Last Update:  January 22, 2009
Work begins on the OPR Kelly Sue Passenger Coach Project
Update:  March 12, 2008

The OPR has purchased a historical passenger coach with plans to completely restore the car to allow its use on future
excursions along the OPR East Portland Branch.   Work has recently begun on this car.  The restoration is expected to
progress as time allows.  Stay tuned for a new page on this car, including the car's history and progress report on the
restoration.  Picture courtesy of John Williams,
Troutdale Historical Society
Locomotive 1810 and Slug 1010 has been repainted and shipped to the new owners
Update:  March 24, 2008

In late 2007, the OPR sold the famous 1810 locomotive and its slug 1010 to a railroad in Kansas.  This sale facilitated the
recent purchase of the
No. 901, which is now in service on the OPR.   As part of the sale agreement, the OPR painted both
the 1810 and 1010 in the new owner's colors and finished several upgrades.   To see the latest and photos and info, be sure
to check out the
OPR 1810 and OPR 1010 pages.   In early March, the 1810 and Slug 1010 shipped to the new owners.
Holiday Express III was a great success!
Update:  Feb 21, 2008

The OPR hosted on its railroad for the 3rd year in a row, the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation's Holiday Express in December
2007.   This event was a great success and we've added numerous photos and several videos.  There are still more photos
and video to add, to please check back and visit our
Holiday Express III photo/video page.   Note:  More photos added 2-21-08.
The OPR's latest locomotive, the No. 901 is now painted and ready for service
Update:  Feb 15, 2008

The OPR recently purchased an EMD SW900 from the Cedar Rapids & Iowa City Railroad.  This locomotive was in excellent
condition and was recently painted in full OPR red/white colors.    The No. 901 will be transferred to the Molalla Branch as part
of the plan to support a new OPR customer, American Steel.  For more information and photos, check out our
OPR 901 page.
OPR's newest customer, American Steel, under construction
Update:  March 24, 2008

American Steel is currently building a new facility near Canby, Oregon and will soon become the OPR's latest rail customer.
New spur track will be constructed from the Molalla Branch into the new facility and the OPR has recently purchased the No.
901 locomotive, which will augment other locomotives on the branch line to help handle the new car loads.   The OPR is also
currently working on new facilities within its Canby wye to make its operations with the new customer more efficient.
Stayed tuned for more info, which will be posted on our
Molalla Branch page.   Here are some of the latest photos.
SP&S 700 visits the OPR East Portland Yard
Update:  Feb 15, 2008

The SP&S 700 was unable to attend the Holiday Express this year, due to a previously planned trip to visit the BNSF
Vancouver terminal during that same weekend.  However on its return trip, the SP&S 700 did pay a visit to the OPR and was
stationed at East Portland, where visitors were given a grand tour of the locomotive throughout the day.
Stay tuned for photos and video of this event.
Work on OPR's East Portland Branch Continues
Update:  March 17, 2008

The OPR has been relocating track near Umatila in conjunction with Portland's pipe project.  The relocation involves moving
the track over from several inches to several feet and has involved many days of hard work for the OPR crew.    The OPR has
brought out it's newest piece of equipment, an automatic spiker...see below.
Pictures courtesy of Kelly Anable and the OPR.  Check out the
East Portland Branch Page for more pictures.
Crossing Panels @ Umatilla St.
Near Harney St.
Umatilla St. Crossing
Maiden run of the newly rebuilt OPR spiker
Update:  March 17, 2008

Mr. Samuels has rebuilt a spiker and it was recently used in the relocating of the track on the OPR's East Portland Branch.
Pictures are courtesy of Kelly Anable and the OPR and show Mr. Samuels himself operating the spiker.    Check out
OPR MoW Page for more pictures.
Speeder Trip on the Molalla Branch
Update:  April 6, 2008

On March 22, 2008, the OPR hosted several speeders, lead by OPR's Speeder Excursion Manager, Guy Howard.
The speeders ran on the Molalla Branch and spent several hours in the afternoon picking up trash near the north end of the
branch, as well as running the line.    The group was also served a barbecue at the Samuels residence.   Everyone appears
to have had a great time!  Check out the
NEW PHOTO PAGE of this event!
Work on the East Portland Branch completed
Update:  May 6, 2008

Most work on the East Portland Branch, including realignment of parts of the branch line in conjunction with the City of
Portland's Big Pipe project, has been completed.  These pictures show the new crossing being put in place and paved at SE
Harney Street.   Pictures were taken by Mark Mottola of
Omega Industries who made these crossing panels and are courtesy
of the OPR.  Note Mr. Samuels standing in the two right photos, with the black jacket.
The SP&S 700 Returned to the OPR on June 26-29, 2008
Update:  July 3, 2008

Steaming Through History

The Pacific Railroad Preservation Association, caretakers of the SP&S 700, hosted another summer event on the OPR.
The event included public and private rides behind the SP&S 700, Lady of the Northwest, as well as numerous public speeder
trips.   Check out our  
new page on this event.
Clean up day for the June SP&S 700 Steam Event!
Update:  June 12, 2008

