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2009, a Year in Review
Update: January 5, 2010

More than 22 years ago, Richard Samuels formed the East Portland Traction Company that would later grow into today's
Oregon Pacific Railroad.   Operating as a common carrier railroad for almost 19 years, the OPR trains now run over an East
Portland Branch line that has seen continuous rail service for 119 years.  The OPR's Molalla Branch has now seen
continuous service for almost 97 years.   One has to wonder if the crews that built these railroads a century ago could have
ever imagined that they would still be here, fully operational and still providing service to the customers that continue to
depend on them all these years later.

Here we are...2010.   A new year that will likely pose many challenges for everyone.  The OPR looks forward to yet another
year and sincerely appreciates the business and support of its customers, rail fans and the community at large.

A review of 2009.

The OPR started out the year a few weeks after the largest snowstorm in many years had blanketed the Portland Metro area.  
After recovering from that, a significant landslide had blocked the East Portland branch in very early January, but was quickly
cleaned up and repaired by the OPR crew.

The construction of the Canby Storage Siding was completed enough to hold a number of cars.   This siding will be later
extended when needed.

The OPR's new charters program hosted a number of families and children on educational train rides on the
East Portland Branch, over the course of the year.

Chris McLarney's privately owned historical UP caboose was welcomed onto OPR property where it was fully painted and
restored to as original 1970s condition, as possible, by Chris himself.  It has been featured in several OPR runs.

The OPR purchased a brand new hy-railer...a Jeep Wrangler, which was custom fitted with brand new hy-rail gear, by the
OPR crew in their shops.

The OPR crew worked extremely hard, all year long, making numerous repairs and upgrades to both branch lines, including
major bridge repairs on the Molalla Branch and numerous tie replacements on the East Portland Branch.

The OPR hosted a day of the N Scale Modeler's Convention, where several bus loads of railfans and modelers, were able to
tour the OPR shops and view in detail all of the OPR equipment located on the East Portland Branch.

The OPR completed some major modifications and upgrades to its Jackson 6700 tamper and has now been placed back into

The OPR has accommodated major construction projects on the East Portland Branch, which have disrupted service,
including the McLaughlin Overpass and the Portland Big Pipe project.   The OPR has been successfully able to accommodate
both construction crews working on its property, while still providing top notch rail service that its customers have always

Plans for the complete relocation and rebuilding of the OPR's East Portland Yard, as part of the new Tri-Met Milwuakie Line
were finalized and construction should begin within the next 1 to 2 years.

Speeder Tours were once again welcomed back onto the OPR for a weekend of speeder runs on both branches.

Movie Crews were welcomed on the OPR's Molalla Branch for the first time, as filming for a scene of Gus Vant Sant's new
movie "Restless" was shot on the OPR track, using an OPR train and crew.

And finally...the ORHF Holiday Express,  which was held on the OPR's East Portland Branch was again a great success with
record turn out of passengers.

The OPR looks forward to 2010 and all the challenges and rewards it may bring and wishes a
successful year to everyone!
1st Birthday Charter Run of 2010
Update: January 15, 2010

The OPR conducted its first charter run of 2010 on Sunday, January 10th.   This run involved a train of family and friends for
a birthday party.   As with most charters, the train was made up of engine 1202, the open air car and the Samtrak caboose.   
The weather cooperated, despite being in the middle of winter and everyone seemed to have a great time!

The OPR continues to offer private charters to anyone that may be interested, for birthday parties, office parties, weddings or
just a train ride among family and/or friends.    If interested, please visit our
charter's page or give Kelly of the OPR a call at
Engine 801 Repaired
Update: February 1, 2010

801 gets a new blower and minor engine repairs.  The blower on the diesel engine had to be removed and exchanged
for a rebuild unit.   In addition, contract heavy diesel mechanic Jerry Van Loo resealed one of the power assemblies of the
diesel engine.   Many more photos can be in this short
feature page of the engine work.
New Jeep Hy-Railer and Jackson Tamper Photo Pages in the Special Features Section
Update: February 6, 2010

Two new photo pages have been added in the
Special Features Section.

photo page on the OPR Jeep Hy-Railer, which consolidates the better photos from other parts of the OPR website as well as
adding new not yet seen photos.   A full article on the build of the OPR Jeep Hy-Railer will be added with more photos in the

photo page on the OPR's Jackson Tamper and its special modifications was also added.   Additional photos of the
modifications will be added in the future, so please check back.
New Section Added Showcasing Historical Photos Related to the OPR
Update: February 7, 2010

A new section has been added called
Historical Photos on the OPR.

This new section compiles various historical photos found elsewhere on this site onto one page and will include some new
photos.   This page shows photos that date from the early 2000s all the way back to when the two branches were first
constructed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

If you have any photos related to the OPR, Portland Traction Company or Southern Pacific Molalla Branch, that were taken on
either the East Portland Branch or Molalla Branch of the OPR over the last 100 or so years and would like them showcased
on this page, please send the webmaster an
and we'd be glad to post them.
For our news and updates, click here for 2008 and click here for 2009.
OPR Dodge Dakota Hy-Railer is Retired from Service
Update: February 18, 2010

The OPR has retired its 2000 Dodge Dakota Sport Hy-Railer from railroad service.    The Dodge has been used on the OPR
for approximately 10 years and has served multiple roles, as company transportation for the Samuels family, rail inspection,
railroad service and MoW.   It was also used on numerous private speeder excursions all over the Northwest.

