacing needs to be done on the spur, but the AmeriCold spur is now back open for business.
Brian Samuels, along with the rest of the crew take turns putting in the last "golden spike".   The OPR crew poses on the bridge, from left to right,
Craig Samuels, Brian Samuels, Tim Samuels and Richard Samuels.   And Tim Samuels backs the first loads onto the bridge towards AmeriCold,
using OPR's No. 100,  with Brian Samuels as the conductor.    Craig Samuels photos.
Americold Spur Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation Has Final Touches Added
Update: February 22, 2011

Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation Photo Page

While the bridge is currently in service, there are some final touches that remained to be done.  One is the wooden guardrail,
which was installed by the crew last week.   Here are a few photos from that installation.  More can be seen in the above link.
Unique Photos of the OPR in Action
Update: February 22, 2011

Photographers Kyle Weismann-Yee and Scott Lothes visited the OPR a few days ago and took photos of both branch lines in
operation.    Below is a selection of photos taken by Kyle and Scott, some of which are from some pretty unique vantage
points.  Special thanks to Scott and Kyle for being kind enough to share their photos with the OPR.
Photos by Scott Lothes.   
Left and top row:  OPR 801 working the Molalla Branch.    Lower row and right:  OPR 100, also know as PTC 100, working the East Portland
Photos by Kyle Weismann-Yee.   
From left to right:  OPR 100 (PTC 100) heading south through the pass just north of 17th street with 2 loads - OPR 100 switching cars in the East
Portland Yards.
OPR Purchases a newer Swingmaster Speed Swing for the MoW Shop
Update: March 8, 2011

Last week, the OPR officially purchased an overhauled Swingmaster Model 181, directly from Swingmaster Corp, in Illinois.
The new piece of equipment will arrive on OPR property in the next few weeks via railcar on the Union Pacific.   The OPR crew
conducts the vast majority of it's own MoW, including track building and currently owns and operates an older smaller
Swingmaster model.   The new Model 181 will replace the older model which is slated to be scrapped due to its condition.
The model 181 has a number of modern features and has a maximum lift capacity of 10,000 lbs.   Speed Swings are designed
accept various attachments for multiple MoW uses.   The OPR has recently been investing in newer heavy MoW equipment,
such as this and the 30 ton capacity Link Belt RTC 8030 boom crane purchased last year, in anticipation of major upcoming
rail construction projects over the next few years.
Swingmaster Speed Swing on its way to the OPR via the UP
Update: March 24, 2011

The OPR recently purchased an overhauled Swingmaster Model 181, directly from Swingmaster Corp, in Illinois.  
On March 15th, OPR owner Richard Samuels arrived in Illinois and picked up the Swingmaster and drove it 20 miles, over 2
hours, on local highways to a UP yard, where it was loaded onto a flatcar in preparation to be shipped to OPR.  Pictured here,
the Swingmaster is loaded and tied down on the UP flat.  Also pictured is the UP work train crew who's exclusive job that day
was to switch the OPR Swingmaster car.   Pictured is Engineer Ron and Conductor Pete on UPY 702.  The Swingmaster
should arrive on the OPR by the end of the month.   All photos taken by Richard Samuels.  
Americold Spur Johnson Creek Bridge Project is Officially Completed
Update: March 29, 2011

Johnson Creek Bridge Renovation Photo Page

By mid March, the OPR installed the final piece to the Johnson Creek Bridge.  The guard rail was added to the inside rail.  
This now concludes the multi-month long project of completely renovating the Johnson Creek Bridge.   The experience gained
during this project will be put to use in other up coming bridge renovations, including a major top deck upgrade to the Molalla
Branch's Molalla River bridge.
East Portland Branch Crossing Upgrade Project Begins
Update: March 29, 2011

One of the many projects on the books for the OPR crew is to finish upgrading the crossings on the East Portland branch as
part of the Metro Springwater trail extension.    Several years ago, the crossings at Ivon, Division and Caruthers streets were
all replaced during road work when the last of the OPR street trackage was removed from the north end of the line.

