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Last Update: December 21, 2013
The OPR donated its switching services today
Update: August 19,  2013

PNW Chapter of NRHS car 6800 and Northwest Rail Museum Observation Car 2955 were both switched into the OPR
interchange today by OPR owner Richard Samuels, using Portland Traction Company No. 100. The two cars were leased to
another operator for a period of time. Union Pacific picked up the cars from the OPR interchange.
OPR's owner new house begins construction
Update: August 19,  2013

OPR owner Richard Samuels begins construction on his new, which will be located right next the OPR's East Portland Division
near 9th street. Several years ago, Mr. Samuels aquired property next to the tracks as part of a deal with METRO to sell a
section of the right of way to extend the Springwater Trail. Today, that property will be used for his new home, which is
expected to be completed sometime next year. As part of this construction, the OPR is extending the 11th street siding to 9th
street and an additional spur will be built to allow the storage the OPR's Santa Rosa passenger car next to Mr. Samuels home.
OPR Crew Replaces Rails and Ties in "the pass".
Update: August 19,  2013

OPR crews have replaced much of the rail and ties in a place on the East Portland Division known as the pass. The pass is
located in the cut between 13th and 17th streets. After replacing the rail and ties here, the OPR East Portland Division is now
class 1 track from 17th street to the East Portland Yards, which means passenger trains can now operate over its entire
length of the Division. Historical welded rail from the 1950s was saved from the project and will be used in the building of a
spur to store the OPR's Santa Rosa passenger car near 9th street.
Chris McLarney's caboose now on display at ORHC
Update: August 19,  2013

Chris McLarney's restored UP caboose is now on display at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center. It was put into display in late
July and is expected to remain on display through the end of the end. Visitors to the ORHC can tour the caboose.
OPR Has Successful July 4th Event
Update: August 19,  2013

The OPR had a successfully 4th of July Event at Oaks Park. On hand were a number of speeders. The OPR also operated
two trains that day. The 1413 operated with its normal excursion train along with Chris's caboose. Speeders also operated
throughout the day.
OPR Special Event, Labor Day 2013
Update: August 25,  2013

The OPR will be operating a special train on Labor Day this year.  On Monday September 2nd, the OPR will be operating a
chartered shuttle train for the AFL-CIO PIcnic at Oaks Park.   AFL-CIO guests will be able to park in East Portland, near OMSI
and ride the train to Oaks Park for a nominal fee.

As part of this event, the OPR will also offer public train rides on this day.  We will be operating our normal train of the 1413,
open air car and 900 caboose, plus an additional EPTC caboose and Chris McLarney's UP caboose.

Also at least 3 speeders will be on hand at Oaks Station to give rides to the general public.   We will be operating from
approximately 8am to approximately 7:30pm.   Please see our schedule on our
schedule page as the train schedule for this
day will be much different than our normal Saturday public train excursions.
OPR No. 801 Engine Change Complete
Update: September 11,  2013

OPR 801 has recently under gone a complete engine change.   The engine from the OPR's now scrapped out No. 187
was swapped into the No. 801 over the last few months.   The project is now complete and the No. 801 should be returned to
service on the Molalla Branch very soon.   The Molalla Branch power now consists of the
No. 1202 and 801, which will
alternatively serve as the primary engine for the branch and the RSG/Willamette Egg Switcher.   While the
No. 901 will
continue it duties as the American Steel Switcher.
OPR Special Labor Day Event a Success.
Update: September 3,  2013

This past labor day, OPR trains ran all day between Oaks Park and Division Street, ferrying passengers for the AFL-CIO picnic
and the public.  (see below post for more info).  This event was a success and we look forward to next year's labor day event.
Chris McLarney's Restored UP Caboose Returns to OPR Saturday Public Excursions.
Update: September 11,  2013

Chris McLarney's restored UP caboose has been on public display at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center for the last several
months.  However, it was pulled out of the ORHC and use by the OPR during the labor day.   Because its return to the ORHC
display may take some time due to logistics, the No. 25198 caboose is being used for the OPR's Saturday public train rides
excursions for the next week or two.   It was last used this past Saturday, September 7th and is expected to be used this
Saturday September 14th.   This is an authentically restored caboose and the public still have an opportunity to ride in it at
least this Saturday and possibly the following Saturday.  For more information please visit our
public train rides page.
OPR Will Continue Saturday Train Rides through September
Update: August 19,  2013