The Dakota had to be retired due a cracked frame which would not allow the vehicle to be FRA recertified.
In 2009, the OPR purchased a
2009 Jeep Wrangler and equipped it with custom hy-rail.  That vehicle now fills most roles that
the Dakota previously served.   The Dakota will remain in the Samuels family as Kelly's farm vehicle.
East Portland Branch Temporarily Closed for Big Pipe Project
Update: February 20, 2010

The East Portland Branch will be closed through February 24th as crews perform work on the Big Pipe project that will directly
impact the railroad.   Crews have been working on the Portland Big Pipe project near the OPR tracks since last September.   
This project has caused the OPR to shift its schedule of operations to early morning, late evening or weekend hours of
operation while Big Pipe crews work during the day.   But over the next week, crews will open cut directly under the railroad,
requiring that the track be closed during that time.   The removal and relocation of man holes extremely close to the track
require the extensive closure.  The OPR is working with city officials and contractors with Moore Excavation to help ensure
work on the Big Pipe project goes as smoothly as possible while minimizing impact to OPR customers.

Work on the tunnel is now beginning to shift away from the railroad and is expected to stop impacting railroad service in
approximately a month.

For more information, this is the city's official
Big Pipe Project Website.  The section that affects the OPR is the
East Side CSO Tunnel.
Moore Excavation Crews working on the Big Pipe Project next to the OPR tracks.
While crews excavated and removed and/or relocated several sewer/water man holes, the ground around the track in several places had to be dug out for access.
East Portland Branch Reopened on a Modified Schedule
Update: February 28, 2010

The East Portland Branch reopens after being closed for approximately one week, on a modified schedule.   The modified
schedule allows the railroad to operate on weekends while Big Pipe crews work during the week next to the track.   High
priority traffic is moved in the early mornings or late afternoons when crews are not working.   This modified schedule is
expected to continue for approximately another month.   The Big Pipe crews have begun digging away from the railroad, but
still will require the right of way to move equipment for a few more weeks.
Engine 802 returns to the OPR Milwaukie Shops, Restoration to Begin
Update: April 4, 2010

OPR Engine 802, EMD SW8, has returned to the Milwaukie Shops.   No. 802 was originally purchased in 2004 from the Lewis
& Clark Railroad, out of Battleground, Washington.   It was put to work on the East Portland Branch.   With the purchase of the
1202 in approximately 2006, the No. 802 was moved to the Molalla Branch.   In recent months, with the purchase of the No.
901 and the rebuilding of 801's engine, No. 802 was left in back up service.     

With the No. 802 being a unique switcher engine, with a Southern Pacific history and the only engine in the OPR fleet to have
dynamic brakes, the intention has always been to fully restore the locomotive.    When vandals caused damage to the 802 in
Canby, it was decided to move the 802 to Milwaukie.    Restoration will begin almost immediately, including prepping for new
paint and other work.    It's planned to restore the 802 to its authentic Southern Pacific heritage.    For more information
on the No. 802, visit our
OPR 802 roster page.
First picture on far left is courtesy of Kevin Novak, showing the 802 at the OPR Canby interchange on April 2nd, ready to be picked up by the UP Oregon City switcher to
deliver to Milwaukie.  All other photos were taken during the move from the East Portland Yards to Milwaukie, over the East Portland Branch, on April 3rd.
Former SamTrak (Oregon Pacific) 4501, 45 tonner, spotted on the Nevada Northern Railroad
Update: April 4, 2010

Special thanks to Jeff Moore for sending these photos in of the 4501.   The OPR sold the 4501, in September 2008, to the
Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad.   The POTB subsequently sold the 4501 to private operator, S & S Railroad in late 2009, after
the POTB decided to not finish repairing the Samonberry River washouts.    Photos were taken by Jeff on March 30th near
Shafter, Nevada.   It appears S & S Railroad leases part of the Nevada Northern Railway to store cars south of Shafter.  
For more information about the former OPR 4501, check out our
4501 roster page.
The OPR Purchases a ex-CN GMD-1
Update: April 20, 2010

The OPR has recently struck a deal to purchase an ex-CN GMD-1, No. 1413 (formerly No. 1045).   The locomotive is currently
at it's present owner's shop receiving brand new paint in the standard OPR red/white scheme.   More information and photos
will be posted on this locomotive as it becomes available.   Current plans are to operate the new GMD-1 on the Milwaukie
branch, augmenting the No.
802 once it's restored and the No. 100.   Engine No. 1202, will likely be moved to the Molalla
Branch, where it will augment the No.
801 and No. 901.

Stay tuned for more information and photos.  Until then, here are a few reference links to what a GMD-1 is and what they look
like.   The OPR is very excited about purchasing this new and unique locomotive.

Wikipedia, GMD-1 article
Photos of most CN GMD-1s
Rare photo of 1413 in action on the CN
A photo of 1413 when it was numbered 1045, taken in 1985.