Harney Street, Umatila Street and Spokane Street crossings were all redone over the last several years as part of the
Portland Big Pipe project which required a slight relocation of the track and necessitated the crossing replacements with new
rail, ties and concrete panels.

Now as part of the Springwater trail extension, the OPR will embark on upgrading the last original crossings on the East
Portland Branch, located at 13th street, 11th street, 9th street and Marion Street.   These crossings will be removed and
replaced with new welded rail, ties and concrete panels.   The new crossings will facilitate safer vehicle and pedestrian
crossing and safer train movements near the new trail extension.

The initial phases of this project has begun where OPR crews are laying out track, ties and equipment in preparation for
replacing the crossings one at a time.   In addition, track panels are currently under construction at 11th and 13th streets.  It's
anticipated that crossing replacements will begin sometime this spring when the weather improves.   The city will be
responsible for keeping local residents informed of any impacts on local vehicle traffic and will notify residents prior to any
disruption of traffic over these crossings.

More information, updates and photos can be found on our new special projects page for the:

East Portland Branch Crossing Upgrades Project
OPR crews have set out equipment, stocks of ties and rails and begun construction of the first track panels that will eventually be laid into place
later this spring at the four crossings slated for replacement.
OPR Celebrates 20 Years of Common Carrier Service on This Day
Update: April 1, 2011

OPR History Page

On April 1, 2011, the OPR Celebrated exactly 20 years of common carrier service.   The OPR, as owned by the Samuels
Family started out in the railroad business as the East Portland Traction Company.   Organized in the late 1980s in
anticipation of eventually taking over the failing UP/SP owned Portland Traction Company operation, the first operations were
a contract to scrap the abandoned Boring Branch of the PTC, in preparation for the building of the Springwater trail.
The EPTC would finally take over the PTC on April 1, 1991.   Around March 28th, the Portland Traction Company ran its last
train and a few days later, Richard Samuels and his No. 100 (former PTC locomotive that he purchased several years earlier)
would be used to pull the first train load of two reefers from East Portland to the Milwaukie industrial park.

The once failing PTC operation was brought back to life with a more personable small business owned touch to customer
service and over the years, the operation was expanded to include another branch line.  In 1993, the Samuels family
purchased the Southern Pacific's Molalla Branch and operated that line as the Molalla Western Railroad.    In 1997, both
railroads, which were already effectively run as one company, were merged under one name, the Oregon Pacific Railroad.

On the 20th anniversary, the OPR operated several trains on the East Portland Branch, using the historic PTC No. 100, which
is normally kept in back up service, but has been the primary engine for the last month or so, while the
1202 and 1413 are
repaired.    One of those trains including bringing home the OPR's brand new Swingmaster Speedswing which just arrived via
the UP on a flatcar.   See prior news update.   The
No. 100 has operated on the East Portland Branch almost continuously
since it was first delivered to the PTC in 1953 and the OPR has kept this historic and rare locomotive as original as possible.

For a much a more detailed history, click on the above link.
Photos courtesy of Craig Brown
Photo 1:
 Taken just south of the East Portland Yards in 1995, the 100 operates a 2 car southbound train in 1995, much like it did on day 1 on
Photo 2:  Richard Samuels operating the No. 100 in 1993.  Photo 3:  A southbound No. 100 near the Holegate Curve.  Photo 4:  The
No. 100 temporarily operated on the brand new Molalla Western when first purchased by the Samuels family in 1993
Swingmaster Speed Swing Unloaded and on the Ground, Ready to be Used.
Update: April 5, 2011