The OPR has announced that it will continue to operate its weekly Saturday passenger excursion train into September. We
expect our last public passenger train of the season will be September 28th.
OPR Will Continue Saturday Train Rides into October
Update: September 11,  2013

The OPR has announced that it will continue to operate its weekly Saturday passenger excursion train into October.  We are
tentatively scheduled through at least October 26th.  However, several factors could affect our official season ending date,
including passenger demand, weather, track repairs and work, construction projects and crew availability.   Please visit the
main page of our website and our public train rides page for the latest information.  Latest schedule will be updated daily.
Molalla Branch Celebrates 100 Years of Service This Month
Update: September 13,  2013

The OPR's Molalla Branch Division celebrates 100 years of service this month.   The Southern Pacific Railroad completed
construction of the branch in September 1913.   The first passenger train arrived in Molalla on September 19, 1913.

For more than 100 years, the branch has continuously operated, first by the Southern Pacific Railroad and since 1993 by the
OPR.    The 10 plus mile long branch line was primarily used to haul lumber and farm products as well as passengers, most
often in mixed trains.    Trains rarely ran more than twice a day, with the possible exception of the busy war years of WW2.

There were few major stations along the line, most having been long forgotten, except through our extensive research.   Most
customers along the branch existed near the end of the branch line in Liberal and Molalla.

Today, passenger trains are long gone, but freight continues to be hauled from the line via three major customers.   RSG
Forest Products, Willamette Egg Feedmills and American Steel.    Molalla no longer has rail service as the last customer in
Molalla closed down in 1995 and the rails were picked up to Liberal in 2003.   But most of this branch line Continues to survive
today.    Although maintenance intensive for a number of reasons, the Molalla Branch is the primary income source for the
OPR and our company is doing everything possible to keep this line operational and flourishing for many years into the future.

For an extensive detailed history of the Molalla Branch including current operations, check out our

Molalla Branch Page.
The first passenger train to arrive in Molalla on September 19, 1913.
OPR Replaces Ties on East Portland Division in Preparation for Holiday Express 2013
Update: September 18,  2013

The ORHF Holiday Express is not that far away and the OPR has begun its annual track rehabilitation in preparation for
having the large Steam Locomotives to operate on the OPR.

This year, OPR crews are replacing numerous ties between The Oaks Station and Holegate Curve. Work was begun several
weeks ago and will continue as needed.
OPR Launches New Facebook Page
Update: September 15,  2013

The OPR has launched a new Facebook Page.  The new page is quite extensive and covers a majority of the OPR and prior
railroad's history. We will post all new updates there as well as here, although updates and photos may now be found on the
facebook page first due to the easier ability to upload and update facebook from any computer or smart phone anywhere.  So
be sure to check it often and pass the link around to anyone who might be interested.
61 Years Later, Portland Traction Co. No. 100 Still Going Strong
Update: September 20,  2013

61 years later, the Portland Traction Company No. 100 still serves the East Portland Division. Today we used it for freight
switching including pulling empties into East Portland, bringing loads back and switching out AmeriCold.
Richard Samuels New Home Under Construction Next to the OPR
Update: September 20,  2013

The new home of OPR owner Richard Samuels is well underway. Currently living just outside of Canby near the Molalla
Branch, Richard is building a new house right next to the East Portland Division near 9th and Linn Streets.
Despite the Weather, OPR Saturday Public Excursion Ridership is High
Update: September 22,  2013

Despite the rainy weather, this past Saturday's public excursion ridership was among the highest of the season so far.   The
OPR plans to continue to operate Saturday trains between the Oregon Rail Heritage Center and Oaks Amusement Park
through October.
Next OPR Saturday Public Excursion This Saturday - Important Changes This Weekend
Update: September 25,  2013

The next OPR Saturday public excursion will be this Saturday September 28th.   A few differences will occur this weekend from
prior and future weekends.  The Oregon Rail Heritage Center has been rented out to the "Gears Show" for the weekend of
September 28th and 29th.   This will mean the normally free admission to the ORHC will be $8 for adults.   Please visit the
ORHC website for details.   The OPR will run it's normal schedule and charge the same $5 fare for all passengers as normal,
however, we will not be boarding and deboarding at the rear gate of the ORHC.  Instead, we will be boarding and deboarding
at the Caruthers Street Crossing, which is just south of the ORHC and within only a few hundred feet of the front door of the
ORHC.    Nothing will change at the Oaks Park Station.