If you have any photos or information on this particular locomotive, the OPR would greatly appreciate knowing more about the
locomotive it has purchased and documenting its history.   Please email the
Restoration of No. 802 is Now Underway
Update: April 22, 2010

OPR's No. 802 is now inside the Milwaukie shops and restoration is now underway.  Over the past few weeks, disassembly of
the 802 has begun with the removal of the hand rails and other parts in preparation for removal of the entire hood assembly
in the near future.  The trucks are being prepped for removal.   The 802 will be fitted with a set of car trucks during the
restoration process, while the original trucks are restored and repaired.   The current trucks, which are not original to the 802,
will then be fitted to another locomotive.   Stay tuned for more progress on this restoration.  For more information, please visit
No. 802 Roster Page.    Plans are to fully restore the 802 to original Southern Pacific markings and condition.
OPR Crew Replaces a Switch Frog on the McBrod Spur
Update: April 22, 2010

A broken switch frog at the end of the McBrod Spur on the East Portland Branch had limited the southern end of the spur's
use, until today.   The OPR crew was able to replace the switch frog with an intact frog and the spur will be restored to full use
for any future traffic.
A Scene for TNT Network's "Leverage" was Filmed on the OPR
Update: April 29, 2010

On April 29th, crews and actors from the TNT network TV show
"Leverage" were on the OPR's Molalla Branch to film a scene
for an up coming episode of the soon to be released 3rd season.   The OPR can't disclose details of the scene or show
photos of the actors or scenes in progress, but the production company was gracious enough to allow us to photograph some
of the set up and production crew at work.   The scene involves an OPR train going over the Molalla River Bridge, with OPR's
engineer, Tim Samuels at the controls.   All filming occurred at the north end of the bridge and the OPR train had to make
numerous passes over the bridge to accommodate the various scenes and takes.   Filming for these scenes lasted one day.   
"Leverage" is currently filming its 3rd season and a number of scenes of this TV series have been recently filmed in the
Portland Metro Area.   According to TNT's website, Leverage's 3rd season will premier June 20th on TNT.

This event was coordinated by OPR's Kelly Anable.  If any production company is interested in filming on the OPR, please
contact Kelly at 503-651-2231.   This marks the 2nd time in recent months that the OPR has had production crews filming on
its property.   In November, Gus Vant Sant filmed a scene from his upcoming movie on the OPR using an OPR train and crew.
From Left to Right:
(1) OPR 901 operated by Craig Samuels, is making a reverse move from American Steel to the filming site on the Molalla River Bridge.  (2)  Crews temporarily cover any
proprietary markings on the railroad cars prior to filming.   
(3) OPR name was covered for this particular production, not at the request of the OPR, but due to
requirements of the TV show scene.  
(4) OPR's Tim Samuels was the engineer of the 901 during filming.  (5) Weather was a mix of sun breaks and occasional rain squalls
like this one.
From Left to Right:
(1) Film crew filmed many of the scenes near the north approach of the trestle.  (2)  OPR's Craig Samuels relays instructions between the Director and OPR engine
(3 & 4) Film crew moving to other side of the bridge to film additional scenes from a different angle.  (5) One last shot of the 901 as it crosses the Molalla Bridge
as part of filming.
OPR Participates in Amtrak's Union Station, National Train Day Event, Portland, Oregon
Update: May 10, 2010

On May 8, 2010, Amtrak hosted an event at the Portland Union Station, honoring "National Train Day" and starring the  
Southern Pacific 4449.   As part of this event, Chris McLarney's
restored Union Pacific CA-4 Caboose, No. 25198, was also
invited.   At the last minute, Amtrak also invited the OPR to bring along one it's locomotives to be placed on display.   Amtrak
had the historic No. 100 in mind, but because it lacks roller bearing trucks and would be operated over the UP mainline, it was
decided to bring the
OPR 1202 instead.

Also at the event, was the
Pacific Northwest Chapter of the National Railway Historic Society's No. 600, Mt. Hood Passenger
car and the BNSF No. 7400 locomotive.    
ORHF, PRPA, Friends of the 4449 and many other railroad related groups were
also in attendance.  Guy Howard and Kevin Novak also brought two speeders to be put on display.

It was a great event and the OPR enjoyed the opportunity to display one of it's locomotives and participate in facilitating the
move of Chris's beautifully restored caboose.    Special thanks to Amtrak and its employees and too all the groups in
attendance and put on a great show.

A new page was created that show cases all of our photos from the event, including moving the consist between East Portland
and Union Station, the events on National Train Day and moving the consist home, between Union Station and East Portland.

OPR's National Train Day 2010 Photo Page.
OPR Hosts another Charter Train Ride
Update: May 24, 2010

Childswork Learning Center chartered an OPR passenger train to give rides to some of it's preschoolers on Saturday May
22nd.    The OPR offers charter train rides for any kind of event, including educational events, birthday parties, weddings,
family get togethers, or any other event.  Please call Kelly at 503-651-2231 for more info, or check out our
Charter's page.
First photos of the OPR's Newest Locomotive, GMD-1 No. 1413 (OPR No. 1201)
Update: June 1, 2010

The OPR has recently agreed to purchased the ex-Canadian National GMD-1, No. 1413 from Western Rail, in Washington
State.  As part of this agreement, Western Rail painted the GMD-1 in OPR colors.   While the GMD-1 still resides in
Washington while preparations are made for the sale and move to Milwaukie, Oregon, these are several photos, courtesy of
Todd Havans, Western Rail, Inc., that show the freshly painted locomotive.    Check out the
OPR No. 1201 Roster Page for
more info.
Restoration Update of the OPR No. 1127 (OPR No. 802)
Update: June 12, 2010

The restoration of the No. 1127 (former OPR No. 802) has reached several milestones in recent weeks.   Major disassembly
has taken place with most components removed in preparation for hood removal.   Some major sanding and needling scaling
has been completed, and some damaged parts have been removed in preparation for all new steel to be fabricated and
purchased the 802, were removed and replaced with temporary car trucks, until the new friction bearing trucks can be
obtained from OPR No. 803 and returned to the Milwaukie shops to be placed under the No. 1127.