On April 5th, the Swingmaster Speedwing that was recently purchased by the OPR and recently arrived via a flatcar was
unloaded off of the flatcar by the OPR's two full size cranes and it will be immediately pressed into service to work on the
Portland Branch Crossing Upgrades Project.
OPR No. 100 brought the Swingmaster to the south end of the McBrod Ave Spur where there is the most room to work around the track.   The
OPR's two cranes lifted the Swingmaster off of the flatcar and the flatcar was then pulled from under the Swingmaster, which was then lowered
onto the rails.   Finally it was driven to the shop on McBrod Ave.    The last picture is of a derelict Speed Swing that the OPR purchased as surplus
equipment from the UP.  The former SP Speed Swing was intended to be converted into a brush cutter, but mechanical issues and the purchase
of the new Swingmaster have cancelled that project and the old Speed Swing will be salvaged for parts.
TNT Network's Leverage Films another Scene on the OPR
Update: April 10, 2011

On April 8, 2010, the production team of
TNT network's TV show, Leverage, flimed another scene on the OPR's East
Portland Branch.   This will be the 3rd episode of "Leverage" in which a major scene was filmed on the OPR using OPR
trains.  It would be the 4th Hollywood production filmed on the OPR in the last 2 years.  Production crews wishing to film on the
OPR can visit our
Film and Production's Page for more info or call OPR's Kelly Anable at 503-651-2231.  
More pictures and info can be seen on our...

Leverage 2011 Photo Page
OPR Invited to Bring a Locomotive to National Train Day Event at Union Station, Portland.
Update: May 1, 2011

For the 2nd year in a row, the OPR has been invited to bring a locomotive to the National Train Day event at the Amtrak Union
Station, in Portland.   The center piece of the event will again be the
SP 4449 Steam engine.   Other equipment and cars will
also be on hand for visitors to see during the one day event on May 7th.

The OPR will bring its GMD-1, No. 1413 to the event as well as Chris McLarney's beautifully restored UP caboose.    The
GMD-1 was purchased last year and has a fresh coat of OPR paint.  It has not yet seen regular service, as the OPR crews
embarked on several safety modifications prior to operations.   Other critical projects delayed those modifications, but they
are now completed and one of the first operations of this locomotive on the OPR will be its trip to Union Station on May 6th.

It is expected that the No. 1413 and McLarney UP caboose will arrive in East Portland sometime in the late afternoon, on May
6th, then meet up with the 4449 on its way to Union Station from Brooklyn Yard.   The 1413 and UP caboose will then follow in
the consist to Union Station.     The 1413 and McLarney caboose should be on display at Union Station along with other
historical railroad equipment and the main attraction, the SP 4449.

National Train Day is an event hosted and sponsored by Amtrak.   The OPR thanks Amtrak for putting on this event for the
public and inviting the OPR to attend.   Union Station is located at  800 NW 6th Ave, Portland, OR.  At the corner of NW 6th
and Hoyt St.   Hours of the event are Saturday May 7th, 10am to 4pm.

OPR 1413 Roster Page

McLarney's UP Caboose Roster Page.
Rare Caboose Hop with the OPR No. 100 and No. 11 caboose.
Update: April 10, 2011

On April 8th, the OPR made a rare move involving the
OPR No. 100 and Caboose No. 11 as part of the production of a scene
for the TNT Network's
Leverage TV show.   The move involved a historic engine and caboose that are rarely moved together
today, although were in common use in the early years of the OPR.    The No. 100 has been operating on what is now the
East Portland Branch of the OPR since it was new in 1953.   The No. 11 caboose has been on loan to the OPR since its
inception in the early 1990s and was painted to match the colors of the former Portland Traction Company and the OPR No.
100.   It was lettered for the OPR's predecessor, the East Portland Traction Company and was used for many years as the
main office for the OPR, prior to the current office addition of the OPR shops.    
Scott Lothes took these photos of this rare caboose move.
Historical Photo of the PTC No. 100 when it was Nearly New.
Update: May 2, 2011

Don Ross was kind enough to allow us to post a photo from his collection and his website, showing the PTC No. 100 when it
was literally only a few months old.   The No. 100 was built in February 1952 and arrived on the PTC shortly thereafter.   The
photo was taken on May 24th of that same year.