Things will return to normal the following the weekend.   Riders are encouraged to visit the Gears Show at the ORHC and it is
expected to be an interesting show.  As normal, riders can ride a later train back to Oaks Park.

The OPR is expecting to continue its Saturday Train Rides through October.

This is also the last weekend for 2013 to ride Chris McLarney's restored UP caboose!
PTC No. 100 Photos from 1986
Update: September 27,  2013

Randy Nelson took these photos of the No. 100 southbound at Holegate Curve in March, 1986.
Chris McLarney's Heritage UP Caboose Running One More Weekend
Update: September 30,  2013

Chris McLarney's Heritage UP Caboose will be out with us on our Saturday excursions for one final weekend, this coming
Saturday.   The OPR will operate Saturday public excursions through the end of October so four more Saturdays to go.
Come out and ride!

Saturday Excursion Schedule and info.
McLarney's UP Heritage Caboose Now On Display at ORHC
Update: October 22,  2013

Chris McLarney's UP Heritage Caboose is back on display at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.  It is currently scheduled to
remain there through the winter.   We expect it to brought out again next spring when the OPR resumes public excursions.
Public Excursion Season 2013 is About to End
Update: October 22,  2013

The OPR has one last Saturday left of public train rides between Oaks Park and the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.
Saturday October 26 will be our last day.    Please come out and enjoy one last train ride before the season comes to a
close.    For the month of November, the OPR will be preparing for the ORHF Holiday Express, which is expected to begin
Thanksgiving Weekend and last well into December.

The OPR will return with our regular summer Saturday Train Rides in the Spring.   Dates to be determined and announced at
a future date.

Upon completion of the Holidays, the OPR may explore options to do limited passenger train rides during the winter months,
depending on factors, including viability, weather and crew availability and management approval.  So stay tuned for that
Restoration of Privately Owned Business Car Continues
Update: October 22,  2013

The now privately owned business car that the OPR sold to a private owner earlier this year, but that will remained stored on
OPR property indefinitely, is continuing its restoration.   The owner is now repainting the outside of the car, after having
primered the outside this past spring.   Plans include to fully convert the interior into a private clubhouse.   The car is currently
stored on the Oregon City Spur where it will likely remain during its restoration and future use as a private club house.
October 26, Concluded our 2013 Public Excursion Season
Update: October 30,  2013

The OPR's last passenger diesel train of 2013 was on Saturday October 26.   Our last day was a great success with many
passengers coming out to ride the OPR.    Our season was better than expected for first season with minimal advertising and
we expect to return next year for a full spring, summer and fall season in March of 2014.

Special thanks to all of our volunteers, our riders and ORHF for helping to make this season a success.
Work on Slide Near Holegate Curve Continues
Update: October 30,  2013

The city continues to work on the mud slide near the OPR tracks just north of Holegate Curve.  The slide occured several
years ago and only directly affected the bike trail next to the tracks.  It took the city several years to decide to repair the slide
and work is now its 3rd week.   Repairs of the minor slide appear to be extremely extensive, although slow in the making.

The OPR is affected by repairs, because the track has to be locked out during construction periods which are generally
during the week, during normal working hours.
SP&S 700 Prepares for Holiday Express on the OPR
Update: October 30,  2013

The SP&S 700 will be pulling the Holiday Express during the entire Holiday Express this year as the SP 4449 is currently out of
service through most of 2013 and 2014 for boiler inspection and rebuild.

Here the 700 is over the pit in at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center where final inspections are being conducted prior to
entering service again on the OPR.