For more information and photos, please check out our all new page dedicated to the
Restoration of the No. 1127 (OPR No. 802)
New photos added from Craig Samuels 6-12-10
OPR Purchases a Link Belt RTC 8030 Boom Crane
Update: June 13, 2010

The OPR purchased a used Link Belt RTC 8030 boom crane out of Montana.   This is a 30 ton rough terrain 4x4 crane with a
boom extension over 90 feet, that will replace the OPR's 1973 boom.   The OPR will still need to install hy-rail gear on the new
crane, much like the old boom crane has.  It will then be pressed into service with one its first jobs likely to be removing the
hood of the No. 802 for it's
continuing restoration process.
Photos Courtesy of Craig Samuels, OPR
Left photo shows the current 1973 boom crane used by the OPR since at least the late 1980s and still lettered for Samuel Pacific Industries.   This
crane has performed many interesting jobs over the years.   The new Link Belt RTC 8030 is shown in the next 3 photos.   Hy-Rail Gear still needs
to be installed.
Trucks swapped on No. 803 in preparation for its sale and move to Western Rail.
Update: June 14,  2010

In mid June, 2010, the OPR swapped out a set of roller bearing trucks from the
No. 802, which is undergoing restoration at the
Milwaukie Shops, to under the No. 803.  The friction bearing trucks previously under the 803 will later be swapped into the
UP/BNSF mainlines to reach its new owners, roller bearing trucks are mandatory.   The 802, once restored will be permanently
assigned to the East Portland Branch, where roller bearing trucks are not necessary.

The sale of the No. 803 is complete and its expected that the 803 will be shipped from the Molalla Branch to its new owners,
Western Rail Inc, by June 18th.

For more photos of this swap, please check out our No. 803 Roster page.
For photos of the 802 restoration and the removal of these trucks, please see our No. 802 Restoration page.
All photos are courtesy of Craig Samuels, OPR
No. 803 has departed OPR property for the last time, enroute to new owners.
Update: July 12, 2010

On June 18, 2010,
No. 803 departed OPR property from the East Portland Junction of the OPR and UP, enroute to its new
owners, Western Rail.   Now designated WRIX 803, the move has been plagued with numerous problems, with the engine
being shipped to the wrong location several times, as well as disagreements over meeting changing requirements for shipping
locomotives over class 1 railroads.   As of July 11th, the 803 is in Cheney, Washington awaiting it's final movement to the new
owners.    The sale of the 803 supports the purchase of the
No. 1413, which the OPR looks forward to receiving in the near
Craig Samuels photo of the 803 set out in a UP destined train, at the OPR/UP Canby Interchange.
No. 602 placed on flatcar, preparing to depart OPR property as part of its sale
Update: July 12, 2010

In May, 2010, the OPR agreed to purchase a
GMD-1 from Western Rail in part exchange, for two OPR locomotives.  The 803
and the 602.  The 803 has since departed OPR property for the last time on its own set of trucks.   No. 602 (former Oregon
Pacific & Eastern locomotive) will be shipped on an 89 foot heavy duty flatcar, to Usk, Washington.    The trucks of No. 602
were removed and placed on a 2nd machinery flat car and will be shipped along with the main body of the 602.
The 602 has been prepped for shipping, but is currently being stored at the RSG mill, on the OPR Molalla Branch, until
shipping can be arranged.  Its expected that the 602 will be taken to the Canby Interchange on Friday, July 16th, where it will
be on its way to the new owners the next day.   For more in information about the 602 and more photos of it being loaded onto
a flat car, please visit our
No. 602 page.
OPR hosts speeders on its two branch lines
Update: July 12, 2010

On the weekend of July 3 and 4, 2010, the OPR hosted numerous privately owned and operated speeders on both the East
Portland Branch and the Molalla Branch.   Developing into somewhat of annual tradition, the OPR hosted invited speeders,
their operators and attending friends and family to run the East Portland Branch on July 3rd.  Then on July 4th, the invitees
ran the Molalla Branch multiple times, while being treated to a barbecue lunch at the Samuels family residence, put on by
OPR's Kelly Anable.   Speeder operators then set out on the American Steel Spur for a perfect view of the 4th of July
fireworks show from the City of Canby.    The event went very well and the OPR would like to thank all who attended.  Many
attendees often volunteer for the OPR, including clean up runs on the branch lines as well as hosting public speeder rides
during the annual Holiday Express and their support of the OPR is sincerely appreciated.  
(More pictures will be uploaded in the next few days.)
Chris McLarney's restored Union Pacific Caboose operated on the OPR
Update: July 19, 2010

On July 10, 2010, the OPR brought out the No. 100 and Chris's UP caboose for a private run on the East Portland Branch.  
Chris's brother Kelly, nephew Miles, along with Amtrak Road Foreman Pete Cozzi and his son Grant, were invited to ride the
freshly restored UP caboose No. 25198.   No. 25198 has been entirely restored, with most work being conducted by Chris
himself.  Chris is the owner of this caboose and it is stored at the OPR shops, where it can be used for public outings and can
be easily viewed by the public.   The No. 100, which has served continuously on this railroad since 1952, is currently used
largely in back up service and this was an opportunity to stretch the legs of the Portland Traction Company veteran.   