Note the trolley poles on both ends of the locomotive.   This feature only existed for a few years, while the interurban trolley
system was still active and allowed the No. 100 to shunt the crossing gates which were then activated by the overhead wires.  

The PTC 100 remains almost identical today, both in function and form to when it was first delivered to the PTC.    This was
the first diesel to arrive on the PTC.  A second SW1, the PTC No. 200 would arrive the following year.   Both the 100 and 200
would eventually exclusively service the PTC lines for the next almost four decades.   Both engines were sold off by the PTC
and replaced by Southern Pacific SW1500s in the final years of the PTC, but the 100 was recovered by Richard Samuels and
put back into service on the PTC when he took over last remaining PTC track in 1991.    The 100 remains in regular back up
service on the OPR and has proven to be as reliable as ever.   Recently, for several months, the 100 was in daily use while
the 1202 under went repairs.

Photo is courtesy of Don Ross and his collection.   Please visit his website for more information.
Photo on the left is from Don Ross collection, taken 1952.  Photo on the right was taken on the OPR in 2008.  Note some minor changes,
including no more trolley poles and relocation of the bell.   Otherwise the 100 is nearly all original.   Future plans include fresh new original PTC
paint as well as possible trolley poles added again for historical context.
OPR 1413 Attends the National Train Day Event at Union Station
Update: May 11, 2011

OPR 1413 was brought out of the shop on the day prior to National Train Day at Union Station and underwent last minute
work before being taken to Union Station later that day.    
OPR 1413 departed late in the afternoon with McLarney's restored
UP caboose and met up with the Southern Pacific 4449 steam engine at East Portland.   The 4449 then pulled the consist to
Union Station where both the 4449 and OPR 1413 were used to switched cars into the proper order and tracks at the station
for Train Day.    Despite the rain, its reported that over 7000 people still attended.  The center piece of the event was the SP
4449 steam engine and
ORHF's display showing their efforts to build a new home for the 4449, 700 and 197 steam engines.

A lot more photos can be seen on our 2011 NTD PHOTO PAGE.
OPR 1413 rolled out of the shop for the first time since last summer on the day it would be taken to Union Station for NTD 2011.   OPR consist
waits at East Portland (PEP) Junction for the SP 4449.
Meeting the SP 4449 at East Portland.  The OPR consist and 4449 and passengers car travel over the UP mainline and over the Steel Bridge
before arriving at Union Station.
A few pictures of the event, but most of these were taken after of the event was officially over are not indicative of the massive crowds that showed
up earlier in the day, despite the weather.
After switching at Union Station and getting the consist in the proper order, the 4449 pulled the consist and the OPR 1413 back to PEP, (OPR's
East Portland Junction), where the 1413 was cut off and returned the OPR shops.

For more photos of this event, please check out our NTD 2011 PHOTO PAGE.
Minor Derailment on the Hill (East Portland Branch) Requires Major Tie Replacement
Update: May 26, 2011

The OPR operates one of the steepest remaining grades in common carrier service today on its East Portland Branch.   The
6% grade between 17th street and McBrod Ave, down the McBrod Ave Spur and the AmeriCold Spur.   To compound matters,
both spurs are on a curve.    The stresses put on the rail as train after train are brought down the hill, showed themselves last
week, when Engine 1202 went on the ground on the McBrod Spur just above and behind the Milwaukie Shops due to wide
gauge.   The derailment was relatively minor, with the 1202 only pulling one empty and the engineer having full control of the
train down the grade where it could be immediately stopped as soon it left the rails.  