On Saturday June 7th, several people gathered on the OPR's East Portland Branch to help clean up the line for the special
SP&S 700 steam event later in the month.   The clean up was organized by Kelly Anable of the OPR and Kevin Novak, who will
be coordinating the speeders rides during the event.    Kevin brought his speeder and several family members and Kelly
brought the OPR hy-railer.   A full pick up load of trash and garbage was collected and removed from the line.
Check out our page for the upcoming SP&S 700 event.
Work Progressing on the new American Steel Spur
Update:  June 12, 2008

The OPR's newest customer, American Steel, on the Molalla Branch is nearing completion of its facility and work is progessing
on the new spur from the branch line to the facility.  The spur consists of brand new concrete and wood ties.   Crews from
Wes Rail (shown here) are installing the track on American Steel property, while the Samuels family of the OPR are
excavating and installing the rest of the spur from their branch line.   The spur will have an approximately 2.5% grade into the
facility.  Stay tuned for more info and photos!   Photos courtesy of the OPR.
Holiday Express 2008 update
Update:  October 21, 2008

The Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation will be putting on the 4th annual Holiday Express on the OPR December 2008.
ORHF website has the latest details, dates and ticket information.   We also have a new page dedicated to this
event on the OPR site, so please check it out and stay tuned for more information, photos and video as they become
OPR Holiday Express 2008 Page.
Southern Pacific 4449 at the 2007 Holiday Express on the OPR
OPR 901 moves to the Molalla Branch
Update:  August 9, 2008

The OPR's newest engine,
No. 901, has been shipped to the Molalla Branch.   The 901 was originally purchased by the OPR
approximately a year ago for use on the Molalla Branch.   It was then repainted in traditional OPR colors and markings and
had undergone other preparations at the OPR Milwaulkie Shops.   On the Molalla Branch, it will augment the
801 and the 802,
with the 802 eventually returning to the East Portland Branch for a repaint.   On August 8th, the 901 was taken to East
Portland Yard by the 1202.  From there the Union Pacific will bring the 901 to the Brooklyn Yard where it will be turned on the
turntable to orient it in the proper direction and then will be taken to Canby by the UP and delivered to the OPR Molalla
Branch.   The first revenue move is expected to occur on the morning of August 11th, when the OPR 901 brings the first cars
to the OPR's newest customer, American Steel.  Also check out the new
American Steel Spur photo page.
These views show the 901 behind the 1202 on its way to East Portland Junction, where it will be taken by the UP to the Molalla Branch.   Three pictures on the left are
at the Milwaulkie Shops.   The picture on the far right is at Golf Junction with Mr. Samuels at the controls of 1202.
First Revenue Run to American Steel
Update:  August 27, 2008

On August 11, 2008, the
OPR 901 made the first revenue run to American Steel on the Molalla Branch by delivering a single
coil car to the brand new facility over the recently completed American Steel spur.   Photos of the construction of American
Steel, the new spur, the related drill track construction and the first revenue run can all be seen on a
new American Steel page dedicated to this historic event on the OPR.
OPR Customer Appreciation Event held at American Steel
Update:  September 25, 2008

On September 6, 2008, the OPR hosted a customer appreciation event at the American Steel facility near Canby, Oregon.  
American Steel is the OPR's newest customer on the Molalla Branch and a celebration was held for American Steel
employees.   The number of attendees was in the hundreds.  On hand were almost a dozen railroad speeders who gave rides
to the attendees on the Molalla Branch in addition to locomotive rides on the
No. 901 provided by Mr. Samuels.   Food and a
live country band was provided by the OPR.   Everyone appeared to have a great time!

More pictures and information on the OPR/
American Steel page,  Now a new video!
Employee appreciation lunch and train rides event at American Steel.  American Steel complex and OPR Engine No. 901 in the back ground.
Pictures of the speeders that were invited and gave rides to the employees and their families.
Richard Samuels, owner of the OPR, at the controls of No. 901 during one of the locomotive cab rides given to employees and their families.
OPR 4501 sold to the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad
Update:  September 25, 2008

The OPR has sold the 4501, ex-Samtrak locomotive, to the POTB Railroad.   It is expected to leave property by early October,
2008.  The 4501 will serve it's new role with the POTB, helping to reconstruct the railroad from the storm damage that occured
in December, 2007.    The POTB was looking for a small switcher that could be transported by a low boy truck and the 4501
fits the fill.   More information and pictures as they become available.   Otherwise, visit our
4501 page in the
OPR roster section.
OPR 4501 loaded onto a truck and moved to Timber, Oregon
Update: October 14, 2008

On October 1, 2008, the POTB, Rick Franklin Corp, and Campbell Crane gathered on the south end of the OPR's McBrod
Street spur to load the 4501 onto a low boy trailer.  This required the use of a huge mobile crane.  The 4501 was loaded
without incident and transported to its new home in Timber, Oregon, on the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad.   Check out our
4501 page in the OPR roster section. for a write up and numerous photos of this crane lift and move.
New video available of this crane move on the 4501 page and videos page.
Storage siding under construction near Canby
Update: October 19, 2008