More information and photos of Chris McLarney's caboose can be found on our
UP 25198 Roster Page.
More information and photos of the No. 100 can be found our
PTC No. 100 Roster Page.
Check out our McLarney UP 25198 Roster Page for more photos!
Engine No. 602 moved from Liberal Yard to Canby Wye.   Soon to be delivered to new owner.
Update: July 19, 2010

On July 16, 2010 after approximately a week delay and much extra work in securing the No. 602 body to a heavy duty flatcar,
the 602 was moved by the OPR 801 in a regular Canby bound train of mixed loads and empties.   The 602 was interchanged
with the UP and was suppose to depart the OPR bound for its new owner, Western Rail Inc.  However, the UP had other
plans.  Clearance for departure was granted too late for the UP Oregon City Switcher to get the notice and the 602 had to be
left an Canby for yet another week.   It's currently stored in the Canby wye, until it can be shipped out on July 23rd.   The
following are some photos of the 602 move between the Liberal Yard and Canby UP/OPR interchange.
More pictures can be found on our No. 602 Roster Page.
Engine No. 602 finally leaves OPR property on way to its new owners, Western Rail Inc.
Update: July 23, 2010

After weeks of various issues with the Union Pacific regarding shipping the No. 602 from the OPR in Canby, Oregon to
Western Rail in Usk, Washington, the
No. 602 (now WRIX 602) has finally shipped and is now in the hands of the UP on its
way to the new owners.  After a mix up with the UP prevented the planned departure of the 602 on July 16th, the 602 and its
trucks had to be stored in Canby in such a manner to prevent vandalism, until they could be shipped again.   The UP agreed
to ship the 602 along with multiple loads and empties on July 23rd.   Because of the unusual amount of traffic on the OPR's
Molalla Branch, the UP had to operate an extra Oregon City Switcher during the day.   By early afternoon, the 602 and other
OPR loads and empties were on their way to the UP's Albina Yard.    WIRX 602 has now officially left OPR property and is
officially no longer an OPR locomotive.   We wish her well in her future career!
Craig Samuels photos of the OPR 901 interchanging the 602 in preparation for the UP O/C switcher, for the last time in July 22nd and on July
23rd, the UP O/C switcher taking the 602 to Albina, before she heads to Usk, Washington.
Chris McLarney's Caboose is brought out again.   
Update: July 23, 2010

Approximately a week after being brought out to operate on the OPR after a several month hiatus, the restored UP caboose
was once again brought out on the OPR for another private picnic run on July 19th.   Again being pulled by the No. 100, but
this time, the Samtrak 900 caboose and open air car were part of the consist.   If you are interested in chartering a private
train ride on the OPR, check out our
Private Charters Page for more info.
TNT's "Leverage" TV show films another scene on the OPR's East Portland Branch
Update: August 23, 2010

On August 5 and 6, the production team of TNT network's TV show, Leverage, flimed another scene on the OPR's East
Portland Branch.   This would be the 2nd scene filmed for an episode of "Leverage".  It would be the 3rd Hollywood production
filmed on the OPR in the last 10 months and the first filmed on the OPR's East Portland Branch in recent years.

The scene involved actors of the TV show jumping off of the Sellwood Bridge onto a moving OPR train, then from the moving
train onto a caboose and then onto an SUV.   The scene involved extensive preparation and filming lasted for two long days.
For obvious reasons, the OPR cannot divulge too many details about the scenes that were shot, but we understand this will
be a scene for one of the last episodes of the current season of the series.

The consist involved the OPR's
No. 100, Chris McLarney's restored UP caboose and several reefer cars.

For more information for production crews wishing to film on the OPR, please visit our
Film and Productions Page.
OPR newest locomotive, No. 1413, is on its way to East Portland
Update: August 26, 2010

The OPR 1413, a GMD-1 and the OPR's newest locomotive, is now on its way to the OPR's East Portland Branch, from its
former owners.   The 1413 departed the POVO shop at Usk, Washington and was interchanged to the BNSF at Sandpoint,
Idaho on August 13th.  On August 14th, the 1413 was in Spokane, Washington.   The rest of the trip to the OPR will be via the
BNSF and it's hoped that the 1413 will arrive on the OPR property within a week or so.   Here are a couple of recent photos of
the 1413 taken on August 13 and courtesy of the OPR's Kelly Anable.

For more information, check out the
No. 1413 Roster Page.
OPR newest locomotive, No. 1413, finally arrives on OPR property
Update: August 28, 2010

The OPR 1413, a GMD-1 and the OPR's newest locomotive, has now arrived on OPR property.  After taking approximately 2
days to travel over the BNSF from Spokane to Portland, the 1413 was held up for approximately a week in Portland at the UP
yards.   But it is now at the OPR shops, having arrived on OPR property on 8-27-10.   Modifications will have to be undertaken
before it can be ready for full OPR service.   Inititally, the 1413 is expected to serve on the East Portland Branch.

For more information, check out the
No. 1413 Roster Page.
OPR 1413 gets new lettering and numbers applied, modifications continue.
Update: September 14, 2010

The OPR 1413, has recently had brand new lettering applied, including the regular Oregon Pacific lettering with a new
modification, the addition of the OPR motto, Oregon's Progressive shortline Railroad.   The 1413 has officially been named
after Eileen Williams Samuels, the mother of OPR owner, Dick Samuels and grandmother of the regular crew of the OPR, Tim,
Brian and Craig Samuels.   