For more information about the Holiday Express, please visit the
ORHF website.
OPR Considering Operating a Winter Passenger Schedule
Update: October 30,  2013

The OPR is proposing and considering operating a winter schedule for its diesel passenger trains.   The schedule is currently
in the planning stages, but the current proposal is to operate from January 11, 2014 through March 15, 2014 on a winter
schedule, which would be different from our summer schedule.  Our normal summer schedule, would resume on March 25,

The winter schedule would likely have trains departing from and returning to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center exclusively.  No
stops at Oaks Park.   Trains would operate on the hour during ORHC operating hours of 1pm to 5pm and on Saturdays only.

Consist would likely consist of the OPR's engine No. 1413, our open air car, No. 900 caboose and for the first time in OPR
passenger service, our Santa Rosa business car.

Stay tuned to our
passenger rides general information page and our passenger rides schedule page for more info.
OPR Removes Spur on McBrod Ave
Update: November 3,  2013

Last month, the OPR removed a short siding on the south end of the McBrod Ave Spur on the East Portland Division.

The siding was originally constructed for Waterworks Supply Co, the property later owned by AMCO Distributing and now
currently owned by Brandsen Hardwood Floors.   In recent years, the OPR was using the siding for storage.  However the
property owner asked that the siding be removed and an agreement was reached between the OPR and the property
whereby the siding was removed with the rights reserved reinstall it, if a future business wanted to be served by rail.
Privately Owned Business Car Gets New Paint
Update: November 3,  2013

As stated in a previous update, the privately owned business car that is being stored on OPR property and restored by its
owner has just received a fresh coat of new paint.   Eventually the car will be fully restored to be used as a private club
house.   It's normally stored at Golf Junction, but is currently on the south end of McBrod Ave having the paint work completed.

The car is now owned by Kurt Bruun of Lorentz Bruun Construction who is doing the restoration on the car.   Lorentz Bruun
Construction is also the contractor who built the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.
ORHF Holiday Express Track Clean Up
Update: November 3,  2013

ORHF and the OPR teamed up this past Saturday to clean up the RoW in preparation for the Holiday Express later this month.
ORHF and OPR volunteers and a Boy Scout troop all helped out.  The OPR brought out the No. 100 and part of its passenger
consist for the clean up.
OPR Winter Passenger Schedule Will Begin Next Year
Update: November 3,  2013

The OPR will operate a winter passenger train schedule starting on January 11, 2014.   Trains will operate Saturdays and will
operate exclusively out of the Oregon Rail Heritage Center.   Operating hours will be 1pm-5pm, with trains departing on the
half hour....1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30pm.   Rides will last approximately 50 minutes and ticket prices will be the same $5 per
passenger to ride the train and $10 to ride in the locomotive.

Because we've never operated a winter schedule and are unsure if passenger demand will warrant it, service may be
suspended if passenger count is too low.   Also bad weather such as snow and ice will cause service to be suspended.
We will have the latest updates on our website and facebook pages.

The consist for our winter passenger train is expected to be the No. 1413 engine, our No. 900 red caboose and our Santa
Rosa business car.   The Santa Rosa, being used for passenger service for the first time.

The OPR will resume normal summer Saturday operations, operating between Oaks Park and the ORHC on March 22, 2014.
Original Builder's Plate for Portland Traction Co. No. 100 Found
Update: November 4,  2013

Builder’s plate for the Portland Traction Co. 100 found in OPR storage. While going through OPR storage looking for
historical documents we recently discovered an original builder plate for the No. 100.