The OPR crew had it back on rails within a few hours, despite the grade, curve and wide gauge.     This area of track had
newer ties, but they were not enough with the heavier locomotives and extra height cars now used over this line.  Crews spent
the early part of this week installing at least 60 brand new Oak ties, 8 spikes per tie, in the area of the derailment and steep
grade/curve.   The track is now back in service.  
Brian and Craig Samuels work to rerail the 1202 one wheel at a time, using two 30 ton jacks.  The derailment was minor, but the steep 6% grade,
curve and wide gauge compounded the situation.
OPR crew, Craig, Brian and Tim Samuels working to replace existing ties with 60 new oak ties and fully spike each tie with 8 spikes.    Richard
Samuels then went over the repairs with a tamper and the line is now back in service.
11th Street Crossing Replacement Currently Underway
Update: June 7, 2011

The 11th Street Crossing replacement has begun this week on the East Portland Branch.  The East Portland Branch will be
out of service until the crossing track is in place and ready for train movement.    11th street is also closed to vehicle traffic
until the project is completed.    OPR crews are working as fast as possible and have coordinated all closures with the City of
Portland and Metro.

The 11th street crossing is the first of several crossings to be replaced in the general area.   13th Street, 9th Street and
Marion Street Crossings will also be replaced in the coming months.   The 11th street crossing involves some of the most
extensive work, since the switch crossover, which was located in the middle of the crossing will be relocated further north than
the original location and the crossing will be double tracked with all new panel track and crossing panels added.

When completed, the crossing will be safer for both trains and vehicles and other users.    The 11th street project is expected
to last another week or so, but could be completed earlier.   Much work, including the track building, was done ahead of time
to minimize impact to railroad customers and vehicle traffic.
11th Street Crossing Replacement Continues
Update: June 14, 2011

The 11th Street Crossing replacement continues for at least the rest of this week.   OPR crews spent all day last Saturday,
working overtime to get the mainline back in temporary service for a hot car that was needed by a customer.   For the rest of
this week, the crew will be working on finishing the track on the mainline and installing the new siding tracking through the
crossing.   This extensive work could last into early next week, but crews are working as fast as they can.    Below are some
photos from Saturday's work, including OPR crews working on the last section of mainline, the OPR spiker and tamper working
the new track and the first train over the mainline as it pulls one hot car to the customer.

Stay tuned for more photos and updates on this project and related crossing projects on the East Portland Branch.
Union Pacific Oregon City Switcher Retires its last SW1500s
Update: June 21, 2011

The UP O/C switcher interchanges with the OPR at Canby and has a long history with the OPR going back to the Southern
Pacific days.  Part of that history is the EMD SW1500s, of which OPR crews actually operated in the early months of taking
over the SP Molalla Branch.    OPR owner Richard Samuels had this to say about the recent retirement of the SW1500s in a post, now posted here as well.....

Oregon City (OR) on the former SP Brooklyn sub has been the location of a large paper mill most recently operated by Blue Heron Paper.
Beginning in 1952 it was switched nightly by one of the orange / black Portland Traction Co. SW-1's #100 and 200. These two units were retired
and replaced by an SP SW-1200 #2286 and when Portland Traction's owners SP / UP abandoned the line in 1968 in favor of trackage rights over
the SP main, a pair of mu-ed SW-1500's ("Cruds") took over the duties as the Clackamas Switcher and later the Oregon City Switcher (LIL75).

No other power other than short-wheelbase switchers could be used as nothing else could negotiate the sharp "streetcar" curves in the mill. One
curve (the "short track") was so sharp that the two units could only switch one boxcar at a time. "Cowboy Bob" Harris was the regular conductor for
years and performed what was known as the "razzle dazzle" where he would set up three cars with knuckles butted, give a little kick, and ride them
to spot one at a time, never going into the spur with the locomotive except to pull the track. A true professional.... Bob retired a couple of years ago.

Blue Heron filed for bankruptcy some time ago and due to the competition from China, closed the operation at the end of February of this year.
This left the two switchers UPY 1117 and UPY 1166 on borrowed time which finally ran out at midnight tonight (June 19) when they are due for a
new 92-day inspection. Since the mill was the only reason to keep the two 1500's around (plus one at Portland Terminal RR as "insurance") their
fate was pretty much sealed.