Modifications continue to the 1413 before she can be put into full service.  Recently, the snow covers for the radiator intake
and exhausts were removed, which will give the 1413 a more conventional appearance similar to the 1202's radiator set up.

For more information, check out the
No. 1413 Roster Page.
OPR 1413's lettering now applied.   The white front snow cover was removed along with the upper radiator covers.  Both will be discarded.   
Standard overhead radiator covers will be reinstalled and Brian Samuels is fabricating a new front intake grill that will be similar to the 1202.
More photos of the 1413 outside with the new lettering applied.
Modifications on No. 1413 continue, new grill, snow plows removed.
Update: October 10, 2010

The OPR 1413, newly purchased GMD-1, is currently undergoing several modifications at the OPR shops before being put
into train service.   The latest modification included the custom fabrication and installation of a new grill.   The 1413, being a
Canadian National locomotive, was originally fitted with large cold weather snow covers over both the front and upper radiator
grills.  Once the snow cover was removed from the front, an entirely new grill had to be custom made by OPR's fabricator,
Brian Samuels.  The new grill was modelled after the No. 1202.   Both front and rear snow plows were also removed to
facilitate safer crew handling during switching.  New steel pilot plates will be fabricated and installed.   Additional modifications
to be done before the 1413 will be ready for service, include adding special suspension shock absorbers to the trucks and
relocating the front air hose connection to the engineer's side.

For more information, check out the No. 1413 Roster Page.
From left to right:  Photo of the new grill.   Craig, Brian and Dick Samuels discuss future modifications the pilot plate.   The now discarded cold
weather designed front snow cover (white) and radiator top covers (red).
Springwater Trail Extended onto OPR property.
Update: October 10, 2010

In September, 2010, an agreement was reached between the OPR and Portland area's
Metro regional government to allow
the extension of the current  Springwater Trail onto OPR property.   The OPR's East Portland Branch is a former Portland
Traction Company line, which was at one time, mostly double track from the East Portland Yards, to Milwaukie.   

Metro began efforts to convert one of the two track right of ways into a trail, beginning in 2003, when it reached an agreement
with the OPR to convert the section between East Portland and approximately Umatila Street to a paved trail.   Because of
track alignment issues and future city construction projects, the trail could not continue as planned,  to connect to the rest of
the Springwater trail at approximately 17th street.  

In recent years, Portland's big pipe project, caused a realignment of part of the track between Umatila and Linn Street, which
then made continuing the trail on the OPR's right of way, more feasible.   Metro purchased the 2nd track right of way and the
trail was immediately extended from Umatila Street to Linn Street, via a temporary hard packed gravel surface.   Further trail
construction is expected at some point in the future.  Because of safety concerns and track alignment, the trail cannot extend
further south of 13th street on the OPR right of way and trail users will use a bypass for a short distance, before meeting up
with the existing trail near 17th street.   The section south of 13th street is still double tracked, is located inside a cut that is
only wide enough for trains and the 2nd siding is very much in regular use for switching.

Most funds from the transfer of this property were put back into the Oregon Pacific Railroad with a large majority of funding to
be used to rebuild much of the section of track next to the new trail, including several crossings, to improve the safety of users
of the trail who will be in close proximity to the railroad tracks.

Metro and the City of Portland are responsible for trail construction, maintenance and design of safety.  Currently there is no
fence separating the new section of trail from the OPR track.   For all users of this trail, please be aware that trains operate on
the track and crews have limited means of stopping and visibility.   Stay FAR AWAY FROM THE TRACKS at all times, even if
you think trains are not running.  Trains can operate at all times, day or night, 7 days per week.

Click here to view
Metro's Offical News Release of the property transfer.
From left to right, photos of the temporary trail construction between Linn Street and Umatilla Street.   All photos looking north, starting from the
current south end of new trail construction.
Photo 1:  The current south end of new trail construction, at the Linn Street crossing.   Photo 2:  Marion Street Crossing.  
Photo 3:  Looking north along the long stretch between Marion and Harney Streets.   Photo 4:   Harney Street Crossing.
Photo 5:  Umatila Street Crossing, where the new section joins up with the existing Springwater trail, north end.
Historic Photo of OPR's Southern Pacific No. 1127
Update: October 10, 2010

The OPR is currently restoring No. 1127 (formerly known as OPR No. 802) to it's original Southern Pacific heritage, including
SP Paint and the restoration of special equipment long since removed, including number boards, oscillating lights, and special
horns and whistles from its past.   The project is a current work in progress and with other projects taking priority, expected
completion date is around a year or so away.

Steve Sloan took a great picture of SP No. 1127 back in 1975, with much of its original configuration and paint, for which the
OPR intends the restore the locomotive too.   Obviously, it will look brand new when finished, but this rare historical photo of
the 1127 is a great rendition of what the OPR 1127 will look like when the restoration is completed.  Special thanks to Steve
Sloan for sharing his photo.  You can check out other
Steve Sloan photos here on his website.

For more information on the restoration of 1127, check out our
Restoration 1127 Page.
Historic Photos of OPR's Southern Pacific No. 1127
Update: October 19, 2010

Ken Rattennee was kind enough to allow the OPR to display two of his historic photos of the SP 1127 in action during the late
1970s. Ken describes the first photo as the following...
1127 was not the usual coach yard switcher for the Cahill Street Coach Yard.
That duty fell to SW1500 2689, which worked the yard from 1973 when it was delivered until CalTrans took over the commute line in 1982.
Most likely, 2689 was out for inspection and 1127 was subbing.