The builder’s plate had survived as late as 1973, being removed several times for repainting. It was originally located on the
fireman’s side between the cab window on the frame. The engineer’s side builder plate had disappeared sometime prior to

Richard Samuels had asked PTC shop foreman Joe Gigliotti if he could remove the plate and have a copy made. Joe instead
said that Richard could have and keep the plate, which he did.
Additional Historic Timetables Found in OPR Records
Update: November 4,  2013

A few old time tables related to the OPR were found recently.    The historic timetables from the Portland Traction Co. and
PRP&L were also posted on our
Portland Traction Co. History Page.
1974 Portland Traction Employee
1957 Bellrose Division Timetable
(last one produced before
passenger service ended)
1914 PRP&L Timetable
(photo copy)
Highly detailed 2000 OPR timetable developed by Samtrak volunteer Brian Sopke
New timetable is currently being developed by Kevin Novak
Informational 1992 Timetable
for East Portland Traction Co.
The latest news and info, usually appears on our OPR Facebook Page first,
so be sure to check it out.
More Interesting Historical Documents Found
Update: November 5,  2013

A few old time tables related to the OPR were found recently.    The historic timetables from the Portland Traction Co. and
PRP&L were also posted on our
Portland Traction Co. History Page.

Other documents not displayed here are numerous letters about the purchase of the No. 100 between PTC and EMD and
other interested parties.   Check out our
PTC No. 100 Roster Page for those letters and more info.
Interesting copy of an article Richard
Samuels wrote for Live Steam Magazine in
1979 about his
1-1/2" scale PTC 100.
Several Christmas Cards handed out by the Portland Traction in the 1950s or 1960s
Detailed specs of an EMD SW1 from  1951, sales info for the PTC 100.
More Historic Photos Found in the Samuels Family Collection
Update: November 6,  2013

Richard Samuels took thousands of photos over the years.  We've only scratched the surface on a few.  But going through
some records were able to find and scan a few interesting ones.  These photos will posted on appropriate parts of the
website, such as the
PTC history page soon, but for now, you can view them here.
Photos taken of PTC equipment in the 1959-61 time frame
Photos and newspaper articles related the PTC Oregon City line abandonment in 1968
Two Interesting Photos of the 100 at the Birth of Both OPR Divisions
Update: November 10,  2013

Two photos taken several years apart, show that the OPR's Portland Traction Company No. 100 was there and working at the
birth of the OPR's East Portland Division and Molalla Division.   The first photo taken April 22, 1991, just 21 days after Richard
Samuels took over the Portland Traction Company railroad.  Photo is of a south bound train at Spokane Street.  

The second photo shows the 100 in 1993 on the Molalla Division.   Richard had just purchased the Molalla Branch from the
Southern Pacific but didn't yet have any dedicated locomotives to operate, so he brought the 100 over from the East Portland
Division to run the branch until the No. 801 could be purchased, painted and brought over.
OPR Volunteer Crew Preps the 900 Caboose for Holiday Express
Update: November 10,  2013

Some of the OPR’s volunteer crew, Guy Howard, Kevin Novak and Forrest LeCaine, hard at work installing Christmas lights
and other decorations on the 900 caboose. When finished, the caboose will be set out on the Oaks Station siding during
Holiday Express as it is every year as a place to keep warm for OPR volunteers and speeder operators.
Privately Owned Business Car Moved Back to Oregon City Spur
Update: November 10,  2013

Kurt Bruun’s privately owned business car was just recently painted on the McBrod Spur. OPR crews used the 100 to move it
back to its resting spot on the Oregon City Spur at Golf Junction. Our understanding is that Mr. Bruun plans to restored the
car for use as a privately golf clubhouse and will be adding an entirely new custom interior. The OPR has leased the Oregon
City spur to Mr. Bruun to store his car and work on it.
City of Portland Continues Work on Springwater Trail Slide
Update: November 18,  2013

The city of Portland was continuing its slide repair project of the Springwater Trail.  Several years ago, part of the trail slide
into the river, narrowing the two lane bike trail near the OPR's Holegate Curve.    Crews have been working on the project
since October and should be finishing up in the next few weeks.   These photos taken by OPR's Richard Samuels shows the
progress as of late last week.
Portland Traction Co. No. 100 Still Going Strong
Update: November 18,  2013

More proof the 62 year engine is still going strong as a major freight hauler on the OPR.   Shown here on a late afternoon
switching job, just at dusk in the pass near 13th Ave.   Northbound with about 5 empties.
Portland Traction Co. 100 and the Santa Rosa will Attend ORHF Holiday Express Safety Meeting
Update: November 18,  2013