UPY 1117 and UPY 1166's "last hurrah" was Friday night/Saturday morning when they switched the Clackamas Industrial Park, pulled the Oregon
Pacific interchange at Canby, on to Hito to run around their train and return to Clackamas to tie up. Unlikely that the unmistakable drone of two 12
cylinder EMD 645 switchers will be heard straining to conquer Hito Hill again.

Word is that a GP-38 will be on the job tonight to conduct business and eventually tow the two old warriors home to retirement.
Photo of the last day the OC switcher operated the SW1500s courtesy of
Kyle Weismann-Yee
11th Street Crossing Replacement Continues
Update: June 22, 2011

The 11th Street Crossing replacement continues for at least the rest of this week.  (East Portland Branch)  Crews have
installed the track, welded rail and laid concrete panels for the mainline through the crossing and that part is now ready for
paving.   The siding track has also recently been laid and will soon have panels installed.  Once completed, contractors will
pave the crossing and it will be reopened.   This project was probably the most extensive of the crossings that will be replaced
this year and likely will have taken the longest amount of time, due to the double track.  Below are photos of some of the work
has been done since late last week from Richard Samuels.
11th Street Crossing Almost Finished, 13 Street Crossing Project Begins.
Update: June 23, 2011

The 11th Street Crossing replacement is almost complete.  All OPR work is now complete as the OPR crew set the final
concrete panels in place.  All that is now needed to reopen the crossing is the paving contractor.   Currently the contractor is
delayed and it may be a few more days before the crossing can reopen to vehicle traffic.   Meanwhile, OPR crews have
prepared the 13th crossing for replacement by removing the existing rails and roadbed in preparation for the laying of new
track and concrete panels.  Rails were laid into place earlier today and work continues.
Left photo shows the 11th street crossing pretty much finished except for final paving.   Middle photo shows the 13th street crossing with the old
track removed and being prepared for new track, ballast and concrete panels.   Right photo shows the premade rail panels laid into place using
the brand new OPR swingmaster, with Brian Samuels cutting the old rails to fit the new panels.
11th Street and 13th Street Crossings are now Reopened.
Update: June 27, 2011

The OPR crew has finished most major work on the two crossings at 11th and 13th street on the East Portland Branch.  The
mainline is now reopened to rail traffic and the streets at each crossing have been reopened.   Detail work is still needed,
however this should not affect rail or vehicle traffic at these crossings.   In the near future, work will be begin at the 9th street
and Marion Street crossings.
Craig Samuels delivers crossing panels to the 13th street project site with Engine 1202.   Panels are set into place, the last major part of this
project before paving begins.   Paving crews finished paving the street on Friday June 24th.
Looking north at 11th Street, with paving crews starting work on this crossing first.  Once completed, later in the day, they moved on to 13th street.
Track work to the new realigned siding will continue in the future.
OPR Hosts Another Private Birthday Charter
Update: June 7, 2011

On May 29th, the OPR hosted another private birthday charter.  One of several in recent months.   More are scheduled
throughout the summer.   If interested in scheduling a private charter on the OPR, please contact Kelly at  503-651-2231
and/or visit our
charters page for more information.
Swingmaster Speed Swing Arrives on the OPR
Update: April 1, 2011

The OPR recently purchased an overhauled Swingmaster Model 181, directly from Swingmaster Corp, in Illinois.  
On March 15th, OPR owner Richard Samuels arrived in Illinois and picked up the Swingmaster and drove it 20 miles, over 2
hours, on local highways to a UP yard, where it was loaded onto a flatcar in preparation to be shipped to OPR.  On the night
of March 31st, the Swingmaster was delivered to the East Portland Yards by the UP and picked up by the No. 100 along with
two reefers and taken to the Milwaukie Shops.   The OPR crews will use its two cranes to lift the Swingmaster off the flatcar
and it will be immediately pressed into service to work on the
East Portland Branch Crossing Upgrades Project.
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