The second photo is described by Ken as...
Here is another view of 1127, this time working the freight lead for Newhall Street Yard in
San Jose. The other end of that yard - the west end - was called Santa Clara Yard because the the facility crossed city boundaries. The
actual area of the photo is known as College Park and this track connects with the smaller College Park Yard (just east of the this location)
with Newhall Street Yard. Or at least it did. Both yards are no more.

Both photos are by Ken Rattennee.

For more information on the restoration of 1127, check out our Restoration 1127 Page.
OPR launches Holiday Express 2010 Page
Update: October 25, 2010

With approximately 1 month to go before the
ORHF Holiday Express, the OPR has launched its Holiday Express 2010 web
page, to coincide with the initial sale date of Holiday Express tickets for this year's event.   The new page, like prior year's
event pages, will include photos from all 6 days of the event, as well as showcase some of the OPR's extensive preparations
required to enable the large steam engines to operate on the line.

The Holiday Express is an event put on by the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation to help raise funds for a new museum to
store and display three of the City of Portland's steam engines, the SP 4449, the SP&S 700 and the OR&N 197.  For more
information, please visit our new page linked below, or visit
ORHF's home page.

For more information, check out the Holiday Express 2010 Page.
New ORHF Storage Spur Under Construction near OPR's East Portland Yard
Update: October 29, 2010

Construction of a new spur at the OPR's East Portland Yards has begun in recent weeks.  The new spur is being constructed
on property that is officially owned by
ORHF and is part of a deal between ORHF, Trimet and the OPR, involving future
property transfers and the OPR's yard relocation due to the combined construction projects of the
City of Portland Trolley and
Trimet's Milwaukie Light Rail.  The spur will connect with the OPR's current yard track.

ORHF has an agreement with Union Pacific to have all equipment and passenger cars removed from the Brooklyn
Roundhouse area by January 2011.   Because ORHF now owns property adjacent to the OPR's Yards and because that
property will later become part of the OPR's new yards with new track, once ORHF swaps property on the opposite side of the
yard to locate their new museum, it was decided to begin construction of part of a new OPR yard spur on current ORHF
property so that the Holiday Express consist could be stored just prior and after the event.

The OPR is participating in the planning and coordination of this spur, since it will eventually be reverted to OPR control in
future years.  Construction funding is from Tri-met as part of the Milwaukie Light Rail Plan and ownership of the spur will be
with ORHF until a property transfer is made at some point in the future.   

This project, as well as the City of Portland Trolley bridge being constructed over the OPR's current Yard has an impact on
OPR freight operations, but the OPR is working with construction crews to allow for safe and timely freight deliveries.

The OPR yard is currently more dangerous than ever before with multiple construction projects taking place, as well as freight
operations. While this yard has always been closed to public access, it is especially imperative for public safety that people
not trespass into the OPR yards or surrounding private property even just to take pictures.
First two views are looking north from approximately the middle north end of the current OPR yard.  Stakes are laid out showing the location of the
new ORHF storage spur.   The next view is of the just completed concrete pillars for the new Portland Trolley extension bridge that will pass over
approximately the center of the current OPR yard.   The last view is a photo taken a few days later showing the ballast in place on the new spur.
Trailer for the Movie "Restless" is now online.   Scene filmed on the OPR last year.
Update: October 27, 2010

Gus Van Sant's newest movie "Restless" now has its trailer online and it can be viewed here on you tube...

In November of 2009, a scene for this movie filmed on the OPR's Molalla Branch, on the Molalla River Bridge.  More pictures
It's not clear how long the OPR train scene will be in the movie, but a few seconds of that scene can be seen in the above
linked trailer at minute 1:17.   Release date for the movie is expected to be January 2011.

For production company inquires into filming on the OPR, please visit our
Films and Productions Page.
Screen save of the trailer with the OPR scene.  Two actors throwing rocks at an OPR train as it crosses the Molalla River Bridge.    Other shots
were filmed and appears that several seperate scenes involving this filming session may be in the final version of the movie.
ORHF Spur Construction Continues
Update: November 7, 2010

The construction of the new ORHF/OPR spur near the OPR East Portland Yard, continues.  More information about this spur
is detailed below in October 29th's news update feature.   The spur is mostly graded and track supplies have been delivered
and set out, ready to finish constructing, once the ties and other supplies arrive.
OPR 1413 (GMD-1) is Featured in Dec 2010 issue of TRAINS Magazine
Update: November 7, 2010

TRAINS Magazine, issue December 2010, has a feature and photo of
OPR 1413, taken right after the 1413 was painted and
lettered at the OPR shops several months ago.  The 1413 feature is part of an article by David Lustig regarding the Canadian
manufactured GMD-1 series locomotives and their current status with other railroads, including the OPR.   The photo featured
in the magazine was taken by Scott Lothes and is located on page 18 of the December issue.