The OPR and ORHF will be hosting a safety meeting for Holiday Express volunteers at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center this
coming Saturday.   As part of this meeting, the OPR will be bringing the PTC 100 and OPR Santa Rosa business car and
giving rides to ORHF volunteers after the meeting.   Because the car can only hold about 20-25 people comfortably, we will
probably be making several short trips.    Unfortunately, this is only for ORHF volunteers...however, the OPR plans to begin
winter public passenger train rides this January and will be tentatively using the Santa Rosa for those trips.   Check out our
Passenger Train Operations Page for more info.
Amazing Aerial Photo of Oaks Amusement Park, Oaks Station and the Trolley Loop
Update: November 18,  2013

The below scan is courtesy of the website...   A website dedicated to Robert Bollinger,
who's father purchased Oaks Park in 1925 and who himself purchased the park in the 1940s and created the original Oaks
Park Association in 1985.

We believe this photo may date to sometime in the mid to late 1920s.   Note the many differences from today.   I've included a
high resolution scan so details can be noted.   In this photo, you will note that Oaks Station on the mainline is a huge station
with three tracks.   The trolley loop also as a station inside the park.   Chutes station is visible on the mainline south of Oaks
Station as a passenger shed and several spurs take off from there south into the Eastside Lumber  Co. Mill.
PTC 100 and Santa Rosa Get Ready for Train Rides
Update: November 22,  2013

Photo below shows the PTC 100 and Santa Rosa business car on the McBrod Spur near the OPR shops getting ready for its
trip tomorrow to the Oregon Rail Heritage Center to give ORHF volunteers train rides.    The OPR and ORHF are having its
annual Holiday Express safety meeting at 11am at the ORHC and after the meeting the OPR will giving short train rides in the
Santa Rosa.  This will be the first time that the Santa Rosa has carried any significant amount of passengers since it was
purchased several years ago.
New Bridge Over the Molalla Division Taking Shape
Update: November 22,  2013

The new Sequoia Parkway bridge over the Molalla Division got its first girders today.  The City of Canby is building  an
expansion of Sequoia Parkway to 13th Avenue.  This project, among other things, will allow truck traffic on Mulino Road to
avoid passing under the OPR overpass on Mulino road, near 13th Ave.   The primary purpose of the expansion to provide a
main road through the Pioneer Industrial Park that the city hopes to continue to expand.  The project involves a new road
bridge over the OPR Molalla Branch Division tracks, near American Steel.    The project began as the city expanded Sequoia
Parkway from 99E south to accommodate heavier traffic and trucks anticipated from the future industrial park expansion.  The
final stage of this project is a connection between where Sequoia Ave currently terminates, next to American Steel, to 13th

These photos show the new girders in place as well the first OPR train to pass under the new bridge.   The project should
continue for approximately another month before its finished.
OPR Crews Continue Trackwork to Prepare for Holiday Express 2013
Update: November 22,  2013

Working right up to the final days prior to the Holiday Express this year, OPR crews continued to install hundreds of new ties
and ballast on the OPR East Portland Division in areas that the Holiday Express Steam locomotive will be operating.   With the
new ties and ballast added, final tamping and preparation will take place this weekend and into next week.  This marks a
significant investment in the East Portland Division, exclusively to handle the heavy steam locomotives.
ORHF Holiday Express Volunteer Safety Meeting
Update: November 24,  2013

ORHF held it's annual volunteer safety meeting for the up coming Holiday Express yesterday at the ORHC.
Many Volunteers were in attendance.   Everything seems to be progressing smoothly for the start of next week's major event.
Progress Report on the OPR-Trimet Diamonds Project
Update: November 24,  2013

Trimet and its contractors seem to be progressing well on the Milwaulkie Max line where it crosses the OPR.  Crews began
laying rail and concrete ties and concrete foundations heading east from the OPR diamonds.
Progress Report on the City of Portland Springwater Trail Slide Repair
Update: November 24,  2013

The slide repair on the springwater trail next to the OPR tracks near Holegate curve appears to be nearly complete.
New Santa Rosa Interior Shots
Update: November 24,  2013