The OPR is close to laying new rail on the first of several planned sidings and drill tracks in the area of the Canby wye and
also near American Steel.   These photos show the first project scheduled to be completed at the Canby wye.  A storage track
that will run approximately 1/4 mile south from the Canby wye on the west side of the mainline.   As of now, the siding has
been graded and gravelled with rails set out and ready to be laid once the ties arrive.   Additional projects include a drill track
near American steel which is currently graded and awaiting rails and possibly another storage track on the east side of the
mainline near they Canby wye.
From left to right:  1) Looking south from the Canby wye, the new grade for the future storage track is on the right.  2) Looking north, the new grade on the left. 3) Looking
south further down the mainline, the new grade is the one right with rails laid out, ready to be installed, once ties arrive.
Construction continues on the new Canby storage siding
Update: October 26, 2008

Work continues on the new 800 foot long storage spur just south of the Canby wye on the Molalla Branch.   This is one of
several new spurs and sidings that the OPR has constructed and plans to construct on the Molalla Branch this year.   The
switch for the siding was just recently placed on the mainline about 1/4 mile south of the Canby wye.    The siding, when
completed, will run north on the west side of the mainline and will be used to store American Steel and other cars during the
daily switching. operations.
Left 3 photos show the siding construction and new spur looking north.          Right photo show the construction equipment at the wye, looking south.
OPR continues preparations for the Holiday Express 2008
Update: November 7, 2008

In the last couple of weeks, the OPR has undertaken a major tie replacement project on the Milwaukie Branch, replacing
hundreds of ties in preparation for the Holiday Express in December.   On November 7th, Guy Howard, Mr. Samuels and
several volunteers ran the entire branch, using the OPR's custom gauge tester.  The gauge tester was custom built by Mr.
Samuels and has been used on all major steam events the last several years.   The rails were found to be within gauge for
the entire Holiday Express route and no repairs or adjustments were necessary.   For more pictures and information, check
out our
OPR Holiday Express 2008 page.
OPR/ORHF Clean up of the Railroad for the Holiday Express 2008
Update: November 9, 2008

On November 7th, volunteers from the Friends of the 4449, PRPA, ORHF and the OPR gathered at Oaks Park and helped to
clean up the route of the Holiday Express.  Everyone braved the rained to pick up several truck loads of trash from the branch
line. For more pictures and information, check out our
OPR Holiday Express 2008 page.
Chartered Train Ride for Marylhurst Schoolchildren
Update: November 23, 2008

Marylhurst Early Childhood Center chartered a passenger train ride on the OPR on November 12, 2008.   The train
consisted of the OPR
open air car and caboose 900 and was pulled by the No. 100 locomotive.   Runs were made between
Oaks Park and the East Portland Yard.   Everyone had a great time and the children got to see first hand what it was like to
ride a train and learn about railroad and crossing safety.   
More photos on this new page.   Video coming soon.
Rare Diesel Doubleheader on the OPR
Update: November 18, 2008

In early November, OPR used a diesel doubleheader to pull an unusually heavy load on the Molalla Branch.   These rare
photos taken by the OPR crew show the
901 leading the 801 near Canby.
Tie Replacement Project Almost Finished on the East Portland Branch
Update: November 23, 2008

The OPR has recently completed a major tie replacement project as part of the planned Holiday Express.    Well over 360 ties
were replaced with oak ties by the OPR on the straight section between Oaks Park Station and the Holegate Curve.   This tie
replacement was not needed to run freight on the line, but allows for passenger service, especially with the large steam
locomotives to be conducted safely.   More information can be found on our
Holiday Express 2008 Page.
Track Work Finishing Up on the East Portland Branch
Update: December 1, 2008

The OPR has completed numerous projects on the East Portland branch to upgrade the track for the Holiday Express and the
large steam locomotives.   This includes running the tamper and realigning the track as Mr. Samuels is doing here in the last
week of November, 2008.   Note the new ORHF sign for this year's Holiday Express is now in place at Oaks Park Station.  
More information can be found on our
Holiday Express 2008 Page.
ORHF Holiday Express 2008, first of two weekends completed
Update: December 9, 2008

The ORHF 2008 Holiday Express was held on December 5-7 on the OPR and by all accounts the event went very well.  The
weather cooperated and many people showed up for the event to ride behind the SP 4449 steam engine in historic steam
heated rail cars.   The event will take place once again on the weekend of December 12-14.  More information and photos
can be found on our
Holiday Express 2008 Page.  
ORHF Holiday Express 2008, second weekend completed
Update: December 15, 2008

The ORHF 2008 Holiday Express was successfully completed on December 14th.  All went well, with the exception of snow
and weather causing for most runs of the final day to be cancelled.   However, a number of runs on the prior days were sold
out or close to being sold out.   More information and photos can be found on our
Holiday Express 2008 Page.  
A video is also in the works and will be posted on above page when finished.
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