For more information, please visit the
TRAINS Magazine official website or pick up a December issue at your local store.
ORHF Track Clean Up for Holiday Express & Another Charter Birthday Run
Update: November 9, 2010

On November 6, the OPR's Kelly Anable coordinated two events on the East Portland Branch.   Numerous volunteers
associated with ORHF arrived at Oaks Park Station to help with the clean up the OPR's East Portland Branch in preparation
for the Holiday Express in December.   OPR volunteer Guy Howard brought out his speeder and facilitated the collection of
trash pick up by the volunteers with two speeder trailers.   The turn out for the clean up was exceptional and the OPR
sincerely appreciates the efforts of all the volunteers who helped to clean up the East Portland line for the event.
The below clean up pictures were taken by and are courtesy of John Frazee.  More of these pictures can be seen on our
Holiday Express 2010 page.

At the same time as the ORHF clean up, the OPR hosted another private Charter Birthday Run with pre-school children and
their families, using the OPR 1202, open air car and caboose.   For more information on how to charter a private train, please
visit our
Charter's Page.
OPR Continues Track Work in Preparation for Holiday Express 2010
Update: November 16, 2010

As is done every year prior to the big Holiday Event, the OPR has been busy at doing track work on the East Portland Branch
in preparation for the Holiday Express 2010.   While the large steam engines can operate perfectly safely on the East Portland
Branch, they can hard on the track, compare to the lighter diesel engines the OPR employs.  In years past, the OPR has
added numerous new ties, ballast and other work not necessarily needed for normal freight operations.   This year the OPR
Jackson 6700 Tamper was again brought out and over the course of several weeks, worked Holiday Express route between
Spokane Street and the Ross Island Bridge.  Visit the
OPR's Holiday Express Page for more info or the Official ORHF HE page.
ORHF Spur Construction Continues
Update: November 11, 2010

The construction of the new ORHF/OPR spur near the OPR East Portland Yard, continues.  More information about this spur
is detailed below in October 29th's news update feature.   Major track assembly has been begun and a lot of progress has
been made this week on the ORHF spur.   The OPR is overseeing the construction of this spur as part of the spur will
eventually become part of the relocated OPR East Portland Yard.  

All photos shown here were taken by and are courtesy of John Frazee.
ORHF Spur Construction Continues
Update: November 11, 2010

The construction of the new ORHF/OPR spur near the OPR East Portland Yard, continues.  More information about this spur
is detailed below in October 29th's news update feature.   Major track assembly has been begun and a lot of progress has
been made this week on the ORHF spur.   The OPR is overseeing the construction of this spur as part of the spur will
eventually become part of the relocated OPR East Portland Yard.  

All photos shown here were taken by and are courtesy of John Frazee.
OPR Hosts a Wedding Charter
Update: November 16, 2010

On November 13th, the OPR hosted a wedding charter on the East Portland Branch.   The consist including the 1202, open
air car, OPR 900 caboose and Chris McLarney's restored UP caboose.   Wedding party took a train from Oaks Park Station
into the OPR yard and back to Riverside Station (just S. of the Ross Island Bridge) where the marriage took place.
Congratulations to George and Leia Landrock !
ORHF Spur Construction Continues
Update: November 22, 2010

The construction of the new ORHF/OPR spur near the OPR East Portland Yard, continues.  More information about this spur
is detailed below in October 29th's news update feature.   Most of the track construction of the spur is complete.   The next
phase includes joining the built spur track with existing track.   These photos were taken on a soggy Friday Nov.  19th.
ORHF Spur Construction Finished
Update: December 7, 2010

The construction of the new ORHF spur near the OPR East Portland Yard is now finished.  Crews finished the last of ballast
work on the new spur on Saturday December 4th.   The OPR tested the spur with the 1202 and was joined by several
speeders from the Holiday Express event taking place that weekend out of Oaks Park Station.   It is expected that ORHF will
utilize the spur to store the Holiday Express consist (minus the 4449) at the conclusion of this year's Holiday Express.   The
spur was constructed on ORHF owned property.  However, ORHF will exchange this property for another adjacent piece of
land in the near future, on which it will build its new museum.   At that point, part of the existing ORHF spur will be incorporated
into a new OPR railyard, which will be built as part of the construction of the up coming Milwaukie Max Line.
ORHF Holiday Express 2010 1st Weekend Complete, 2nd Weekend Dec 10-12
Update: December 7, 2010

The ORHF Holiday Express 2010 is now half complete.  The first weekend, Dec 3-5 was a success with lots of riders and great
weather.   Below are some photos from the first weekend.   The 2nd and last weekend of this year's 2010 Holiday Express is
coming later this week.  The SP 4449 will again be brought out to pull the Holiday Express Train on Friday Dec 10 and run
through Dec 12.   For more information, please visit the official
ORHF Holiday Express Website.
ORHF Holiday Express 2010 Photos from the 2nd Weekend
Update: December 14, 2010

The ORHF Holiday Express 2010 is now over and was a great success!   Below are photos from the last weekend of this
event.  For more information, please visit the official
ORHF Holiday Express Website.
Portland Streetcar Bridge Under Construction Over the OPR's East Portland Yard
Update: December 15, 2010

The new Portland Streetcar Loop extension continues construction which directly impacts OPR operations.   Beginning earlier
this year, construction crews drove pilings and poured foundations and pillars for an extensive street car bridge that would
pass over 3rd street, Union Pacific mainline, the OPR East Portland yard and Water Ave, before landing south of OMSI.
Beginning the week of December 14th, crews began to lay in place the girders for this multi-span bridge.   More information
about this streetcar extension can be found on the
City of Portland Streetcar Page.
Photos courtesy of Richard Samuels.
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