The current state of the Santa Rosa Interior for anyone who might be curious.   The interior of the car is currently set up with
the intention of giving public train rides so extra seats have been placed in the observation room and dining room with all
tables removed for the time being.   Additional seating exists in a secretaries room and a servant rest cabin.
PTC 100 and Santa Rosa Brought Out to Give Train Rides
Update: November 24,  2013

The PTC 100 and Santa Rosa gave train rides to ORHF volunteers yesterday.   Several trips were made along the East
Portland Division as appreciation for their service to ORHF and its mission to preserve the three steam locomotives.  The last
few shots here show the 100 and Santa Rosa on its way back to the OPR shops, stopping at OPR owner Richard Samuels
new home under construction next to the tracks.
OPR Checks Track Gauge in Preparation for Holiday Express
Update: November 29,  2013

OPR volunteer and speeder coordinator Guy Howard spending his Thanksgiving morning gauge testing the OPR East
Portland Division. This machine notifies the operator of any wide gauge spots along the track. We use it almost exclusively for
the Holiday Express to make sure our track has no wide gauge and no potential issues for the big steam locomotives. If any
wide gauge is found, the gauge rods are used to correct the issue. However, with the many hundreds of ties and ballast and
tamping done in recent weeks in addition to prior years, we don’t anticipate any problems at all this year.

Holiday Express officially begins today!  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!
Holiday Express 2013, Day 1
Update: November 29,  2013

Today was the first day of Holiday Express 2013 and things went off very smoothly.   The SP&S 700 and passenger cars
made their way to Oaks Park and gave rides to the public all day.   The OPR's PTC No. 100 locomotive was placed in the
ORHC museum along with the ORHF's other diesel locomotives to be on display and act as a back up locomotive in case of
any problems with the Holiday Express train.    The ORHC will remain open to the public during their normal business hours
during the Holiday Express.  Photos by Kevin Novak.
Holiday Express 2013 Now Over
Update: December 21,  2013

Congradulations to ORHF for a job well done for this years Holiday Express.   Many of the trains for this year's event were
sold out and this has proven that the Holiday Express continues to resonate with the area community.  Many people are return
riders from years past and continue to support the museum and its goals.   The OPR supports ORHF in its mission to
preserve and maintain the three historic Portland owned steam locomotives and will continue to do so.

Thanks to all of the volunteers for making this event run smoothly and we'll see you all next year!

More photos of this event can be found on the
OPR's Facebook Page.
OPR Diesel Passenger Train Rides to Begin Again in January
Update: December 21,  2013

With the end of Holiday Express, it’s time to announce the Oregon Pacific Railroad’s plan to resume diesel passenger train
rides in the near future. The OPR intends to continue our tradition of offering public diesel passenger trains on Saturdays
between the Oregon Rail Heritage Center and approximately Oaks Amusement Park.

The OPR currently has plans to begin passenger operations on Saturday January 11th. For every Saturday through March
15th, weather and logistics permitting, OPR passenger trains will operate exclusively out of the Oregon Rail Heritage Center
during ORHC business hours of 1pm to 5pm. Trains will depart the museum on the half hour, 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:
30pm. Rides will last approximately 40-50 minutes round trip. From January to March, trains will NOT normally stop at Oaks
Station, unless by special arrangement.

The consist for these trips will be a little different than in the past. The OPR will be offering its red caboose with some covered
open air seating and indoor seating as well as our Santa Rosa business car with full indoor seating. Please note that neither
of these cars are heated at this time, although we are working on ways to try to remedy this. Our fully covered open air car
may be available on some runs depending on demand. Seating on both of these cars is limited and rides will be offered on a
first come first served basis in the event that the train is over capacity.

Pricing will remain $5 per person of all ages to ride on the train round trip. Locomotive cab ride prices may increase slightly
next year and pricing has not been determined yet.

On March 22nd, the OPR will revert back to its traditional summer schedule that we used earlier this year, in which trains will
operate Saturdays from 12pm to 6pm and depart Oaks Stations on the hour and the ORHC on the half hour. This schedule
will continue through October.

For more information about our diesel train rides, please visit the train rides section of our website:

Also for our detailed train ride schedule, please visit our schedule page:
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